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Chapter 946: Daytime!


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Dao Cheng Zi looked at the Old Servant’s body for a long time. He sighed sadly and helplessly. The Old Servant and Dao Cheng Zi were of the same generation. They had lived for so long, and now the Old Servant was dead.

However, it was a good thing for the Dao Branch. From now on, nobody could stop the Dao Branch, and Lin Feng wouldn’t either, because the Dao Branch would support him as much as they could.

Lin Feng had also helped them by being enemies with the Old Servant. At the beginning, Lin Feng wanted to treat both branches fairly and equally, but the Old Servant had plotted against him too much, leaving him with no other choice.

The Old Servant had chosen the wrong path!

“Master, the Old Servant is dead. Shouldn’t we destroy the Tian…” began Dao Cheng Zi, bowing in front of Lin Feng and pointing to the Old Servant’s corpse. He wanted to destroy the Tian Branch completely now!

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change ,but his heart twitched. Dao Cheng Zi was extremely cruel!

Lin Feng sighed. Even though the Old Servant was dead, Tian Dao Yuan wouldn’t settle down. Dao Cheng Zi was also a big problem. However, Lin Feng didn’t want other Great Supreme Gods to die, or Tian Dao Yuan would become even weaker.

He’d had no choice but to get rid of the Old Servant, but it was still sad. If the circumstances had been different, having a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer in Tian Dao Yuan would have been great.

But then again, Lin Feng had no choice, or he would have died himself.

“The Old Servant is dead. No need to do anything against the Tian Branch anymore. They have existed for a long time now. They are the direct descendants of the Ancestor. If you destroy people’s roots, sometimes, they manage to destroy your life. We’ll see what we do in the future,” Lin Feng said grimly. He waved at the three old men to indicate they could leave.

Dao Cheng Zi looked unhappy. He really wanted to destroy the Tian Branch. However, he also knew he had to behave appropriately. Lin Feng had been very brave to fight against the Old Servant.

“Master, the Old Servant is dead, but what about his soul jewel?” asked Dao Cheng Zi. That was a big problem. Great Supreme Gods had soul jewels. If they didn’t destroy the Old Servant’s soul jewel, he would be able to come back to life.

“I’ll take care of it. Do your job and don’t worry about it. Dao Xuan Zi, thank you for having come, you can go back to the Lei Sect now. Our cooperation with them depends on you and how well you do your job,” Lin Feng said. He quickly turned to Dao Xuan Zi to change the topic.

Dao Xuan Zi nodded, then bowed hand over fist and said, “Don’t worry, Master, I will do my best to maintain great relations with the Lei Sect.”

“Alright, go now,” Lin Feng nodded.

Dao Cheng Zi looked at Dao Xuan Zi and Dao Fu Zi. They all knew Lin Feng was doing that to prevent them from doing anything drastic. That was how a leader thought.

They had just helped Lin Feng, they had even saved his life. However, Lin Feng didn’t show gratitude because saving their leader was something they were supposed to do. It was all normal.

Dao Cheng Zi felt a bit disappointed, but at the same time, he thought having such a leader was a good thing for Tian Dao Yuan.

The three men bowed in front of Lin Feng and left.

The place was a mess. Everything was destroyed. The people from Tian Dao Yuan would be shocked when seeing it all.

“Come out,” Lin Feng said to Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan in his spirit world, after Dao Cheng Zi and the two others left.

The two old men came out and looked at Lin Feng cautiously. Since when did he have his own world? That world’s Qi was extremely pure! If they practiced inside for a few years, they’d break through easily and quickly.

The two men found Lin Feng more and more mysterious. He was from the Earth, but he had so many trump cards. Even Ancestor Kong, who had brought Lin Feng from the Earth to the world of cultivation, was astonished that he didn’t know everything about Lin Feng. Apart from the fact that he had given him a Forbidden Body, he didn’t know anything else.

Lin Feng wasn’t who he was because of Ancestor Kong!

He’s really dead, thought Supreme God Tian Yuan, looking at the Old Servant in the crater. The Old Servant looked much younger and more relaxed when he was dead.

The Old Servant was just a little bit younger than Tian Dao Yuan’s Ancestor. It was a bit sad to lose such a prominent figure in the world of cultivation.

Now that the Old Servant was dead, what would happen to the Tian Branch? Was it going to collapse?

“Where is his soul jewel? Give it to me,” Lin Feng said to Ancestor Kong indifferently.

Ancestor Kong smiled helplessly. He knew Lin Feng didn’t intend to give the old man a second chance.

“Won’t you give him a second chance?” asked Ancestor Kong sadly. He thought of the Tian Branch.

Lin Feng frowned and shouted, “Do you think I could give him a second chance?!”

“No,” said Ancestor Kong wryly. He knew that the Old Servant would immediately come back to kill Lin Feng if he came back to life. Lin Feng couldn’t give such a dangerous person a second chance.

“I’ll bring his soul jewel to you tomorrow. You can trust me,” said Ancestor Kong.

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, he did trust Ancestor Kong. He also knew that Ancestor Kong couldn’t do much with the soul jewel.

“The Tian Branch will not collapse, even if you give me the soul jewel,” Lin Feng said seriously. It was a promise. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan seemed happy but very quickly, they shook their heads and smiled sadly.

“Hehe, the Tian Branch will definitely collapse. We don’t have any Great Supreme God,” said Ancestor Kong, shaking his head. He had already resigned himself. The Tian Branch was doomed.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to tell the two old men what he thought.

“You can leave,” Lin Feng said. Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Tian Yuan nodded and left after glancing at the Old Servant a few more times. It was the last time they would see each other.


After they left, Lin Feng looked at the sky. It was slowly getting brighter.

So much had happened during that night. Lin Fen had thought he would die, then he had had hope again.

Lin Feng looked at the corpse and sighed, before putting it in his ring. No matter what, the Old Servant used to be a Great Supreme God, so Lin Feng couldn’t waste his body.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to bury him. Many things were possible with a corpse of a cultivator who had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. For example, making it into a demon corpse and controlling him would be a great thing to do. The Old Servant had always refused to submit to Lin Feng. In death, his corpse would always listen to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wasn’t cruel, that was just the law of the jungle.

Lin Feng was lost in thought for a while. Then he raised his head and saw the bright sky. It was daytime again!

Everything was back to normal…

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