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Chapter 953: Father and Son Meet Again!


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“Five years, Qiong Sheng,” Lin Feng breathed. His eyes became wet. His heart was beating much faster. He hadn’t seen his son in such a long time…

Lin Qiong Sheng lowered his head and knelt down in front of Lin Feng. He took off his veil and showed his face. Lin Qiong Sheng looked very handsome, but his eyes were filled with guilt.

Lin Qiong Sheng looked smarter and more handsome than Lin Feng, but he also looked more tired.

Father and son finally met again, in Tian Dao Yuan this time.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought he would meet his son here. What had Qiong Sheng gone through all these years? Why did he look so tired and older?

Lin Qiong Sheng had thought for a long time before deciding to come and see his father in Tian Dao Yuan. In the past, he had thought of going to the Fa Lan Empire to see his father, but he hadn’t because he didn’t know how to face his father.

But no matter what, they had the same blood and he missed his parents.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and just stared at Lin Qiong Sheng. In the end, he sighed. Lin Qiong Sheng had been luckier than Lin Zhe Tian in life. He already had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. He had already broken through to the top of the Half-Great Supreme God layer and was about to break through to the first. He was quickly catching up with his father.

Lin Feng wondered what his son had gone through for five years, but he was relieved to see his son had progressed as quickly as him during this time.

Back then, Lin Zhe Tian and Lin Qiong Sheng were Mister Time’s disciples, studying space and time Dao strength with him. Lin Zhe Tian had gone to the Sword Sect and Lin Qiong Sheng had followed Lei Gang.

When Lin Zhe Tian had arrived in the Continent of Eternity, he had realized how weak he was, so he had decided to go and travel. Lin Feng didn’t know where Zhe Tian was, but he was happy to see his other son.

“Qiong Sheng, tell me what you’ve gone through during all these years,” Lin Feng said happily. His son was handsome and strong. Lin Feng suddenly felt old, a few years would pass and his son might replace him as a hero in this world.

However, Lin Feng’s goal was to become one of the strongest cultivators of the world first, then nobody would bully him anymore.

Lin Feng had been humiliated a countless number of times in his life, so he didn’t want to be humiliated again… but he also didn’t want anyone to bully his children. He loved his children, and he wanted to be able to protect them too.

“I’ll tell you later, father. First, I have a request,” said Lin Qiong Sheng hesitantly.

Lin Feng was worried, was there a problem?

Then he recalled what he had just said: he had made Fa Duo speak out. Why? “What’s wrong? Tell me,” Lin Feng said seriously.

Lin Qiong Sheng took a deep breath and said, “You need to leave Tian Dao Yuan. You’re in danger.”

“Danger? What danger?” asked Lin Feng. He had an idea, but he still wanted to hear it from Lin Qiong Sheng. He couldn’t be sure he had guessed right.

“Father, you know that Tian Dao Yuan has a terrifying enemy?” asked Lin Qiong Sheng sharply. He also looked scared, as if he knew how strong that enemy was. Lin Feng seemed surprised, but he stayed serious.

Lin Feng glanced at Fa Duo, who looked grim. Lin Feng thought of what Ancestor Kong had told him, about a future danger. He suddenly understood why everybody wanted him to become the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan, even though they had talented people like Sha Chou.

Nobody had told him exactly what the problem was, though…

“Tell me more,” Lin Feng prodded his son.

Lin Qiong Sheng continued, “Father, Tian Dao Yuan has had a terrifying enemy since the ancient days, or more precisely a group of enemies: an ancient sect, the Tian Ji Sect,” Lin Qiong Sheng told him worriedly.

“The Tian Ji Sect?” Lin Feng looked at Qiong Sheng curiously. Why had he never heard of the Tian Ji Sect?

Fa Duo paled and looked frightened, Lin Feng noticed. “Elder Fa Duo, you know about them?” asked Lin Feng, frowning unhappily.

“I… I do,” said Fa Duo. He didn’t want to reply, but he still did and lowered his head. He didn’t dare look at Lin Feng’s sharp expression.

Lin Feng realized he was in danger. If his son hadn’t told him, Lin Feng might have never found out about them.

“What is the Tian Ji Sect? Who are they, Fa Duo? Why have I never heard of them, and why have you never told me about them?

“When I became the Leader of Tian Dao Yuan, you should have told me about Tian Dao Yuan’s allies AND enemies right away! Why didn’t you tell me? Do you consider me as a scapegoat?! Were the four previous leaders killed by them?” asked Lin Feng sharply.

Fa Duo paled even more and his heart twitched. Fa Duo didn’t know what to say, and didn’t dare speak. There were many disciples under him and Supreme Elders above him in the hierarchy; he didn’t dare speak carelessly and foolishly, so he ground his teeth and remained silent.

When Lin Feng saw that, he nodded angrily. He understood a few more things now. “So that was the issue,” Lin Feng mused, smiling grimly.

Lin Qiong Sheng frowned. Indeed, the members of Tian Dao Yuan had been shameless, fooling his father. If Sha Chou wasn’t his teacher’s fellow disciple, Lin Feng might never have found out.

“Father, the Tian Ji Sect and Tian Dao Yuan are sworn enemies. The Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect killed the four previous leaders of Tian Dao Yuan.

“The second leader of Tian Dao Yuan took an oath and swore that he would fight against him someday. He broke through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer and had a great battle against the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect. It was supposed to be a battle to death, but nobody died and they didn’t manage to finish the battle.

“After that, Ancestor Kong reincarnated five times and the four leaders he chose all died repeating the duel; they had to fight against him because of the oath. Father, you are the fifth,” said Lin Qiong Sheng.

Fa Duo didn’t dare speak. He was shaking from head to toe. Lin Qiong Sheng had just told Lin Feng all their secrets.

“So, Father, you don’t want to bring about your own destruction, right?”

Lin Feng smiled, but his smile was terrifying. Even Lin Qiong Sheng’s heart began to race. He had never seen his father look so scary.

“Unless you can kill the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, father,” continued Lin Qiong Sheng, lowering his head. He didn’t think his father could kill the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect.

“You don’t think I can kill him?!” Lin Feng said when he saw his son’s expression. His son didn’t have faith in him?

“Father, I am a disciple of the Tian Ji Sect. The Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect is my teacher and has the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer!” declared Lin Qiong Sheng, taking a deep breath. He knew that he should have told Lin Feng about this earlier, but he didn’t know how.

So sudden!

Astonished. Shocked. Furious. Helpless… and yet a little bit pleasantly surprised. Lin Feng’s heart was filled with all sorts of contradictory emotions.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck because the cultivation level of the Tian Ji Sect’s Patriarch was so astonishing. He was surprised that Lin Qiong Sheng was the Patriarch’s disciple. He was furious because his son hadn’t told him earlier. He felt helpless because the situation was complex. But he was also extremely happy that his son had such an incredible teacher.

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