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Chapter 950: Soul Battle? Why Not!


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“You’re not stupid. You know what my goal is,” said Sha Chou to Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian strangely.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian’s expressions suddenly changed. They didn’t want to think about that, but now Sha Chou took the initiative to talk about it. It made both men’s hair bristle.

Lin Feng looked at Sha Chou and immediately understood. Sha Chou’s goal was actually to dismantle the two branches and turn them into two groups; one group that supported Sha Chou, and one that supported Lin Feng.

Sha Chou thought that the two branches had existed for too long, and hadn’t worked well. So turning them into two groups composed of people from the two former branches was a good way, especially since the Old Servant was dead. It was much easier now.

He was one of the Ancestor’s descendants, and he didn’t want Tian Dao Yuan to be controlled by two branches that didn’t work well together. Change was necessary. Now Lin Feng had appeared and Tian Dao Yuan had set high hopes on him, so Sha Chou was willing to help him.

“Leave now. Don’t talk to anyone about it. I am also the representative of the Tian Branch, so I’m doing what I think is best for all of us,” ordered Sha Chou impassively.

The two old men had no choice but to leave. They knew what Sha Chou wanted to do, and he seemed determined to do it.

They had no choice but to admit that without the Old Servant, the Tian Branch had ceased to exist except in name.

However, the Dao Branch wouldn’t accept that, and they would probably try new things to protect themselves. Even though Dao Cheng Zi had understood lots of things after Sha Chou’s speech, he wasn’t ready to give up, especially for his own personal interests.

They needed time to make things change. There was no rush.

Ancestor Kong and Supreme God Zi Dian departed Lin Feng’s residence, leaving Lin Feng and Sha Chou alone.

“What you’re doing is a bit dangerous,” Lin Feng frowned.

Sha Chou smiled calmly. “So what? If I don’t try, how can I know it won’t work? Besides, I am sure you’re happy about my plan, right?” He was convinced Lin Feng supported the plan. He was the new leader of Tian Dao Yuan and wanted to keep the whole sect under tight control, so how couldn’t he agree?

Lin Feng studied Sha Chou’s expression, but remained silent. Sha Chou was right. How could he go against such a good plan? If the two branches were dismantled and turned into two groups, including one which supported him, then all was fine.

“Alright, have a good night. Tomorrow at noon, we’ll have a great duel,” sighed Sha Chou calmly.

“You too,” Lin Feng nodded, but he didn’t stand up.

Sha Chou smiled and walked to the door. When he arrived at the door, he turned around and said strangely, “I hate people who are self-confident like you. I actually can’t stand people like you.

“I’ve known about you for a long time, ever since you killed Yan Zhen, but I really can’t stand people like you. However, I have to admit you are outstanding. Maybe I can’t stand you because you are outstanding,” admitted Sha Chou. He had mixed feelings, but he didn’t say any more. Lin Feng was a powerful competitor.

He wasn’t a stupid and arrogant Young Master, and he didn’t rely on his social status to oppress people. He hated people who did that. He oppressed people using strength.

Lin Feng was the same. They both had powerful personalities, so getting along was difficult.

“Lin Feng, after our battle tomorrow, no matter whether you win or lose, you will receive my Ancestor’s legacy,” promised Sha Chou before leaving.

Lin Feng wasn’t angry. He just felt even more determined to defeat Sha Chou! When he respected an opponent, he used his full strength.

“If you can’t stand me, we can fight! As simple as that!” whispered Lin Feng, smiling to himself and drinking his tea.


The night passed quickly.

Early in the morning, the disciples of Tian Dao Yuan had already gathered at the foot of the great palace of Tian Yuan.

Both Lin Feng and Sha Chou had powerful memories from there. They had both worn the demon mask there. One of them had slaughtered many people. The other one had destroyed a big part of the city and also killed many people.

People remembered Sha Chou as a butcher and Lin Feng as a ferocious monster. A duel between two titans was about to happen, so the people were very excited.

Many young people couldn’t wait to see the fight. They would be able to learn so much from them.  But the old men at the top of the two branches were worried.

Dao Cheng Zi glanced around. He could see disciples in the crowd from both branches standing together; that group of disciples supported Lin Feng.

He was getting more and more worried about Tian Dao Yuan. Things were changing quickly. Dao Cheng Zi couldn’t use force to make things change the way he wanted, or the disciples of Tian Dao Yuan would stop trusting him.

Lin Feng, what kind of person are you?, thought Dao Cheng Zi.

Tian Dao Yuan didn’t invite anyone to come and watch the battle, but many people from different influential groups came to watch, including members of the Lei Sect like Lei Gang and Lei Ben.

Apart from members of the Lei Sect, there were the Black Dragon King, who was also an elder of the Ancient Dragon Sect.

When Lin Feng saw the Black Dragon King, he was surprised. The King now had the strength of the level four high-level Supreme God layer, and he was about to break through to the Half-Great Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng was astonished. Long Lan Er was so efficient! The Ancient Dragon Sect would quickly rise again. No wonder she had said that as long as there were dragons, she could make the Ancient Dragon Sect rise again. Lin Feng had thought she was a bit too optimistic back then, but in the end, she had been very realistic.

Apart from the Black Dragon King, Fa Duo from the Fa Lan Empire was there, too.

Fa Duo was stupefied when he arrived. He didn’t know Lin Feng had killed the Old Servant, so when Ancestor Kong told him, Fa Duo was flabberghasted.

After a long time, he sighed sorrowfully. What did it mean for the future of the sect?

Lin Feng was amazed when the Tai Qing Sect sent some people. This duel had nothing to do with that competition, but they had still sent a representative. Lin Feng knew him; it was the white-bearded old man.

The old man waved at Lin Feng and wished him good luck.

Lin Feng looked at the sun, it wasn’t noon yet. He had to wait!

Lin Feng walked to the battle arena. He had already fought here before. He had even fought against Tian Fan on it. Where was Tian Fan these days?

Lin Feng was happy that Tian Fan was still alive, so Tian Di’s lineage wasn’t extinct. Tian Fan had also stopped trying to get revenge, so Lin Feng was relieved.


As Lin Feng was lost in thought, time passed quickly. The sun became scorching hot and was at its highest point in the sky.

The duel could start!

Lin Feng came back to his senses and walked to the center of the stage. Sha Chou was there, watching him.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became ice-cold, but their eyes weren’t angry.

The two young geniuses were about to start fighting!

The Continent of Eternity had been calm for a long time, and now young geniuses were rising everywhere. The disciples of various influential groups were excited and would learn many things from this fight!

“Let’s have a soul battle?” Sha Chou grinned.

Lin Feng was astonished, but he quickly calmed down again. “There’s nothing I don’t dare,” Lin Feng agreed, smiling icily. He sat down on the stage.

Since they were going to have a soul battle, they didn’t need to move; they could only rely on their soul vitality!

Sha Chou sat down as well. He looked extremely determined.

“Good luck, Master! Good luck!”

“Our Leader will definitely win! YAY!”

“Sha Chou, honor our Ancestor and win this battle!”

“Good luck, Sha Chou!”

The two fighters sat down and the crowd cheered.

Dao Cheng Zi sighed. That was their fate.

Lin Feng looked at Sha Chou. Sha Chou also stared at Lin Feng. They glared at each other provocatively.

Lin Feng grinned. Their battle could start!

Boom boom!…

There were two explosions. The crowd just saw two threads of godly auras with different colors dashing to the skies.

Two hundred-zhang tall soul shadows appeared. They were human-shaped and looked quite real. Many people were astonished.

The soul battle was about to start!

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