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Chapter 952: Fa Duo Is Strange!


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Sha Chou didn’t intend to risk his life to fight against Lin Feng. They weren’t enemies, after all, so when Lin Feng started doing risky things, Sha Chou decided to put an end to the battle. If their souls had collided, both of them would have been badly injured.

Sha Chou didn’t fear getting injured, but for this fight, it really wasn’t worth it. That wasn’t wise, but Lin Feng was crazy.

The duel was over. Even though it hadn’t lasted for too long, it had still been amazing and many people had learned new things. In the future, everybody would take delight in talking about the duel. They wouldn’t forget that fight for some time. Of course, it wouldn’t be a memorable duel for the ages.

Among Lin Feng’s battles, those from the Great Competition would never be forgotten, nor his battle against Chu Li, his lethal battle against Supreme God Jin Lun, when he had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan, or when he had killed Fa Kun Lun.

Many of Lin Feng’s battles would never be forgotten. Not many people had fought that many memorable battles. However, his duel against Sha Chou wasn’t that important.

The disciples who supported Lin Feng were extremely happy that their leader had won. Those who supported Sha Chou were a bit sad and disappointed. Their champion had lost.

However, even those who supported Sha Chou would continue supporting him, and didn’t intend to give up on him. Lin Feng and Sha Chou were symbols, and their supporters wanted to become like them.

Lin Feng studied the disciples. They were looking at him and Sha Chou in admiration. Lin Feng was amazed; Sha Chou’s plan was working. Those disciples were born more recently, so they had never seen the two branches when the tensions were the fiercest. At the same time, they had never been allowed to believe in anything other than their respective branches, and nobody had ever dared admire anyone else because they would have felt like traitors.

But now they could, thanks to Sha Chou. Those disciples had new idols; they believed in Lin Feng and Sha Chou. When the water comes, a channel is naturally formed.

It was actually also the case when the two branches had formed long ago. Back in the days, Dao Cheng Zi was a young genius and the Old Servant was also a young genius, so they had become idols for their supporters.

Almost all the old men of the two branches had died. Most people who remained were middle-aged or young people, and they didn’t have faith in the old men of the two branches anymore.

Things changed, but fundamentally, the concepts were the same.


After the battle, the representatives of the different influential groups didn’t accept Lin Feng’s invitation to stay, and immediately went back to their respective territories. Fa Duo didn’t leave, though. He wanted to ask Lin Feng why he had killed the Old Servant.

The Black Dragon King also left. The Ancient Dragon Sect was in San City, so he needed to be there, and he was extremely busy.

The white-bearded old man from the Tai Qing Sect vanished right after the battle. Lin Feng wondered if the Tai Qing Sect had sent someone just to see how strong he was.

However, he didn’t have time to think. He went back to the great palace of Tian Dao Yuan with Sha Chou, Dao Cheng Zi, Ancestor Kong, and Fa Duo.

All the Dhammapalas came to the great hall. They wanted to hear about Lin Feng’s fight.

Everybody remained silent when Fa Duo asked why their Master had killed the Old Servant. He didn’t belong to any of the branches, but he was worried. Now that the Old Servant was dead, Fa Duo thought that Tian Dao Yuan was weaker.

How could they adjust for the loss? He didn’t understand why Lin Feng had done that. He wasn’t sad about the Old Servant, but he was worried about Tian Dao Yuan. Lin Feng was the new leader; his task was to make Tian Dao Yuan stronger, not weaker. He had just become the new leader and had already killed a Supreme Elder.

He didn’t like that at all.

When Fa Duo asked that question, everybody remained silent and waited for Lin Feng to speak.

Lin Feng wasn’t happy that Fa Duo had asked that question openly. Usually, Fa Duo understood such principles. In normal times, Fa Duo would have talked to Lin Feng privately about such an issue, not openly.

What was wrong with Fa Duo? Why had he asked that question openly? Did he want Lin Feng to lose face? Did he have ulterior motives?

The atmosphere became tense and Lin Feng didn’t reply because he didn’t need to. He didn’t have to justify himself.

When Fa Duo saw Lin Feng didn’t reply, he said, “Please answer me, Master.”

“Fa Duo, stop talking. You’re just an elder. How dare you talk to the Master that way?” Dao Cheng Zi frowned.

But Fa Duo still looked at Lin Feng. He wanted an answer. Lin Feng didn’t understand. Fa Duo had never been like this, what was wrong with him?

“Fa Duo, I am the Leader. You can’t question my decisions, you understand?” Lin Feng shouted furiously.

Many people lowered their heads, not daring to look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was extremely aggressive these days.

Fa Duo kept provoking Lin Feng. He paled a little when he heard Lin Feng, but he controlled himself and said, “Your decisions are arbitrary. You are not qualified to be our Master. Please leave Tian Dao Yuan.”

“How insolent, Fa Duo! Do you know whom you’re talking to?!” shouted Ancestor Kong furiously. He didn’t understand why Fa Duo dared talk like that.

“Fa Duo, are you insane?” demanded Supreme God Zi Dian furiously. He was even more furious because Lin Feng was his heir and Supreme God Zi Dian was extremely proud of him. He couldn’t let anyone humiliate Lin Feng.

“Someone come here, kick Fa Duo out and wait for the leader’s decision regarding his punishment,” shouted Dao Cheng Zi icily.

“Understood,” said two disciples. They came next to Fa Duo and got ready to kick him out.

“Who told you to come here, piss off!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. The two disciples ran away quickly, terrified.

Lin Feng looked at Dao Cheng Zi icily and said, “Fa Duo wants me to leave Tian Dao Yuan, and you’re already trying to replace me, huh?!” shouted Lin Feng aggressively. Everybody saw Lin Feng’s soul appear behind him, and their expressions changed drastically. Nobody dared say anything anymore.

Dao Cheng Zi’s expression also fell. He hadn’t thought giving the disciples an order would infuriate Lin Feng like this…

“I wouldn’t dare. Please forgive me, Master,” said Dao Cheng Zi, kneeling down. He was devastated. He had lost the Dao Branch, and now he had the impression he was losing his Supreme Elder title.

Lin Feng looked at Dao Cheng Zi and then at the others and said, “Everybody leave. Fa Duo, you stay here.”

“Understood!” Everyone else quickly left, including Dao Cheng Zi. Ancestor Kong glanced at Fa Duo, wondering what was going on.

Fa Duo should support Lin Feng. He was a Dhammapala, after all. How come he had changed? Ancestor Kong didn’t understand, but he still left.

Ancestor Kong was the last one to leave. He closed the door after leaving. Now, Lin Feng and Fa Duo were the only ones in the room.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and asked, “Master, what happened?”

Lin Feng didn’t believe Fa Duo had changed, so something had probably happened. Why would Fa Duo even ask him to leave Tian Dao Yuan?

Fa Duo looked back at Lin Feng hesitantly. He didn’t know what to say.

When Lin Feng saw that, he asked, “Do you have problems?”

The atmosphere became awkward.

“Don’t ask him. I told him to do that,” said someone suddenly. Lin Feng raised his head quickly when he heard that familiar voice. His heart skipped a beat.

He raised his head and saw someone open the door, a man in black clothes. His face was covered with a veil.

“I organized all that.”

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