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Chapter 943: Nighttime Danger!


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“Lin… Lin Feng, aren’t you afraid?” asked Ancestor Kong. He couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng looked so indifferent, while he was feeling devastated.

Lin Feng didn’t look nervous at all, even though a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer wanted to kill him! How incredible!

“I am not surprised, because I already knew he wanted to kill me,” Lin Feng replied smoothly. He was still impressed, because the two old men were from the Tian Branch and still took the risk of telling Lin Feng about it.

The Old Servant was the leader of the Tian Branch, but the two old men still told Lin Feng about the Old Servant’s plan. That meant the Tian Branch was already cracking from the inside.

“You knew, but so what? If he wants to kill you, you can’t flee, right?” pressed Ancestor Kong nervously. If the Old Servant wanted to kill Lin Feng, the latter had no way of running away from him!

It was an extremely dangerous situation and Ancestor Kong was even more devastated, because he was the one who had brought Lin Feng from Earth.

Lin Feng knew what Ancestor Kong was thinking and why he was worried. Also, Ancestor Kong was even more worried because he knew that Lin Feng couldn’t possibly defeat the Old Servant.

Indeed, Lin Feng only had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, so he couldn’t fight against the Old Servant. The Old Servant could kill Lin Feng in the blink of an eye if he wanted to.

However, Lin Feng was so relaxed because the Old Servant couldn’t kill him, not because he wasn’t strong enough, but because the three Dao elders could hold him under duress.

The three old men would probably even be happy to do that for him because that way, the Dao Branch would rise.

Therefore, Lin Feng wasn’t worried.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan saw Lin Feng grin, so they were even more confused. Did Lin Feng have trump cards which would enable him to kill the Old Servant?

They didn’t know Lin Feng’s plan. But since they had told him about the Old Servant, they had already done everything that was humanly possible to help. They couldn’t do more.

“Master, we’re going now,” said Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan bowing hand over fist and began to leave.

“Master, the Old Servant wants to see you!”

However, Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan hadn’t left yet when they heard the Old Servant’s voice. The two old men paled and started sweating.

“Oh no, what do we do?” Supreme God Tian Yuan was extremely pale. If the Old Servant found them there, he would kill them both!

Ancestor Kong didn’t know what to do, either. They felt like they were stuck in a cage.

Lin Feng looked outside and then at Supreme God Tian Yuan and Ancestor Kong again. If the Old Servant found them there, he would definitely kill them for having talked.

He couldn’t let them die. He quickly raised his left hand; blue lights appeared and surrounded the two old men. They didn’t have time to speak, their expressions changed and then they disappeared into Lin Feng’s spirit world.

Their Qi disappeared as if they had never been there.

“Master, the Old Servant wants to see you!” shouted the Old Servant grimly again. Lin Feng had the impression the soundwave could behead him.

Lin Feng raised his head and replied casually, “The door is not locked. You can come in as you wish.” The Old Servant slammed open the door so violently that he nearly destroyed it.

The Old Servant glanced around as if he were looking for something, then looked at Li icily.

Lin Feng looked back at him coldly. He knew that the Old Servant had already found some clues, especially since just now the two old men were really present, so their Qi had really been in the room. The Old Servant was also a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, so it was difficult to hide things from him.

The Old Servant stopped looking for clues and asked Lin Feng indifferently, “Have you seen Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan?”

He looked even grimmer. His eyes were filled with murder. He didn’t care about the Tian Branch, the Dao Branch or anything anymore.

Lin Feng could see that the Old Servant wanted to kill him, but he still looked fearless and replied emotionlessly, “How would I know?”

“Stop lying; they were in your room, right, Lin Feng?” demanded the Old Servant, smiling icily.

“Who are you talking to?” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

When the Old Servant heard that, he smiled dismissively. “If I don’t consider you my Master, then you are not my Master!” he said straightforwardly.

Lin Feng knew what to expect after hearing that. He was still angry though. “It seems like you’ve already made up your mind!”

The Old Servant looked at him coldly, then started walking towards him. Lin Feng remained motionless and watched the Old Servant coldly as well. Now, only half a meter separated them.

“You can only blame yourself. Nobody can say I am merciless,” stated the Old Servant, smiling sinisterly.

Lin Feng sneered at him and smiled thinly. “Are you sure you’ve made the right decision?”

“Hehe, I have the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and you of the first; what could possibly go wrong?” said the Old Servant, suddenly releasing his Qi and oppressing Lin Feng. Lin Feng paled and grunted with pain. He was also pushed back a few steps and put his hand on his chest from the pain.

Lin Feng was startled. Even though he had gotten ready, he hadn’t thought the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer was so terrifying. It meant that the Old Servant could kill him in one glance if he wanted to!

Luckily, when he had fought against the Old Servant before, the latter had restrained his strength to the third Great Supreme God layer, or Lin Feng would have died then.

The Old Servant looked at him evilly and took a few steps forwards again. Lin Feng had no choice but to step back. The old man’s Qi hummed around him.

“Do you realize what you’re doing?” shouted Lin Feng explosively.

The Old Servant smiled mockingly, “I do know what I’m doing, and…?! I will kill you and choose another leader.

“You know about Sha Chou, right? He’s the Ancestor’s only descendant. I will choose him. Nobody in Tian Dao Yuan will refuse,” said the Old Servant smiling eagerly, as if he were looking at easy prey. He didn’t rush to kill Lin Feng, either.

Lin Feng was already dead to him. He had no way to escape, so the Old Servant wanted to humiliate him a little bit more.

When Lin Feng heard that, his expression didn’t change. He was just more careful. “Aren’t you worried about the Tian Branch? It could collapse because of you!” shouted Lin Feng angrily.

The Old Servant frowned coldly. “I’m not worried about that, I just want to kill you. And don’t think anyone can save you, by the way. I already isolated the area. Nobody can see what’s going on in this isolated area.

“Therefore, Dao Cheng Zi and the others can’t hear you. Lin Feng, you’re doomed!” proclaimed the Old Servant grandly, his eyes dark and sinister.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding, and he finally paled. The Old Servant had sealed the area…

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He really had no way to escape or to get rescued anymore.

“Don’t think that because you’ve got the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, you can do whatever you want. My life is not in your hands! Tou are not qualified for that!” shouted Lin Feng icily. He clenched his fists, his eyes filled with killing intent.

He was ready to die, but not before fighting back!

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