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Chapter 955: Man of his Word!


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“The Tian Ji Sect is in Tian Dong City?” Lin Feng asked.

“Yes. The Tian Ji Sect is in Tian Dong City. but we haven’t officially announced our return yet,” Sha Chou answered.

Lin Feng asked Sha Chou curiously, “Why not? The others have all announced their comebacks, including the Tai Qing Sect.”

“Because we’re still waiting for the Ancient Human Sect and the Ancient Yan Clan to announce their returns. The Tai Qing Sect and such sects, hehehe, the Tian Ji Sect doesn’t attach much importance to them whatsoever,” said Sha Chou grinning confidently.

Lin Feng was surprised. The Tai Qing Sect was supposed to be one of the strongest ancient sects, but the Tian Ji Sect didn’t attach importance to them at all? Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. If the Tian Ji Sect was really that strong, they had the power to rule over the continent.

Lin Feng didn’t really understand the situation, but based on what Sha Chou said, Lin Feng didn’t think there was anything mysterious. The Tian Ji Sect might be stronger than the Tai Qing Sect, Tian Dao Yuan, and all the other ancient sects and clans.

The Lei Sect, the Yuan Hall, the Ancient Xuan Clan, and the Ancient Beast Clan were all of the same category.

The Gu Gu Clan and the Ancient Soul Clan were also of the same category. Tian Dao Yuan was stronger than them, but weaker than the Tai Qing Sect. The Ancient Demonic Clan used to be the weakest one, and Lin Feng had eliminated them.

Of course, the Ancient Dragon Sect which Long Lan Er had recently brought back to life was one of the weakest ancient sects but in the future, they would rise quickly, especially since Lin Feng was collaborating with them.

After what Sha Chou had said, Lin Feng could guess that the Ancient Human Sect, the Ancient Yan Clan, and the Tian Ji Sect were of the same category, and were stronger than the Tai Qing Sect.

Lin Feng now understood the different influential groups of that continent a bit better. He could at least sort them from the weakest to the strongest. And as usual, strength was the most important thing. Therefore, Lin Feng had to adapt and consider his different options based on power, personal interests, and strength.

“Sha Chou, you are the direct descendent of Tian Dao Yuan’s Ancestor, and now you are a member of the Tian Ji Sect; I don’t understand,” Lin Feng admitted. What was Sha Chou’s goal?

He was the direct descendent of Tian Dao Yuan’s Ancestor; how could he be a member of the Tian Ji Sect?

Sha Chou smiled thinly. He knew that Lin Feng was going to ask that question. Dao Cheng Zi, Ancestor Kong, and the others probably asked themselves the same question. In their opinion, that came down to being a traitor; had he forgotten his Ancestor?

“Easy. I like the Tian Ji Sect and I don’t like Tian Dao Yuan. Lin Feng, all you know is that Tian Dao Yuan and the Tian Ji Sect are enemies… but you don’t know that my Ancestor and the Ancestor of the Tian Ji Sect were biological brothers.

“You don’t know Tian Dao and Tian Ji, who were complementing and supplementing each other since the ancient times. Because of the second leader of Tian Dao Yuan, tensions arose between Tian Dao Yuan and the Tian Ji Sect. He was selfish.

“Because of him, the two groups cut off ties and ever since, Tian Dao Yuan’s existence has been miserable and pathetic, and its leaders keep dying. The cause of the disaster was the second leader of Tian Dao Yuan.

“When I joined the Tian Ji Sect, Tian Dao Yuan was in a miserable position. The sect had fallen because of the internal conflicts between the two branches. The conflicts were getting worse and worse, and the sect was doomed.

“I couldn’t do much, so I escaped and joined the Tian Ji Sect because they are my family, too. We have the same blood.

“I may be the only member of Tian Dao Yuan who still has the blood of my Ancestor, so people don’t really care about what I did in Tian Dao Yuan,” Sha Chou sighed helplessly. The members of Tian Dao Yuan only knew he had the same blood as the Ancestor of the sect, but they didn’t think of the fact that the Ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan and the Ancestor of the Tian Ji Sect also had the same blood. The Ancestor of the Tian Ji Sect could be considered a great uncle to the members of Tian Dao Yuan.

One sect was pathetic, one was thriving; naturally, Sha Chou chose the prosperous one.

When Lin Feng heard those stories, he was stupefied. Tian Dao Yuan and the Tian Ji Sect had a long common history. Their two ancestors were biological brothers?

He understood Sha Chou’s decision now. Why would Sha Chou choose the fallen, unstable sect? The Tian Ji Sect’s situation was great, so why not join them, especially that they had common ancestors?

Sha Chou’s decision was correct, and the second leader of Tian Dao Yuan was to blame. It was the young genius the Ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan had chosen, but at the same time, his son had died, so he had had no choice.

The situation was similar these days.

Lin Feng despised the second leader for what he had done, but he was already dead. It was the past, and now Lin Feng was the new leader. He didn’t want to be like the second leader, but at the same time he also knew that the first leader was the Ancestor’s only son and ever since the second leader, the leader was also called the Master of Tian Dao Yuan.

Sha Chou watched Lin Feng. He had told Lin Feng everything he needed to tell him, so now Lin Feng just had to make a decision. Sha Chou was excited. Even though he didn’t have much to do with Tian Dao Yuan anymore, since his Ancestor had created it, he didn’t want it to collapse. He wished Tian Dao Yuan the best.

Regarding the oath from the ancient times, Sha Chou intended to try and convince his fellow disciple, the Patriarch, to let it go, and to reestablish good relations with Tian Dao Yuan.

Of course, the probability it would work wasn’t high. That fellow disciple didn’t even know him. Sha Chou felt awkward when thinking about that.

Lin Feng looked at Sha Chou, then out of the window at Tian Dao Yuan. He could see Ancestor Kong, Supreme God Zi Dian, and Fa Duo still on his knees; all those familiar faces outside.

In the end, Lin Feng made a decision. It didn’t matter whether Tian Dao Yuan wasn’t good to him, whether they had all plotted against him and used him, or whether Ancestor Kong had brought him back to life for his plot. In the end, Lin Feng felt grateful to Supreme God Zi Dian.

Lin Feng couldn’t really abandon Tian Dao Yuan… and he would also obtain an incredible legacy. He knew he needed that legacy.

If he didn’t take risks, how could he progress?

“Call them in,” Lin Feng said calmly. He sighed and went back to sit on the throne.

Sha Chou smiled. He knew that Lin Feng had made the right decision. After everything Sha Chou had said, it wasn’t surprising.

Sha Chou acted as Lin Feng’s messenger this time. He walked over to the window and called everyone in. Lin Qiong Sheng also rushed over.

Everybody entered the great hall and looked at Lin Feng respectfully. Nobody spoke. They were all nervous. They couldn’t wait to hear Lin Feng’s decision.

Lin Feng looked at them; the elders, the Dhammapalas, and the disciples of Tian Dao Yuan. They all looked grave and solemn.

“I just want to ask you one thing,” Lin Feng began, looking at everybody icily.

Everybody was surprised. They all glanced at one another. In the end, Dao Cheng Zi walked to the front. The Old Servant was dead, so now Dao Cheng Zi was the strongest cultivator of Tian Dao Yuan. He also represented all the Supreme Elders.

“Please ask your question, Master,” Dao Cheng Zi said nervously. He was afraid Lin Feng was going to say he wanted to leave Tian Dao Yuan. He looked scared, and not like a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng glanced at him and asked indifferently, “Who has the highest rank in Tian Dao Yuan?”

“You, of course, Master; the leader.” replied Dao Cheng Zi without any hesitation.

“Tian Dao Yuan has fallen; do you now realize that?”

“Of course. Such things shouldn’t happen.”

“Who has the highest position?” asked Lin Feng again.

“You, Master,” replied Dao Cheng Zi again respectfully. He was excited when he heard Lin Feng’s questions because it meant that… he had decided to stay!

“Since I have the highest rank and I am your Master, will anyone dare betray me again?” asked Lin Feng grimly. It was his final question.

Dao Cheng Zi looked happy. Lin Feng wasn’t going to leave them!

“Nobody. If anyone dares betray you, I will never forgive them!” said Dao Cheng Zi. He had just taken an oath. Everybody paled when they heard him.

However, when Ancestor Kong and the others heard Lin Feng, they were relieved. Their leader wasn’t going to abandon them!

Everybody was happy. Only Lin Qiong Sheng was worried, but his father had made a decision and nobody could make him change his mind.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded at everybody. “I think that Tian Dao Yuan will rise again; it will be splendid and glorious like long ago. I don’t think there will be more inner conflicts.

“I trust you. I hope you also all trust me. I hope we can work together to make Tian Dao Yuan rise again. What do you all think?” asked Lin Feng, smiling patiently. He spoke neither too loud nor too fast, so that everybody could hear him properly. The disciples of Tian Dao Yuan suddenly felt excited, their hearts were filled with ardor.

What a wonderful leader!

“Long live our Leader! I will follow you until the end of my life!”

“Our leader is our god! He will make us the most powerful group in the world!”

“Nobody will ever dare disobey our Master!”

“Master, I will always be with you, until I die!” shouted all the disciples of Tian Dao Yuan suddenly with excitement and enthusiasm. The atmosphere became lively and joyful.

Dao Cheng Zi was happy. Ancestor Kong, who had reincarnated five times, was also extremely happy. He remembered the good old days when they were all young. At that moment, they also cheered and looked young again.

What a happy moment!

Dao Cheng Zi and Ancestor Kong glanced at each other. Tian Dao Yuan was destined to become glorious again.

Lin Feng would become their second Ancestor!

Lin Feng always meant what he said!

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