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Chapter 951: Even If You’re Strong, I’m Going to Win!

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Dazzling lights appeared. They blotted out the sky and covered the ground. Brilliant golden lights flashed in Lin Feng’s soul, looking like a mixture of a Buddha and a demon. It contained both Buddhist and demonic energies.

Sha Chou’s soul was blood-red. He looked like a bloodthirsty demon emperor, quite frightening. The eyes of his soul were shining scarlet and kept flashing with a corrosive strength. Dao Cheng Zi and everybody else took a few steps backwards.

Their Qi was oppressive, pure soul power. In addition to great physical strength, a cultivator’s soul was a great way to determine whether they were really strong or not. Really strong cultivators had powerful souls. Lin Feng and Sha Chou’s souls were overbearing, much more powerful than the souls of the people who were present, including Dao Cheng Zi and the other elders.

The two souls opened their eyes. Lin Feng’s soul looked at the blood-red eyes of Sha Chou’s red soul with his golden eyes. Their auras started colliding and sparkling in the air.

Those were the first explosions. Many people put their hands on their ears and took several steps back, including several extremely strong cultivators.

The golden and blood-red lights kept colliding. The two human-shaped souls remained, but lights kept emerging from them and colliding. They looked like titans.

Lin Feng and Sha Chou were still seated a hundred meters from each other. Their souls and the lights in the sky looked like a constellation. Their terrifying soul Qi kept clashing.

Nobody could see the sky anymore. It seemed like stars were condensing on the side of Sha Chou’s soul.

Sha Chou’s soul was surrounded by flashing and twinkling lights. It was incredible.

The stars were blood-red. They rotated and then shot towards Lin Feng’s golden soul like bullets. Each star was surrounded by energy, turning into a blood-red ocean of energies.

The blood-red energies seemed like they had taken over.

Ancestor Kong and the others’ expressions fell in worry. It seemed like Sha Chou had a huge advantage. Lin Feng was in a dangerous position, his soul surrounded by bloodred energies.

Lei Gang and the Black Dragon King looked grave. Was Lin Feng going to lose? That would not be good…

The white-bearded old man was the only one who was smiling. He had faith in Lin Feng, and was convinced he was going to win.

Lin Feng’s eyes were closed, but he could see everything that was going on in the sky. His soul was surrounded by the bloody ocean of energies. The bloody energies were absorbing his own golden lights.

However, he just smiled coldly. Sha Chou was just too confident. He wanted to win the battle as quickly as possible by carrying out attacks as powerful as a thunderbolt, but it wasn’t enough.

“Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!” Lin Feng said. Everybody watched his soul with their eyes wide. A red and golden light beam emerged from Lin Feng’s soul.

On the forehead of Lin Feng’s soul, an eye appeared. It was filled with flames and kept flashing. It looked like a gigantic fireball, growing bigger and bigger.

When the blood-red ocean of energies of Sha Chou’s soul collided with Lin Feng’s golden and red lights, it immediately started burning! The flames rolled in waves towards Sha Chou’s soul, which started burning. Everybody was astonished.

Sha Chou’s supporters all looked at him. It was their turn to worry.

However, Sha Chou remained focused. He wasn’t injured, only pressured. He had never seen such a powerful fire.

“Soul division!” shouted Sha Chou in a low voice. A strong wind started blowing and his blood-red soul divided into a dozen different beams of light. His soul was initially a hundred zhang tall, now it was only a hundred meters.

The dozen lights surrounded Lin Feng’s soul. The flames disappeared and the blood-red lights invaded again. In the end, they condensed together and became a hundred zhang tall once again, and began to glitter.

It was as if Lin Feng’s Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill had refined Sha Chou’s soul instead of weakening it!

“Lin Feng, thank you for refining my soul,” said Sha Chou, opening his eyes and smiling confidently.

Lin Feng realized the battle wasn’t going to be as easy as he had thought. A soul battle wasn’t easy in general, as it couldn’t be solved with a few punches and kicks. Tao skills weren’t easy to use in such circumstances, either.

A soul battle was about vitality, so Lin Feng decided that he had to carry out explosive and vigorous attacks.

He opened his eyes, now filled with dazzling golden lights. He used Genesis Spiritual strength to awaken his Genesis Spiritual Body. His soul became even more dazzling, like a Buddha.

Lin Feng had his Genesis Spiritual Body and his soul fuse together. His soul was his Genesis Spiritual Body and vice versa. It was one of his trump cards.

He didn’t intend to be merciful. His sole purpose was to win the battle!

The battle wasn’t bloody, but it was fierce. Sha Chou couldn’t stand Lin Feng, so how could Lin Feng stand Sha Chou?

Lin Feng’s soul looked holy and powerful thanks to his Genesis Spiritual Body.

Sha Chou looked at Lin Feng, and realized what Lin Feng wanted to do and his expression suddenly changed.

“Seems like you’re ready to push things to the next level,” said Sha Chou.

Lin Feng looked back at him indifferently, but remained silent. He closed his eyes again and his gigantic soul started trembled. Everybody looked at the sky. It felt like the sky was about to collapse.

Many people walked closer to the area to watch, including Lei Gang and Lei Ben.

The atmosphere was tense as the Qi in the sky thickened. It looked like the apocalypse.

Sha Chou pulled a long face when he saw Lin Feng’s soul shake so violently, but the strength also became more and more powerful. If Sha Chou wasn’t mistaken, Lin Feng was about to have their souls collide directly.

A soul collision was like a physical collision, with the difference that soul collisions could have dramatic after-effects.

But at that moment, Lin Feng didn’t care. When the crowd saw that, they all paled, as if Lin Feng was attacking them.

“I know your soul is very strong. You have the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer. The vitality of your soul makes you at least as strong as a cultivator of the third. I also know your Qi is swift and fierce. Your soul is like a demon in that bloody ocean of energies. But…” Lin Feng opened his eyes. He looked at Sha Chou confidently and aggressively. “But, no matter how strong you are, you won’t win!”

Boom boom!… There were two explosions while Lin Feng was talking. The crowd stared at Sha Chou’s soul.

Sha Chou’s blood-red soul was in danger. Sha Chou looked grim and surprised.

Everybody swallowed Lin Feng looked determined. He wasn’t worried about getting injured.

Dao Cheng Zi took a deep breath, covered in cold sweat. He could imagine what it would be like if he were Sha Chou.

Ancestor Kong’s expression also changed. His heart was pounding. How insane! Lin Feng was monstrously brutal! Even cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer didn’t dare do soul collisions but Lin Feng wasn’t afraid!

So many people were dumbstruck, and their hearts were pounding.

Sha Chou took a deep breath; he knew that he had lost. He couldn’t risk his life. “I lost!” he admitted with a pained expression.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, but he also took a deep breath. He had gambled, and it had worked!

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