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Chapter 945: The Old Servant’s Death!


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“Lin Feng, you can only blame yourself, you’re doomed!” shouted the Old Servant furiously. He pushed the hundred and eight demon corpses away with one punch.

Twenty demon corpses were killed. However, the Old Servant was severely injured, but he ignored his injuries and continued attacking.

Lin Feng was sad. Losing twenty demon corpses was definitely not something good. He only had eighty-some left now. He also felt sad for the previous masters of the demon corpse army.

They had all managed to protect the hundred and eight demon corpses. Lin Feng was the first one who had lost some of them. Lin Feng didn’t want to take more risks, so he recalled the remaining ones.

However, when he did, he sensed an ice-cold energy. The Old Servant was glaring at him furiously, and threw another punch. Lin Feng had no time to hide. There was an explosion as he and the Sword of Remote Times were blown away.

Lin Feng coughed blood and became extremely pale. His long hair was a complete mess, and his dark robe was completely torn apart. He looked miserable.

Lin Feng didn’t crash to the ground, though. He released strength to get back up on his feet mid-air. He was still firmly holding the Sword of Remote Times. Then he looked at the Old Servant furiously.

The Old Servant was severely injured and had many wounds because of the demon corpses’ attacks. Big pieces of flesh were missing from his arms, and white bones stuck out. He looked like some undead thing.

However, his Qi was still powerful. All he thought about was killing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng breathed quickly. He was exhausted. How was he supposed to continue? He could fight against the Old Servant when the latter restrained his strength to that of the third Great Supreme God layer, but not when he had the strength of the fifth!

The Old Servant looked at him evilly and ferociously. To him, Lin Feng was already dead, it was just a matter of time. Now that he knew Lin Feng couldn’t pose a threat to him anymore, he didn’t hurry to kill him because he wanted to humiliate him a little bit more.

Lin Feng put the Sword of Remote Times away. It was useless against a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. No matter what trump cards Lin Feng resorted to, it was useless. However, Lin Feng was ready to do his best. In the best case, he wouldn’t die alone; he would perish together with the Old Servant.

“Old Servant, today, even if I have to die with you, I’ll manage to kill you. Just watch!” Lin Feng said calmly. He didn’t seem worried at all. The Old Servant’s heart twitched when he heard that.

To kill him, Lin Feng was ready to die with him. The Old Servant was worried because he didn’t want to die.

“Hehe, you think you’re strong enough to kill me?” the Old Servant taunted back. No matter what he thought on the inside, he continued making fun of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grinned, then suddenly disappeared. The Old Servant shouted like a ferocious beast, his eyes bloodshot. He looked above his head and threw a punch.

There were three explosions. Apart from the punch shadow, there was nothing else. The punch shadow now surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng used his full strength to counterattack. The Old Servant looked at him sharply.

The old man’s punch could be deadly, but since Lin Feng was ready to die along with him, he was ready to strike back. When Lin Feng saw his attack didn’t work, he jumped and condensed Genesis Spiritual strength into his feet, throwing two kicks.

Bright Genesis Spiritual strength lights surrounded his feet. He looked like a demon. His terrifying energies roiled around him. The old man was surrounded by Lin Feng’s energies and groaned with pain. Lin Feng’s energies pushed him down.

However, his punches also smashed Lin Feng away. Lin Feng coughed up more blood. His Qi became unstable. But since he was ready to die, he didn’t care anymore, even if he was injured!

Lin Feng appeared in front of the old man once again and threw a series of punches. Each time, he condensed Genesis Spiritual strength in his fists. Both of them were getting injured this time. Lin Feng was in a frenzy.

After many punches, the old man was pushed back, looking pale. He was strong, but he had been injured by the demon corpses and now they had been fighting for a while, so he was starting to get tired.

But the old man also had great fighting experience. He jumped, spun, and threw a kick at Lin Feng’s fists. Lin Feng was blown away once again.

Lin Feng wasn’t lucky this time. He crashed against a pavilion and collapsed it. The pieces of stones crashed against something invisible.

Lin Feng understood that it was the energy the old man had released to isolate the space in which they were. Because of that, the members of the Dao Branch couldn’t see them. However, Lin Feng had still told the three Elders something would happen on tonight.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was exhausted and struggled to stand. The Old Servant had kicked him in the chest, and it was extremely painful. Lin Feng was completely pale ,but he didn’t give up! He had to kill the old man!

“Hehe, Lin Feng, what else can you do? Show me! Use all your trump cards! No matter what you do, you’re doomed!” declared the Old Servant. His face was distorted with ferocity and hatred. He looked insane. He wanted to kill Lin Feng more and more.

Lin Feng was too dangerous. He only had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer and yet he could still fight against him for so long. What would it be like in the future? If he didn’t kill Lin Feng now, Lin Feng would kill him in the future!

Thinking about that, the Old Servant knew he couldn’t waste any more time. The situation was getting more and more dangerous each second.

He jumped and threw another punch. It was a punching technique he had been practicing for millions of years. If he didn’t manage to kill Lin Feng with this punch, it would be a real humiliation.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the fist getting closer and closer to him. Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat, but he wasn’t afraid. He was convinced he could kill the old man before dying.

He took a deep breath and clenched his fists. He got ready to use one of his best attacks, a fusion of a dozen Tao skills combined together. He had never used it before.

“Haha! Oh Old Servant, Old Servant… As expected, you didn’t waste time. Haha!” someone shouted. White lights flashed. Three old men appeared in the sky and threw punches at the same time. They broke the energies isolating Lin Feng and the Old Servant.

The barrier broke apart. The Old Servant was grim, and finally looked desperate. He glanced at Lin Feng and smiled icily, “Hehe, you win. You had really planned everything.”

“You can only blame yourself. I gave you several opportunities, but you didn’t seize them, unfortunately. I couldn’t keep a disobedient servient. I need people who deserve to be trusted,” Lin Feng swore icily. He jumped back and landed next to Dao Cheng Zi.

Dao Xuan Zi was standing behind the Old Servant. Dao Fu Zi stood on the Old Servant’s left. Dao Xuan Zi had come back from the Lei Sect after hearing what might happen this evening.

However, it was worth it. Getting rid of the Old Servant would allow them to get rid of the Tian Branch, and the Dao Branch would thus have more opportunities. They would then be able to take control of Tian Dao Yuan.

The Old Servant glared at them icily. His eyes weren’t bloodshot anymore. He suddenly looked much older, like an old man about to die.

“Lin Feng, you and I were destined to be natural enemies!” said the Old Servant. He looked quite calm at that moment.

Lin Feng remained silent, having nothing to say. He just wanted to get rid of the Old Servant.

“Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Xuan Zi, Dao Fu Zi; we were old enemies. I’m doomed now. Take care! But as an old friend, I also want to tell you one thing: don’t trust this little boy, he’s extremely sly!

“Haha! Life! Ah, life!” The Old Servant raised his head to the sky and laughed manically. He opened his arms and then exploded.

A gigantic crater appeared under him as his Qi vanished. A Great Supreme God was dead!

Lin Feng was stupefied. How had the old man died?

Lin Feng ran forwards, but Dao Cheng Zi stopped him. He was worried that the Old Servant was pretending to be dead to attack Lin Feng by surprise. Lin Feng was now the most important person for the Dao Branch. He couldn’t die!

Lin Feng still walked closer and looked at the Old Servant. He immediately understood. The Old Servant had destroyed his own meridians to kill himself.

Why? So what? You didn’t want to? Why not?, thought Lin Feng, sighing and smiling wryly.

The three Supreme Elders looked at him skeptically. They didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant.

But what they knew was that they had finally gotten rid of a dangerous person!

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