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Chapter 949: Man in Black Clothes?


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Sha Chou studied Lin Feng. He had mixed feelings. He was a bit jealous of Lin Feng, but he had to admit that Lin Feng was a perfect choice to be the leader of Tian Dao Yuan. He was extremely talented and outstanding.

Sha Chou wasn’t that wise, but he knew that being jealous and petty wasn’t good for the sect his Ancestor had created, so he accepted Lin Feng as the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan.


Thinking about that, Sha Chou looked at Lin Feng grimly. He didn’t mind if Lin Feng was the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan, but at the same time, he didn’t agree with everything Lin Feng did, and also, he didn’t really like people like Lin Feng.

So, he had to tell him what he thought, because he couldn’t stand people like him.

When Lin Feng saw Sha Chou’s expression, he understood. Sha Chou still wanted to teach him a good lesson. However, Lin Feng was satisfied and waited for Sha Chou respectfully.

Sha Chou wasn’t a proud and arrogant Young Master, or he wouldn’t have been popular and famous. He had left Tian Dao Yuan because of the internal conflicts. Otherwise, he would have become the new leader a long time ago.

Everybody was different and difficult to understand.

“I am done with public announcements. Now, I need to sort out some things,” said Sha Chou indifferently. Then he looked at Lin Feng and said, “You and I are smart. We don’t need to speak too much.”

“Yes, I know. Tomorrow at noon, see you in Tian Yuan,” Lin Feng replied with a nod and a smile. People who didn’t know couldn’t understand what they meant, but people who were there all understood what they meant.

They all knew what they were going to do tomorrow at noon.


Sha Chou left, as did Lin Feng. After that, everybody left the great hall. That night, people had to rest because in Feng and Sha Chou would have a wonderful battle the next day.

The news spread quickly through all parts of Lang Xie City, including in East Lang Xie where the Lei Sect was. The Lei Sect and Tian Dao Yuan were allies so they communicated.

The Lei Sect sent many people to Tian Dao Yuan. Lei Gang and Lei Ben were in that group, which also included some elders of the Lei Sect.

The disciples of Tian Dao Yuan were extremely excited. Everybody admired Sha Chou in Tian Dao Yuan. Sha Chou was the direct descendant of their Ancestor and a real genius.

Many people also admired Lin Feng since his battle against the Old Servant, and he was also their new leader. Lin Feng and Sha Chou’s battle hadn’t even started and many people were already excited.

Two groups formed naturally in Tian Dao Yuan. Not the Tian Branch and the Dao Branch, but a group which supported Lin Feng, and another which supported Sha Chou.

Dao Cheng Zi was confused. The two groups were composed of disciples from both branches. It was extremely rare to see in Tian Dao Yuan.

The two branches are going to disappear if it continues that way, thought Dao Cheng Zi. He was worried. He didn’t want the two branches to vanish. He wanted the Dao Branch to continue on, but since Sha Chou had gotten angry, what could he do? He also hoped Tian Dao Yuan would rise again.

Dao Cheng Zi definitely had mixed feelings!


That night, nobody walked outside. Everybody was resting and excited about the battle the next day, as if they were going to fight themselves.

Lin Feng and Sha Chou were much simpler. Lin Feng was drinking tea in his new residence, since the previous one had been destroyed during his battle against the Old Servant.

Sha Chou was looking at the stars out of the window. It was a beautiful night, and he felt calm and composed. He had been living out in Tian Dong City for a long while, and had bumped into many extremely strong cultivators. He didn’t think this part of the world was impressive at all compared to Tian Dong City.

Tian Dong City was gigantic. People who had never been there couldn’t imagine how strong people there were, much, much stronger than people in Lang Xie City or the Fa Lan Empire!

“Will you use your full strength tomorrow during the fight?” asked a hoarse voice behind Sha Chou.

When Sha Chou heard him, he turned around and looked at the speaker. The man was wearing a black robe and had a plaited bamboo hat. He couldn’t see the man’s face, only that that man was as slender as Sha Chou.

“If you don’t want me to, I can also not fight,” replied Sha Chou.

The man shook his head, turned around and sat down on a chair. He grabbed a cup of tea, had a sip and said indifferently, “If you don’t use your full strength, my father won’t be happy.”

“Since you found your father, why don’t you go and talk to him?” asked Sha Chou quizzically.

When the man heard that, he shook his head and remained silent. Sha Chou didn’t press. The young man was strange, but everybody liked him in the sect, and the sect had asked him to bring him along to gain more experience.

He hadn’t thought the young man would be related to Lin Feng by blood, though. Lin Feng was his father?

What a coincidence. It was just unbelievable, like a theater play!

Sha Chou sighed. The sect he had joined was incredible. In comparison, Tian Dao Yuan was extremely weak.

“I understand. I will use my full strength, but I won’t use trump cards. I will have a great duel against your father, though. I hope you’ll enjoy the show,” Sha Chou said to the man in black clothes before leaving the room.

The man in black clothes didn’t pay attention to Sha Chou, he just continued drinking tea.


At the same time, Lin Feng was also drinking tea in his room, just like the man in black clothes in the other room. Lin Feng didn’t know that one of his family members was there, not far away.

Suddenly, someone knocked at Lin Feng’s door. Lin Feng was startled; he raised his head and said indifferently, “The door isn’t locked. Come in.”

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian creaked open the door and stepped in. Supreme God Zi Dian looked quite solemn. The two old men closed the door and walked up to Lin Feng.

“Sit down,” Lin Feng said with a chuckle.

One of them was one of Lin Feng’s benefactors, and the other one was his teacher, so Lin Feng felt grateful to them.

Now Lin Feng was their leader, so he was the one telling them to sit down. Things changed, but Lin Feng was slowly getting used to it.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian sat down opposite Lin Feng. Lin Feng poured tea in two cups and gave them to the old men.

“So, what brings you here so late?” asked Lin Feng.

Ancestor Kong glanced at Supreme God Zi Dian. Supreme God Zi Dian looked at Ancestor Kong hesitantly for a few seconds, then he at Lin Feng. “Master, you should cancel tomorrow’s battle,” explained Supreme God Zi Dian.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. “Uh? Why would I cancel?” he asked narrowly.

Supreme God Zi Dian remained silent for a few seconds and then replied, “Two groups have been formed in the sect because of the duel; one group supports you, the other one supports Sha Chou. The two branches don’t know what to do.

“The disciples of the sect are getting out of control. They’re even placing bets on your battle.”

“Dao Cheng Zi came to see us and told us he hoped the two branches would continue existing. The only way to solve the issue is to cancel the duel,” blushed Supreme God Zi Dian. Ancestor Kong felt awkward as well.

Lin Feng understood what they meant; the old men were worried that if the two branches stopped existing, the disciples would get confused.

But was it really an issue? Dao Cheng Zi, Ancestor Kong, and the other old men feared that, but how could the disciples become confused because of a single duel?

Could Tian Dao Yuan sink into chaos because of such a thing?

The old men were probably worried because the disciples would stop listening to the leaders of their respective branches, but they probably didn’t dare say that openly. But Lin Feng knew that was what they thought.

However, he couldn’t decide to cancel the duel just by himself.

“I won’t cancel the duel. And if the disciples of Tian Dao Yuan support Sha Chou or me, so what? It doesn’t matter. I know what you think, because you are at the top of the two branches. By asking me to cancel the duel, you are just being selfish. You think of your own personal interests, that’s all.”

“The two branches can’t control their disciples; that’s the issue, but it’s not our issue,” spoke up someone at that moment, laughing coldly. Supreme God Zi Dian and Ancestor Kong raised their heads and watched Sha Chou enter the room.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was relieved. At first, he didn’t really know how to contradict the two old men, but now Sha Chou had supported him.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian felt awkward. Indeed, Sha Chou understood what they meant. They were worried the leaders of the different branches would lose power over the disciples of the two branches!


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