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Chapter 940: Alliance!


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“Dao Cheng Zi, the Old Servant used to be an elder. You became a Supreme Elder, why couldn’t the Old Servant be one as well?” Lin Feng asked with a quiet smile.

The Old Servant looked at Dao Cheng Zi furiously. The Dao branch had harmed him back in the days and had made him a servant, now Lin Feng had said the Old Servant was a Supreme Elder again and Dao Cheng Zi wanted to stop him. They were still cruel…

Dao Cheng Zi didn’t care about the Old Servant. He just cared about Lin Feng’s opinion. He didn’t know what to reply to Lin Feng, because Lin Feng’s question was perfectly justified.

Dao Cheng Zi was suddenly covered in cold sweat. Lin Feng was gaining control over Tian Dao Yuan…

He shivered from head to foot. Lin Feng was getting good at plotting.

“Understood, Master!” shouted Dao Cheng Zi, gnashing his teeth angrily. He bowed hand over fist and walked up behind Lin Feng.

“Old Servant, from now on, you are the first Supreme Elder, Dao Cheng Zi the second; Dao Xuan Zi and Dao Fu Zi are the assistant Supreme Elders. With good organization, Tian Dao Yuan will rise,” Lin Feng declared firmly.

Dao Cheng Zi had become the second Supreme Elder, that was understandable, but Dao Xuan Zi and Dao Fu Zi had become Lin Feng’s assistants. They didn’t say anything. Lin Feng also wanted to prevent the three Supreme Elders of the Dao Branch from working together all the time.

Since the three Supreme Elders of the Dao Branch had said they supported Lin Feng, why not make Dao Xuan Zi and Dao Fu Zi work with him?

Regarding the Tian Branch, Lin Feng had given the Old Servant a higher position, so nobody would be disappointed.

Lin Feng realized how good he was at planning. It was probably because he had so many enemies…

Dao Cheng Zi and the Old Servant looked at Lin Feng.

“Alright, have the representative of the Lei Sect come in,” Lin Feng said, waving them in.

Very quickly, the hapless disciple from earlier brought the representative of the Lei Sect to the great hall.

When Lei Ben saw Lin Feng seated on the throne, he was dumbstruck and almost fell on his bottom, staring at Lin Feng in shock.

“Bb… Brother… You…?” Lei Ben could barely speak, but in any case, he quickly stopped talking when he saw the way Lin Feng was looking at him. Lei Ben understood he was there as the representative of the Lei Sect and not as Lin Feng’s brother.

“So, you’re the representative of the Lei Sect?” Lin Feng asked smoothly.

Lei Ben understood. Lin Feng was pretending he didn’t know him. Lei Ben laughed inside, but tried to control himself, “Indeed. I am Lei Ben, the representative of the Lei Sect. I am here…”

“Alright. I know why you’re here. You want to form an alliance with Tian Dao Yuan, right?” Lin Feng interrupted Lei Ben.

The First Elder looked at Dao Cheng Zi. Lin Feng knew why the Lei Sect had sent someone, which meant Dao Cheng Zi had probably told him already. The First Elder wasn’t stupid. He also knew it wasn’t the right time to get angry, especially after what had just happened.

The First Elder still thought that the Tian Branch could overtake the Dao Branch using Lin Feng.

“Master, the Lei Sect sent people twice already. It’s the third time. We refused twice already,” the First Elder told Lin Feng. He couldn’t let Dao Cheng Zi speak first this time.

Dao Cheng Zi just smiled and said, “I already told our Master, no need for you to repeat things.”

The Old Servant glanced at Dao Cheng Zi icily. Dao Cheng Zi had already told Lin Feng everything?!

Lin Feng watched the two angrily. He understood why some groups failed and collapsed; it was precisely because of such people.

Lin Feng looked at Lei Ben and inquired, “Are the intentions of the Lei Sect pure?”

Lei Ben understood that Lin Feng had more power than those old men now. He was relieved. “Yes, of course! Our patriarch really wants to form an alliance with Tian Dao Yuan. What do you think?” proposed Lei Ben with a smile.

Lin Feng pretended to look angry, then he looked at the First Elder and asked, “What do you think?”

“Obviously, I-” The old man thought an alliance would be better now because the world order was chaotic.

Dao Cheng Zi interrupted him, saying that an alliance would be good, and that they had changed their minds.

The First Elder was stupefied. How did Dao Cheng Zi dare interrupt him like that?! Especially given that Dao Cheng Zi hadn’t really changed his mind! He still thought the Lei Sect was too weak to form an alliance with Tian Dao Yuan!

But he didn’t say that. Lin Feng smiled widely and nodded agreement.

The First Elder was relieved. If Dao Cheng Zi had said they didn’t agree, Lin Feng may have gotten angry at all of them.

“Supreme Elder Dao Cheng Zi is a wise man. I think so, too. Having allies is better than not having allies,” Lin Feng declared. “Go back to the Lei Sect and tell your patriarch that Tian Dao Yuan accepts on one condition. If he doesn’t agree, he can come and see me,” Lin Feng said solemnly.

“Please tell me your condition,” agreed Lei Ben quickly. Lin Feng had accepted immediately, so what condition could he have?

“My condition is that the Lei Sect must send three elders of the level four high-level Supreme God layer to Tian Dao Yuan, and I will send a Supreme Elder to the Lei Sect. Since we’re allies, we should help each other and understand one another, don’t you think?” Lin Feng proposed.

The Old Servant and Dao Cheng Zi both frowned. Lin Feng was plotting against the two branches of Tian Dao Yuan again?!

When Lei Ben heard that, he smiled. It was a great thing for the Lei Sect. A few elders in exchange for a Great Supreme God? Wonderful!

“No problem. I can accept right away!”

“Great! So in three days, we’ll meet again. Invite the patriarch of the Lei Sect to come as well, okay?” Lin Feng agreed.

Lei Ben nodded. He had no problem with that. Tian Dao Yuan was much stronger than the Lei Sect, so it was normal that the patriarch of the Lei Sect came to Tian Dao Yuan, and not the opposite. “No problem at all!” agreed Lei Ben.

Just like that, the Lei Sect and Tian Dao Yuan were allies! They just needed to announce it through a formal meeting!


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