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Chapter 954: Lin Feng’s Decision!


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Fa Duo was dumbstruck and panic-stricken. Lin Qiong Sheng was the disciple of the Tian Ji Sect’s Patriarch?!

Lin Qiong Sheng saw his father frown and said hastily, “Father, I joined the Tian Ji Sect before you became the leader of Tian Dao Yuan! How could I know you’d become the leader of Tian Dao Yuan?” he sighed helplessly.

That’s why the Tian Ji Sect had sent him, so that he could talk to his father. The Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect had promised him that if Lin Feng left Tian Dao Yuan and joined the Tian Ji Sect, they would grant Lin Feng the position of Supreme Elder.

Lin Qiong Sheng told his father all this now so Lin Feng had to make a decision.

The atmosphere was heavy. Lin Qiong Sheng felt sad for his father, and was also worried about his father’s safety. He hoped Lin Feng would leave Tian Dao Yuan.

Fa Duo was afraid and worried Lin Feng would leave Tian Dao Yuan. Tian Dao Yuan would collapse after a single setback.

“Master, please don’t leave us! I beg you.” Fa Duo burst into tears and laid down on the floor in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked grave. “Fa Duo, you asked me to leave Tian Dao Yuan earlier; you said I wasn’t qualified to be the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, and now you’re begging me to stay? What’s wrong with you?”

Lin Feng didn’t understand what Fa Duo wanted.

“Father, I threatened him. I told him he had to find a way of making you leave Tian Dao Yuan. I organized everything, he didn’t. Now he’s begging you because in reality, he doesn’t want you to leave,” admitted Lin Qiong Sheng.

Lin Feng understood. Fa Duo had a lower status in the hierarchy, but… how could Lin Qiong Sheng threaten Elder Fa Duo?

Lin Qiong Sheng knew what his father was thinking so he talked to him telepathically. Fa Duo couldn’t hear what Lin Qiong Sheng and his father were saying.

When Lin Feng heard his son, he glanced at Fa Duo. He hadn’t thought that Fa Duo was romantic when he was young. He also had a few sons, and Lin Qiong Sheng had threatened to harm his sons to force Fa Duo to obey. Fa Duo reacted like that because of Lin Qiong Sheng.

But Lin Feng couldn’t blame his son, especially since he had done all this for his father. The Tian Ji Sect was extremely powerful.

Lin Feng hesitated at that moment. Tian Dao Yuan had kept using him. He had had too many problems in Tian Dao Yuan, especially with the Old Servant. Mister Time and Ancestor Kong had been watching him for years. They had also brought him from the Earth to the world of cultivation to use him.

Tian Dao Yuan didn’t bring anything good to him. On the contrary, it only put him in a dangerous situation. If he broke through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, then he would have to fight against Lin Qiong Sheng’s teacher.

The Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect already had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, that was absolutely terrifying!

Fighting against a cultivator of the seventh Great Supreme God layer with the strength of the fifth was extremely dangerous. Defeating him would be extremely difficult; killing him would be impossible.

Therefore, Lin Feng had the feeling that if he stayed in Tian Dao Yuan, he would just be cannon fodder. Ancestor Kong would try and find a new leader, and that new leader would be cannon fodder as well.

It seemed that agreeing to remain the leader of Tian Dao Yuan came down to committing suicide. At the same time, the Tian Ji Sect would become stronger and stronger.

“Father, resign,” advised Lin Qiong Sheng worriedly. He knew how stubborn his father was. The more difficult something was, the more Lin Feng wanted to do it, but this time Lin Feng was really in a dangerous position.

His teacher was incredibly strong; he had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, the strongest cultivator of the Continent of Eternity for the time being. Qing Xu Duan might have the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer now, but probably only had the strength of the sixth.

The Tian Ji Sect could now be considered the strongest group of the Continent of Eternity. Therefore, if Lin Feng remained the leader of Tian Dao Yuan, he would die at some point.

“Master, please, I beg you, save Tian Dao Yuan!” Fa Duo cried out. He was still lying on the floor at Lin Feng’s feet.

“Be quiet! Why would my father die for Tian Dao Yuan?! Why don’t you replace him and die for Tian Dao Yuan?! If you try and convince my father once again, I’ll kill you!” shouted Lin Qiong Sheng ferociously. He really hoped Fa Duo wouldn’t convince Lin Feng.

Lin Qiong Sheng really wanted to kill Fa Duo now!

Fa Duo looked devastated. He trembled, his heart pounding. He was afraid for the future of Tian Dao Yuan. What if Lin Feng left Tian Dao Yuan? Their future would be ruined. Tian Dao Yuan would collapse, and it would be Lin Qiong Sheng’s fault.

Fa Duo hated Lin Qiong Sheng and the Tian Ji Sect, but what could he do? Tian Dao Yuan hadn’t treated Lin Feng fairly, either!

“Master, you must…”

“You old grouch, shut the fuck up!” shouted Lin Qiong Sheng explosively. His eyes were filled with flames of fury. He immediately threw a punch.

“Stop!” shouted Lin Feng, pushing the old man away. Lin Qiong Sheng’s fist crashed on the floor.

“Father, you…” Lin Qiong Sheng was startled. He had a bad feeling.

“Leave now,” Lin Feng interrupted his son.

Lin Qiong Sheng still wanted to talk, but Lin Feng looked so grim Lin Qiong Sheng just swallowed his words, glanced at Fa Duo furiously and walked away.

Fa Duo was relieved. He wanted to thank Lin Feng, but Lin Feng looked at him so icily that he also left the room.

Lin Feng was left alone in the great hall on his throne. He didn’t know what to do or think.

“Master Zu Ti, what do you think? Should I stay in Tian Dao Yuan or should I leave?” Lin Feng asked Zu Ti.

But this time Zu Ti didn’t reply, he just sighed. Lin Feng was in a dilemma.

He had to make a decision. He was the only one who could do so. Nobody could help.

Lin Feng felt dispirited. His Qi became ice-cold and people outside sensed it. Nobody dared say anything, though.


Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Fu Zi, Ancestor Kong, Supreme God Zi Dian, Dao Ling, and the others looked anxious when they saw Fa Duo come out.

Everybody asked him what had happened. Fa Duo told them everything. Nobody dared say anything, and could only swallow any words.

They knew that Tian Dao Yuan was in a difficult position, and that Lin Feng’s decision would be decisive for their future.

Sha Chou came out of the crowd and walked over to Dao Cheng Zi, his hands clasped behind his back. He smiled at Dao Cheng Zi and said, “Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. When you plot too much, you end up hurting yourself.

“If Tian Dao Yuan collapses because of you, then I will kill you all, even if I have to die,” said Sha Chou icily. They all shivered, especially Supreme God Tian Yuan. He remembered Sha Chou back when he had put on the demon mask. He knew how cruel and coldblooded Sha Chou could be when killing.

Nobody dared say anything and the atmosphere became heavy.

“I’m going in,” Sha Chou declared, walking towards the great hall. They all set high hopes on Sha Chou this time. Nobody else dared enter the great hall, not even Supreme Elder Dao Cheng Zi.


Sha Chou arrived at the gate, opened it, and entered.

Lin Feng didn’t need to raise his head to know it was Sha Chou.

“You are fellow disciples to my son’s teacher?” asked Lin Feng.

Sha Chou nodded and sat down, quite relaxed.

Lin Feng sat down next to Sha Chou, which meant they needed a long talk.

“Indeed. I am like an uncle to him. I am a fellow disciple of the Tian Ji Sect’s Patriarch, but I’ve only seen the Patriarch a few times. My teacher has fifteen fellow disciples. I am the youngest one, the fifteenth,” said Sha Chou.

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