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Chapter 947: Sha Chou Is Back?


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The sky had just turned bright again, and Lin Feng hadn’t even left the ruins yet. Ancestor Kong was already back with the Old Servant’s soul jewel. He gave it to Lin Feng sadly. He didn’t say anything as he handed over the soul jewel and left. Lin Feng could understand the old man.

It was the soul jewel of the Tian Branch’s former leader! However, he had no choice.

Lin Feng took the Old Servant’s soul jewel. It was a red gem the size of a fist. It was much heavier than Lin Feng’s soul jewel, with extremely heavy Soul Qi. Lin Feng couldn’t take such risks anymore. It had already been stressful enough with Xie Mu.

“See you, Old Servant. You will never come back to life. Sorry!” Lin Feng apologized. He closed his eyes and crushed the soul jewel in his hand.

Crack! The soul jewel broke apart and the soul Qi dispersed. There were two explosions at the same time. Lin Feng heard someone shout desperately, but only for a few seconds. Lin Feng knew that it was the Old Servant’s soul. He shouted out one last time before vanishing forever.

The Old Servant would never see the world again.

“Your soul has dispersed. I can now use your body. Unfair, huh? Hehe. I think it’s not fair either, but who cares? Our world is not fair. Old Servant, your only mistake was to ask me to join Tian Dao Yuan,” Lin Feng sighed. If the Old Servant had not wanted him to join Tian Dao Yuan and become their Master, he wouldn’t have died and the three Supreme Elders would have never shown up.

The Old Servant could only blame himself!

Lin Feng stopped thinking about the past already. It didn’t matter anymore.

He had to focus on what he had to do next: the Tai Qing Sect’s competition! Qing Xin Yue had announced Lin Feng was her future husband and many young geniuses now hated him because of it. Lin Feng could already imagine that in a month, all the young geniuses participating in the competition would consider him an enemy.

It wasn’t going to be easy, either!

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Qing Xin Yue hadn’t helped him by saying she liked him. However, Lin Feng couldn’t get angry at a woman like that. If it had been another woman, he would have gotten mad, but he couldn’t get angry at Qing Xin Yue.

I really miss Yao Yu Yan, I guess, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t really know why, especially they didn’t know each other well. They had just met accidentally.

“Someone come here; call Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Fu Zi, and Ancestor Kong. Tell them to meet me in the great hall!” Lin Feng shouted to a guard.

The disciple immediately ran away.

It was daytime, so everybody could see Lin Feng’s residence had collapsed. They also understood something important had happened during the night. They soon heard about the fact that the Old Servant had attempted to kill Lin Feng, but that he was the one who had died in the end.

When the disciples of Tian Dao Yuan heard that, they were even more afraid of Lin Feng. How incredible, and frightening! The chances that someone wouldn’t listen to Lin Feng’s orders had decreased even more. How could anyone dare disobey Lin Feng now?

Lin Feng smiled in satisfaction as he walked to the great hall.


An hour later, the sun was high up in the sky and illuminated Tian Dao Yuan. It was warm, much warmer than the day before.

In the great hall, Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Fu Zi, and Ancestor Kong all waited on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just sat down on the main throne and glanced at Dao Cheng Zi and Ancestor Kong now and then before lowering his head once again.

The three people wondered why Lin Feng had called them.

After a long time, Dao Cheng Zi asked very cautiously, “Master, why did you call us?”

“Indeed, Master, you called us; how can we help you?” Dao Fu Zi nodded.

Ancestor Kong looked at them. The two Elders were so respectful. The Old Servant had been really stupid to disrespect their new Master…

No matter how strong Lin Feng was, they still had to listen to their leader’s orders!

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “I thought you’d stand there forever without asking. Ancestor Kong, how are the disciples feeling?” Lin Feng asked Ancestor Kong.

Ancestor Kong was surprised. He knew that Lin Feng was talking about the disciples of the Tian Branch.

“They’re ready. I already told them everything regarding…” said Ancestor Kong, then he stopped for a few seconds, glanced at Dao Cheng Zi and Dao Fu Zi and continued, “They thought that the Old Servant was shameless. They hated him.”

“Good,” Lin Feng nodded. He was relieved, and he also trusted Ancestor Kong. If the disciples of the Tian Branch hated Lin Feng, then they would potentially pose a threat to him in the future, a bunch of new “Old Servants” could emerge.

“Ancestor Kong, from now on, you are the new leader of the Tian Branch. Your branch doesn’t have a Great Supreme God for the time being, but it doesn’t matter because the Tian Branch and the Dao Branch have both inherited knowledge from the Ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan. Both branches should support each other. What do you think?” asked Lin Feng, frowning and glancing at Dao Cheng Zi.

Dao Cheng Zi quickly understood that Lin Feng didn’t intend to abandon the Tian Branch.

Lin Feng was sick of internal conflicts. He wanted both branches to live in harmony. Besides, without the Old Servant, there was no real competition between the two branches anymore.

Therefore, Dao Cheng Zi couldn’t contradict him!

“Indeed, Master. The two branches should live in harmony together. In the past, they didn’t because of the Old Servant. From now on, we can coexist peacefully with the Tian Branch.”

“We are all members of Tian Dao Yuan and we will do as you say anyway,” said Dao Fu Zi and Dao Cheng Zi together. Lin Feng didn’t really trust them though.

“Alright, I trust you. The Tian Branch has no Great Supreme God, so I’ll control it myself. Alright?” Lin Feng asked Dao Cheng Zi.

Dao Cheng Zi’s expression fell. Lin Feng supported the Tian Branch? Since Lin Feng said that, they had no way of opposing the Tian Branch.

How sly! Lin Feng was really clever and manipulative. Where had Ancestor Kong found such a leader? What a nightmare for the Dao Branch!

He regretted that he had helped Lin Feng kill the Old Servant now…

The Dao Branch didn’t really benefit from the situation now, Lin Feng was the only one who did!

Dao Cheng Zi pulled a long face. Ancestor Kong was happy inside. Having the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan control the Tian Branch was wonderful!

That way, there was no more risk of collapsing for the Tian Branch. However, the Tian Branch also needed young geniuses to break through to the Great Supreme God layer as soon as possible…

“Anyway, we’re done. You can leave,” Lin Feng said decisively. He was in a great mood.

Ancestor Kong got ready to leave, but Dao Cheng Zi and Dao Fu Zi still stood there. It didn’t seem like they were going to leave.

Ancestor Kong frowned. Lin Feng looked at the two curiously and asked, “Anything else, Supreme Elders?”

“Yes,” said Dao Cheng Zi, nodding seriously.

The atmosphere became heavy. Lin Feng had a bad feeling. “What do you want?” asked Lin Feng grimly.

Dao Cheng Zi glanced at Ancestor Kong, then looked at Lin Feng again and bowed hand over fist. “Master, Sha Chou… Sha Chou is back!”

Ancestor Kong was the first one to react. “What? Sha Chou is back? Impossible!” Nobody knew Sha Chou better than him, because the Tian Branch had always supported Sha Chou.

How come Dao Cheng Zi knew that Sha Chou was back and not him? There was something fishy going on!

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