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Chapter 948: Out of Character!


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“Hey, why are you surprised, Ancestor Kong?” asked Dao Cheng Zi teasingly.

Ancestor Kong was grim. If Sha Chou had come back, there could be only one reason: Dao Cheng Zi had probably plotted against him and had him return. Otherwise, Sha Chou wouldn’t have come back willingly, because he didn’t like Tian Dao Yuan.

Back then, in Tian Yuan, he had put on the demon mask to tell everyone he hated Tian Dao Yuan. He hated both the Tian Branch and the Dao Branch.

But now he was back, so there was definitely a problem. Or it could also be because of Lin Feng…

“Master, Sha Chou is outside, should I ask him to come in?” asked Dao Cheng Zi.

Lin Feng looked at Dao Cheng Zi and then at Ancestor Kong. Lin Feng didn’t know what to think, but he nodded and said, “Have him come in.”

Lin Feng knew that he was destined to meet Sha Chou anyway. The sooner he dealt with Sha Chou, the better he would be able to focus on the Tai Qing Sect’s competition.

In Tian Dao Yuan, the Tian Branch was the least stable branch, especially now that Sha Chou was back. If Lin Feng didn’t deal with Sha Chou, he might not be able to remain the leader of Tian Dao Yuan.

He wouldn’t be able to obtain the legacy of Tian Dao Yuan’s Ancestor, either. Lin Feng had agreed to become the Master of Tian Dao Yuan mostly for the Ancestor’s legacy.

When Dao Cheng Zi heard Lin Feng, he smiled broadly, as if everything was happening according to plan.

Lin Feng knew that Dao Cheng Zi had probably plotted against him and wondered why he had made Sha Chou come back. If Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough, then he wouldn’t obtain the legacy, and Sha Chou would become the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan.

But Dao Cheng Zi never showed his true colors. He didn’t want to offend anyone.

Lin Feng heard someone laugh. A slim man in a black robe followed by a few disciples entered the great hall. He looked like a skeleton.

The man was actually quite skinny. He almost looked like a corpse. His hair was short and his eyebrows sharp.

Lin Feng immediately understood that Sha Chou was a complex cultivator. He had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, but definitely not an ordinary one. Lin Feng immediately guessed that a cultivator of the third Great Supreme God layer might not be able to defeat Sha Chou.

Sha Chou was talented too, just like Lin Feng!

When Sha Chou had the strength of the Supreme God layer, he had killed a countless number of Half-Supreme Gods. When he had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, he could also harass cultivators of the third.

Now, he had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer!

Sha Chou still had no enemy at the same cultivation level. Cultivators of the third Great Supreme God layer could barely defeat him.

He was Sha Chou, the young genius of Tian Dao Yuan. Many people from the Tian Branch were proud of him. However, Sha Chou was sick of Tian Dao Yuan because of the inner tensions between the two branches. That’s why he had left.

But now he was back… why?

Ancestor Kong was worried. Dao Cheng Zi and Dao Fu Zi stared at Sha Chou. They seemed excited. Was their plan going to work?

Sha Chou stood in the center of the great hall. He was one meter ninety, so quite tall, and slender.

Sha Chou raised his head and looked at Lin Feng indifferently. So this is the new temporary leader, Lin Feng? 

Sha Chou looked at Lin Feng, trying to read him, trying to see all of Lin Feng’s secrets and trump cards at a glance. Lin Feng looked at Sha Chou the same way.

In the end, Lin Feng understood one thing: he’d have to risk his life again to defeat Sha Chou. Sha Chou wasn’t like Chu Chun Qiu or Prince Ghost. Sha Chou lacked something… ardor, maybe.

However, the people of Tian Dao Yuan all considered Sha Chou a great genius. The situation in Tian Dao Yuan was strange because there were many Supreme Gods, but there was no real young genius.

Lin Feng thought it was strange at first. but at the same time, he blamed the two branches and their conflicts. All the young geniuses of Tian Dao Yuan might have died fighting each other.

Sha Chou was the Ancestor’s descendant, so nobody dared kill him. That was why he was still alive.

Dao Cheng Zi couldn’t even be a hundred percent sure he could kill Sha Chou either, because Sha Chou had so many trump cards, especially since he had been living abroad for a while.

“You are definitely qualified to be the sixth generation leader of our precious sect!” declared Sha Chou suddenly. Everybody was astonished, including Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had been ready to fight again. Hadn’t Sha Chou come back to fight against him? It didn’t seem to be the case…

Sha Chou looked at Lin Feng, then he looked at Dao Cheng Zi and said firmly, “Tian Dao Yuan can’t afford to waste time. If you’re still a Supreme Elder, you should stop messing around.

“You all. The Tian Branch and the Dao Branch should be unified. Aren’t you all disciples of Tian Dao Yuan? Our Ancestor dedicated his life to the sect. I don’t want to see the sect get destroyed by all of you,” stated Sha Chou sternly.

Dao Cheng Zi and Ancestor Kong lowered their heads. Sha Chou was definitely qualified to talk about Tian Dao Yuan, as a direct descendant of the Ancestor who had created it.

Lin Feng stood up and listened carefully.

“Long ago, Tian Dao Yuan was the most powerful sect. They could compete with the Tai Qing Sect. Don’t you remember? Ancestor Kong, you reincarnated five times, don’t you miss the good old days?” exclaimed Sha Chou angrily. Ancestor Kong felt guilty and blushed.

“Dao Cheng Zi, you used to be an ordinary disciple back in the days. Have you forgotten how you rose within the hierarchy, from an ordinary disciple to an elder?” demanded Sha Chou sternly.

Dao Cheng Zi also lowered his head. He could remember the good old times. He hadn’t forgotten those things. He hadn’t forgotten the time when he was still an ordinary disciple, either.

“Dao Fu Zi, did you forget about the time when the sect collapsed? Did you forget that the Tai Qing Sect branded you? Have you all forgotten how proud you used to be?” shouted Sha Chou furiously. Everybody remained silent.

Everybody remembered the old days suddenly. The disciples remembered when they had joined Tian Dao Yuan.

Suddenly, everybody realized Tian Dao Yuan had taken the wrong path. The two branches had become more important than Tian Dao Yuan itself for most people.

Dao Cheng Zi felt sorry for his Ancestor.

Ancestor Kong remained silent. He had reincarnated five times; if he hadn’t, he would be as strong as Dao Cheng Zi. He had found Lin Feng and Jeston though, so he didn’t regret.

Sha Chou looked at everybody’s expression and in the end, he looked at Lin Feng and pointed to him, “You, Lin Feng, you are the leader, the master of Tian Dao Yuan! Don’t let anyone doubt your decisions.

“You, Lin Feng, are extremely talented and courageous. You even killed the Old Servant for the sake of Tian Dao Yuan. That was a wise decision! I support you! I, Sha Chou, announce, that from now on, if anyone dares disobey Lin Feng, I will be the first one to kill them!

“My Ancestor dedicated his life to this sect. I don’t want to be the leader, but I won’t let anyone destroy it or humiliate it. The enemies are not people from Tian Dao Yuan, the enemies are others!

“So don’t be shameless!” shouted Sha Chou. His eyes were bloodshot. Everybody kept their heads down, and nobody dared say anything.

Dao Cheng Zi felt guilty and regretted that he had brought Sha Chou back. Not only had his plan failed, but now Lin Feng was definitely and officially the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan. After what Sha Chou had said, Lin Feng wouldn’t be less strict.

It was all because of Sha Chou!

That was all so out of character!

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