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Chapter 941: Determined to Kill!


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The Old Servant sighed sadly. He had been hesitating for six months and in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had agreed to collaborate with the Lei Sect.

“Since it’s that way, you can go back report to your patriarch,” Lin Feng said, smiling at Lei Ben. Most people didn’t know that Lin Feng and Lei Ben knew each other and that they had been acting the whole time.

“Before leaving, I have one question; who are you for Tian Dao Yuan? How come you can make such important decisions?” asked Lei Ben curiously.

“INSOLENT! HOW DARE YOU TALK TO OUR LEADER THAT WAY?!” shouted Dao Cheng Zi icily. His Qi of the fourth Great Supreme God layer rolled in waves and Lei Ben started suffocating and he became extremely pale.

“Dao Cheng Zi, what are you doing? He’s an ally now. Don’t treat our allies like this,” Lin Feng said, looking at Dao Cheng Zi angrily.

Dao Cheng Zi hastily recalled his Qi and shut up.

The Old Servant smiled icily. He enjoyed seeing Dao Cheng Zi getting scolded by Lin Feng. “Little friend, he’s the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, or leader, if you prefer, so of course he is entitled to make important decisions,” said the Old Servant, smiling at Lei Ben.

Lei Ben looked at Lin Feng with his eyes wide. Leader, or Master of Tian Dao Yuan…?!

Since when was Lin Feng the Master of Tian Dao Yuan? He was also the leader of San City, and he controlled the Fa Lan Empire…

Lin Feng was slowly taking over the whole Continent of Eternity, it seemed!


Lei Sect left. When he returned to the Lei Sect, he was still dumbstruck. Lin Feng had so many important positions now…

Thanks to Lin Feng, San City, the Ancient Dragon Sect, Ze Country, the Fa Lan Empire, Tian Dao Yuan and now the Lei Sect had formed a big alliance. Jin Lun could even be counted on the list!

What a huge alliance!

Lei Ben understood everything Lin Feng had done so far now. How incredible!

No wonder his teacher had asked him to go to Tian Dao Yuan once again and ask them if they wanted to form an alliance. His teacher was even seventy percent sure they would accept, probably because he had heard Lin Feng had become the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan.

When Lei Ben arrived in the Lei Sect, he reported to Lei Jin Gang. Lei Jin Gang wasn’t surprised that Lin Feng had become the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan. He already knew…


Three days passed quickly. Lei Jin Gang went to Tian Dao Yuan to see Lin Feng. Of course, he also pretended he didn’t know him that well. They agreed to an alliance behind the scenes.

Lei Jin Gang didn’t stay in Tian Dao Yuan for a banquet, leaving quickly with Lei Ben and Lei Gang again. When Lei Gang saw Lin Feng, he was more and more convinced that Lin Feng was trustworthy.

Lin Feng kept rising. Even if Lei Gang became the patriarch of the Lei Sect someday, he would never be like Lin Feng. It was all because of talent.

He sighed sadly. He wasn’t jealous; the difference between him and Lin Feng was too big. Jealousy was useless.

“We’re done talking about the alliance, so I’m leaving Tian Dao Yuan as well,” Lin Feng announced after Lei Jin Gang and the others left.

The Old Servant and Dao Cheng Zi were startled. Lin Feng was leaving Tian Dao Yuan? At such an important moment?

Didn’t Lin Feng understand that Tian Dao Yuan wasn’t stable yet? If he left and something important happened, what would he do? The two branches might even start fighting!

But no, Lin Feng was going to leave at this crucial moment. Why? What was he doing?

The Old Servant was confused, but excited at the same time, if Lin Feng left now, it would give the Old Servant more opportunities again.

It wasn’t a good thing for Dao Cheng Zi. What if Sha Chou came back? The Old Servant would have a reason to make him the new leader, and the Dao Clan would be in a difficult position again.

Lin Feng couldn’t leave!

“You can leave without worrying about anything, Master. Leave everything to us.”

“You cannot leave, Master! The sect is unstable!”

The Old Servant and Dao Cheng Zi spoke at the same time. The Old Servant wanted Lin Feng to leave right away, but not Dao Cheng Zi.

Lin Feng looked at them and grinned. He made up his mind; once he was strong enough to kill the Old Servant, he would do it!

The Old Servant and the Tian Branch were two different things. The Tian branch could exist without the Old Servant. The Old Servant’s existence influenced the evolution of the Tian Branch and he hadn’t given up his evil designs. Lin Feng understood him better and better.

Dao Cheng Zi didn’t think about himself, he thought about the Dao Branch. That’s why he had suggested that an elder of the Lei Sect should come to Tian Dao Yuan, to help him. He trusted the members of the Lei Sect more than the members of Tian Dao Yuan.

Lin Feng intended to send Dao Xuan Zi to the Lei Sect. Lin Feng would have less pressure that way.

Lei Jin Gang had already broken through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer, so Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about Dao Xuan Zi. He couldn’t plot against the Lei Sect even if he was there.

Lin Feng needed to leave Tian Dao Yuan. He had to get prepared for the competition of the Tai Qing Sect. Of course, he wasn’t going there as the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan!

He had to leave Tian Dao Yuan to be able to focus on the competition of the Tai Qing Sect. Apart from preventing the two branches from fighting all the time, he also needed to choose a few people to go to the Tai Qing Sect.

The Old Servant seemed like the perfect choice, because if he left Tian Dao Yuan, it’d be easier to kill him.

“Leader, you cannot leave Tian Dao Yuan,” Dao Cheng Zi said again.

The Old Servant didn’t say anything. He knew that if he repeated what he had said, Lin Feng would have doubts.

Lin Feng looked at them and smiled impassively. “Don’t worry. I’m not leaving right now, because I still need to receive the Ancestor’s legacy, what do you think?” Lin Feng said, looking at the Old Servant.

The Old Servant’s expression changed. He realized that Lin Feng couldn’t be duped.

“Indeed, you need to receive the Ancestor’s legacy,” he agreed, smiling and lowering his head. He had a bad feeling.

As expected, he was right!

“The reason why I need to leave is that there is a competition in the Tai Qing Sect in one month during which a husband for the leader will be chosen. You have probably heard the rumors about me and Qing Xin Yue, so I have to go.

“But I won’t go as the leader of Tian Dao Yuan, obviously. I will go as an independent cultivator. But Tian Dao Yuan also needs to send some important people to participate, to show that Tian Dao Yuan attaches important to this event as well.

“The Tai Qing Sect is not like the other sects. It is the best one, so we have to show how strong we are. We need to send people who have experience and who are strong enough, so I decided to send the First Elder, what do you think?” Lin Feng said, smiling resplendently.

The Old Servant clenched his fists. He didn’t understand why, but he was angry…

Dao Cheng Zi was excited. A moment before he was worried that Lin Feng had chosen Dao Xuan Zi to go to the Lei Sect, but now he was going to send the Old Servant to the Tai Qing Sect! That was even better, it was an opportunity! “I agree. First Elder has more experience than any of us and he’s extremely strong, so he’s definitely qualified.”

“I think so too. First Elder is the most qualified. I hope he won’t lose us face. The Tai Qing Sect is strong and powerful, but Tian Dao Yuan is not weak either!” agreed Dao Fu Zi. What a great opportunity!

When the Old Servant heard them, he knew he was in trouble, but what could he do? Lin Feng smiled, “Good, let’s do it that way, then!

“First Elder, in a month, you’ll go to the Tai Qing Sect with a few people. Thank you!” Lin Feng told him. However, the Old Servant looked glum. If things continued this way, Lin Feng would have him killed at some point!

Lin Feng, since you want me dead, I have to kill you first! The Old Servant looked at Lin Feng darkly. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

He had to kill Lin Feng!

Lin Feng saw that the Old Servant’s expression had changed, and that he wanted to kill him. The Old Servant had finally shown his true colors. He had never given up his evil designs. Initially, the Old Servant wanted to keep Lin Feng around to do some things, but now he wanted him dead.

If the Old Servant didn’t kill him now, he wouldn’t be safe in Tian Dao Yuan!

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