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Chapter 942: Kill Lin Feng!


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“You can’t kill Lin Feng!” shouted Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan together. If the Old Servant killed Lin Feng, then the Tian Branch would be done. If the Old Servant died, it wouldn’t matter that much, even if it would be a great loss, but they couldn’t lose Lin Feng!

Killing Lin Feng wasn’t worth it. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan couldn’t let the Old Servant kill him.

“It seems like nobody supports me,” said the Old Servant glumly. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan used to listen to the Old Servant’s orders in the past, but since Lin Feng had shown up, they didn’t anymore.

But the Old Servant never questioned himself, he always blamed others.

“You really can’t do it,” said Ancestor Kong hesitantly. He didn’t want the Tian Branch to collapse because of the Old Servant.

When the Old Servant heard Ancestor Kong, he looked grim, but he didn’t change his mind. If he didn’t kill Lin Feng, he would be the one who would die at some point. If he died, he wouldn’t care about the Tian Branch anymore. For the Old Servant, nothing was more important than his own life.

Therefore, the Old Servant wanted to kill Lin Feng at all costs!

“Since you don’t want to help, go away, but if you dare tell Lin Feng what I said, I’m warning you, I’ll kill you atrociously!” promised the Old Servant icily. At the same time, he released his Qi of the fifth Great Supreme God layer to oppress Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan. The two old men paled and started suffocating.

The two old men were pushed out by the Old Servant’s Qi. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan looked panic-stricken, especially Ancestor Kong. He didn’t look like a celestial old man, like he had before.

“Oh no… what can we do? The Old Servant won’t change his mind,” said Supreme God Tian Yuan. He wasn’t worried about his own safety, he was worried about the Tian branch. He didn’t want it to collapse.

Ancestor Kong looked grim as well. If the Old Servant killed Lin Feng, then Tian Dao Yuan would sink into chaos, whereas their initial goal was to bring Tian Dao Yuan back to life and let it rise again.

“Tian Yuan, are you afraid?” asked Ancestor Kong solemnly.

Supreme God Tian Yuan was surprised. He didn’t know what Ancestor Kong meant. Afraid of what? However, he understood that in such a situation, Ancestor Kong was so desperate that he would take a dangerous risk.

“Tell me what you want to do and I’ll do my best to help,” Supreme God Tian Yuan nodded. They couldn’t let the Tian branch collapse because of the Old Servant. Even though the Old Servant was the leader of the Tian Branch, the Tian Branch would survive without him.

Ancestor Kong looked alert. He grabbed Supreme God Tian Yuan’s sleeve and dragged him away. They both stopped hundreds of li away from the palace.

It was nighttime and there was no moon, so it was extremely dark.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan were in a quiet courtyard. There was nobody else around.

“I want to take the risk to tell Lin Feng and the members of the Dao Branch what the Old Servant wants to do!” said Ancestor Kong resolutely.

“You’re insane!” gasped Supreme God Tian Yuan when he heard that. But then he realized he had talked too loud and whispered again, “You’re insane, the whole Tian Branch could collapse if you did that!” He didn’t understand why Ancestor Kong wanted to do that. What about the Tian Branch? If the Dao Branch knew the Old Servant wanted to kill Lin Feng, then they would oppress the Tian Branch. If Lin Feng knew that the Old Servant wanted to kill him, he would be furious and would ask the Dao Branch to kill the Old Servant and might even destroy the whole Tian Branch!

Ancestor Kong didn’t think that all. “Trust me. I know Lin Feng much better than you. Besides, if we don’t tell them, do you think the Tian Branch will still be safe?

“He’s extremely selfish. And if he continues that way, he’ll take the Tian Branch with him to the grave, and I can’t accept that!” said Ancestor Kong in a trembling voice. He couldn’t let the Tian Branch collapse because of the Old Servant.

Supreme God Tian Yuan took a deep breath. They had only two options: either act on it or not. In all cases, it wouldn’t be beneficial for the Tian Branch.

“Alright, as you wish. It’s a bet,” Supreme God Tian Yuan nodded.

Ancestor Kong was worried too, but there was no other option. The Old Servant didn’t matter, the most important thing was the Tian Branch.

“There’s no time to lose. Let’s go and see Lin Feng,” said Ancestor Kong. He grabbed Supreme God Tian Yuan’s sleeve once again and flew towards Lin Feng’s palace. They quickly disappeared from that small courtyard.


Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on. At that moment, he was studying the demon corpse army. He had broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer, so did the demon corpses have the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer as well?

If that was the case, then Lin Feng would be even more powerful. A hundred and eight cultivators of the first Great Supreme God layer and a hundred and eight Half-Great Supreme Gods were two completely different things!

A hundred cultivators of the first Great Supreme God layer could easily kill someone like the Old Servant, at the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. They could even kill a few of them!

But the problem was that to make the demon corpses rank up, it wasn’t as simple as dripping a drop of blood on them anymore. Back then, Lin Feng had been told that when the demon corpses were activated, they had the strength of their master. He had thought their strength would change at the same time as his, but it didn’t.

So Lin Feng thought of a solution to make them rank up: sealing their minds and then doing the blood drop ritual all over again.

How to seal the demon corpses’ minds, though? Lin Feng didn’t know how. Lin Feng was annoyed now.

Lin Feng left his spirit world. He was a bit disappointed, but still happy. At least, he had a demon corpse army which could easily annihilate a cultivator of the first or second Great Supreme God layers.

If Lin Feng joined hands with the demon corpse army, then they could have a great battle against a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. Of course, their chance of winning would still be tiny.

“Lin Feng, you should go back to Zong Mo Valley in the Fa Lan Empire again. We could find something there,” said Zu Ti suddenly. When Lin Feng heard that, he looked erious. What if they had missed something the first time in Zong Mo Valley? There could still be some pieces of information regarding the demon corpses…

“We’ll see,” Lin Feng sighed. He got ready to go and take a rest.

But when he turned around, someone knocked on the door. Lin Feng was surprised as he looked at the door. It was a very dark night. There were no stars. Who was there?

“Who is it?” Lin Feng frowned.

“It’s me, Ancestor Kong,” replied Ancestor Kong quickly. Lin Feng was surprised. What did Ancestor Kong want so late at night?

Lin Feng walked to the door and opened it. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan hastily entered his room.

Lin Feng realized they probably had some bad news, so he quickly closed the door and looked at the two old men.

“Lin Feng, the Old Servant wants to kill you. You should get ready,” said Ancestor Kong straightforwardly. It was a huge risk for him after the Old Servant had threatened them.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan were both extremely nervous.

But they were disappointed because Lin Feng looked calm and composed, as if he already knew, but didn’t care.

Ancestor Kong didn’t understand why Lin Feng was so confident. “Lin Feng, did you hear me? The Old Servant wants to kill you!” said Ancestor Kong thinking Lin Feng hadn’t heard, but Lin Feng still looked unmoved.

Ancestor Kong was puzzled. Why didn’t Lin Feng react at all?

Lin Feng finally smiled patiently, “You came to see me in the middle of the night to tell me this?”

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan were astonished.

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