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Chapter 944: A Deadly Battle!


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“Hehe, I’m curious to see why you say that,” the Old Servant taunted him. What made Lin Feng think he could talk to him like that? He was just a tiny little cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer!

How ridiculous! The Old Servant just shook his head and sneered.

If Lin Feng hadn’t been the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, the Old Servant would have killed him a long time ago already. This little brat had humiliated him a few times already, and the Old Servant couldn’t accept it.

The Old Servant sighed helplessly. Lin Feng had acted recklessly, so the Old Servant had no choice but to kill him. Lin Feng had even said he wanted to leave Tian Dao Yuan to go to the Tai Qing Sect. What if the Old Servant let him? Lin Feng would join hands with a few cultivators of the fourth and fifth Great Supreme God layers and would be able to kill him easily.

Therefore, the Old Servant had no choice but to get rid of Lin Feng as quickly as possible, and avoid future trouble. Then he would support Sha Chou and help him become the new Master; that way would also be beneficial for the Tian Branch.

“Old Servant, you have the strength of a fifth Great Supreme God indeed, and I only have the strength of the first. In front of you, I am just a weakling. But I think you forgot something,” Lin Feng said confidently.

“Hehe, what did I forget?” asked the Old Servant icily. To him, Lin Feng was just a ridiculous little buffoon.

Lin Feng didn’t care, and just smiled indifferently. “First, you’re not the one who stirred up trouble at first, I am. I am the one who pissed you off and pushed you to the limit. I knew that if I did that, you would definitely do your best to kill me, right?” Lin Feng declared.

The Old Servant suddenly looked serious. He realized there was something wrong.

Indeed, Lin Feng had pissed him off and pushed him to the limit. Killing Lin Feng had become the only way of solving the issue, or Lin Feng would kill him someday when he became strong enough.

One of them had to strike first to gain the advantage. That was the reason why the Old Servant had decided to act. But now that Lin Feng had said that, the Old Servant realized the situation might not be as simple as that?

Lin Feng ignored the Old Servant’s expression and smiled confidently, “Since I stirred up trouble, how come you didn’t ask yourself why I did? We keep doing extreme things, but we could have coexisted in harmony, right?

“I also need to control the Tian Branch. It is the only way for me to control Tian Dao Yuan, right?” Lin Feng said quickly, not giving the Old Servant time to think or speak, but his words were sharp and deeply cut the Old Servant. The Old Servant also understood where Lin Feng was going.

“So you did all this on purpose? You wanted to infuriate me, so that I would decide to kill you?” The Old Servant finally understood that Lin Feng had planned everything.

Lin Feng smiled cheerfully. “You’re not as stupid as I thought!”

“Hehe, so what? You plotted against me, and now? You’re just a cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer,” the Old Servant grinned. He knew Lin Feng had plotted against him, but so what? He wasn’t worried.

No matter what, he was still much stronger than Lin Feng!

Indeed, Lin Feng was good at plotting. He had managed to make the Old Servant decide to kill him, but what could a cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer do against a cultivator of the fifth?

Lin Feng laughed confidently. He wasn’t nervous at all. The Old Servant didn’t like seeing Lin Feng smile like that.

He couldn’t waste any more time now. The more time he gave Lin Feng, the more chances of survival Lin Feng would have. The Old Servant had to kill him now.

“Anyway, you’re doomed Lin Feng. You and your confidence can go to hell!” shouted the Old Servant icily, throwing a punch. His terrifying Qi rolled out, and the whole room collapsed.

However, because the Old Servant had isolated the room, nobody heard anything outside.

Lin Feng clenched his fists grimly. He didn’t know whether he could resist the Old Servant or not, but he had to solve this issue. Like any issue, it could become an opportunity!

Lin Feng took a deep breath and looked at the old man resolutely. What could he do apart from his best?

The Old Servant had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, Lin Feng of the first; he had already defeated the old man when he had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, relying on his Sword of Remote Times, but now, things were different. Lin Feng thought, Good luck to me! 

Would the old men of the Dao Branch find them and help him? Lin Feng couldn’t know about that, but he had to gamble and bet that they would, his life was at stake.

If Dao Cheng Zi showed up, he would save Lin Feng; if he didn’t show up, then Lin Feng would die.

However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to flinch, as he couldn’t retreat anyway, and had nowhere to go. Fighting was his only option.

He clenched his fists and howled furiously. Suddenly, he threw himself at the Old Servant desperately while releasing Genesis Spiritual strength. Lin Feng didn’t intend to hide his trump cards this time!

His dazzling cyan Genesis Spiritual strength flashed and turned into a gigantic fist, shooting towards the Old Servant’s chest. The shadow fist became a hundred zhang tall and shone resplendently.

However, the shadow fist almost immediately broke apart, the Old Servant’s punch destroyed it instantly, and continued moving towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was impotent. His punch was enough to kill a cultivator of the second Great Supreme God layer in one strike, but it didn’t pose a threat to the Old Servant at all.

Shit. I’m not lucky this time, but I have to fight for my life, thought Lin Feng taking a deep breath. The situation didn’t look good at all. Such a long time had passed and the three Elders of the Dao Branch weren’t there yet.

“Lin Feng, use the Sword of Remote Times to distract him and when he doesn’t pay attention, have the demon corpse army attack him by surprise,” Zu Ti told Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng was delighted. He hadn’t thought of that. Even though the demon corpse army couldn’t normally pose a threat to the Old Servant, if they attacked by surprise and he didn’t have time to react to protect himself, it would probably work.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng took out his Sword of Remote Times and made a cutting motion at the Old Servant’s chest.

The Old Servant just laughed when he saw the sword, and threw a kick. There was an explosion as the sword energies sparkled and were instantly destroyed.

“You’re so weak. How dare you try and fight against me? Die now, Lin Feng. Haha!” said the Old Servant happily and ferociously.

He then threw a punch. Lin Feng could smell death. It was the first time he had felt so close to death since he had arrived in Gods Country.

Lin Feng grasped the Sword of Remote Times tightly, but didn’t move. He just looked at the Old Servant getting closer and closer to him, one thousand meters, five hundred meters, a hundred meters.

Fifty meters.

Ten meters.


“Go, demon corpse army!” Lin Feng smiled icily, and his eyes became bloodshot. Suddenly, over a hundred giants appeared on the Old Servant’s sides.

The Old Servant paled. He wasn’t ready for that. If a cultivator of the Half-Great Supreme God layer attacked him, they couldn’t injure him; however, a hundred Half-Great Supreme Gods was another story.

“Lin Feng, you fucking son of a bitch!” shouted the Old Servant in agony. The hundred and eight demon corpses were holding him down firmly and corroding his skin.

Lin Feng’s hair bristled when he saw that. He hadn’t forgotten how Fa Kun Lun had died, but back then, Fa Kun Lun only had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer.

However, the Old Servant had the strength of the fifth. Killing him quickly like this was impossible. But he would definitely be severely injured after this, which was precisely Lin Feng’s goal!


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