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Chapter 957: Ancestor’s Legacy?


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It was still night when someone knocked at Lin Feng’s door. Lin Feng hadn’t slept, he had been thinking all night. He regretted a few things he had told his son. He felt like he had been a bit too harsh, and he hoped Lin Qiong Sheng didn’t feel sad.

Lin Feng shook his head. Why had he gotten angry at his son?

Lin Feng sighed, then walked to the door and opened it. It was Sha Chou. Lin Feng wasn’t very surprised to see him.

“Sit down,” Lin Feng said indifferently, turning around but Sha Chou grabbed his arm. Lin Feng’s expression froze.

“We don’t have time. Come with me,” Sha Chou said solemnly. He turned and flew away. Lin Feng understood where Sha Chou was bringing him.

Lin Feng followed Sha Chou closely. Sha Chou looked grim, as if something serious had happened. Lin Feng had no time to ask him.


Half an hour later, Lin Feng and Sha Chou landed on a field. Sha Chou pointed to an empty field where there was no building and nobody.

On the other side were small buildings, Lin Feng could see Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Fu Zi, Ancestor Kong, Supreme God Zi Dian, and the other Dhammapalas there. Apart from them, there were also some important elders and outstanding disciples.

When those disciples saw Lin Feng, they looked at him with admiration and respect.

Sha Chou walked over to Dao Cheng Zi. Lin Feng was in the front. He looked at a strange building. There was a gigantic pillar, hundreds of meters high, colored cyan. Unintelligible words were written on the side of it.

The script wasn’t in the translation book Supreme God Zi Dian had given to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng noticed Lin Qiong Sheng in a corner. His son didn’t dare stand in the front. Lin Feng felt even more guilty. He shouldn’t have talked to his son like that…

But he had already done it, so it was useless to regret.

“Master, please go in,” said Dao Cheng Zi respectfully. He bowed hand over fist and pointed to the gigantic pillar.

“This is where I get the Ancestor’s legacy?” asked Lin Feng. He had already guessed, but he wanted to make sure.

“It’s the test, Master; you need to pass the test to be able to receive the Ancestor’s legacy. Back then, three out of the four previous leaders failed,” Dao Cheng Zi informed him. He didn’t hide anything from Lin Feng anymore. Tian Dao Yuan was unified.

When Lin Feng heard that, he felt the pressure. He had to pass a test to receive the Ancestor’s legacy? It probably wasn’t going to be easy. And three people had failed before him…

“What about the one who passed the test?” asked Lin Feng.

“No. He gave up,” said Dao Cheng Zi, shaking his head. Lin Feng thought it was even worse than he thought; three had failed and one had given up!

“What if I fail to receive the legacy?” asked Lin Feng straightforwardly.

As expected, when Lin Feng asked that, Dao Cheng Zi, Ancestor Kong and the others all looked hesitant. They didn’t know what to say.

“What? Is there a problem?” asked Lin Feng, frowning grimly.

Dao Cheng Zi shook his head hastily and said, “Master, if you fail, you will definitely have to fight against the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect. You will have no choice.”

“Oh? So not only do I receive the Ancestor’s legacy if I succeed, but it will also determine whether I have to fight the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect to death or not in the future?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

Dao Cheng Zi nodded. Back then, three people had failed, so they had had to fight against the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect after breaking through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer. In the end they had died. The one who had given up had also had to fight, and he had died.

Now, Lin Feng’s future was in his own hands. He couldn’t fail.

Lin Feng realized how important this test was. It wasn’t a joke.

“How strong was the Ancestor?” asked Lin Feng, before going into the pillar.

“Top of the eighth Godly Emperor layer. Before dying, he had just broken through to the Half-Supreme God layer,” replied Dao Cheng Zi honestly. That was extremely low.

But he was still the Ancestor.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was astonished, but then he quickly understood something. Dao Cheng Zi and the others were cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, so millions of years ago, they had the strength of the Godly Emperor layer.

The most important thing was how strong people were back then; the Ancestor may have only been eight hundred years older than the others.

However, with that kind of strength, he had founded Tian Dao Yuan. Before dying, he hadn’t even broken through to the first Supreme God layer.

But that kind of strength was just…

Lin Feng stopped thinking and walked into the pillar-building and disappeared from everybody’s field of vision.


Dao Cheng Zi and the others clenched their fists nervously, and yet a bit excitedly.

I wonder if he will succeed, thought Sha Chou.

Dao Cheng Zi and Dao Fu Zi looked at the pillar nervously. Nobody spoke. They could hear the leaves rustle in the wind.

Ancestor Kong’s heart was pounding. Lin Feng was their fifth leader, and he was the one who had chosen him. He hoped Lin Feng would be lucky and skilled enough to pass the test.


Lin Feng entered the pillar. It was dark outside and he could hear water dripping around him. It also sounded as if there was a river beneath him.

Lin Feng activated his godly aura to see around him. As expected, there was a river underground and water kept dripping from the ceiling.

Lin Feng saw a ten-meter wide corridor. The walls were wet. The water of the river was red like fire, but it wasn’t warm at all. It was ice-cold.

Lin Feng walked into the corridor. He thought it was flat inside but there were actually flights of stairs everywhere. Lin Feng went down.

Lin Feng quickly arrived in the depths of the underground palace. He guessed that he was about one thousand meters underground.

The river had already disappeared, but red drops of water still shone and flowed down the walls. There were liverwort marks on the walls about forty centimeters thick. Inside was magma.

Lin Feng didn’t notice anything wrong, so he continued walking.

Ten minutes later, Lin Feng stopped again, a few exits before him. There was a coffin in front of all of them. In front of the coffins were gigantic gravestones. They were a hundred meters high, huge letters were written on them. Lin Feng read the first one.


Tan Zi Ming, second Yuan Leader or leader of Tian Dao Yuan. Long ago, Tian Dao Yuan was as powerful as the Tian Ji Sect and they were friends. But then Tan Zi Ming took an oath to fight against the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect to the death, and all the successive leaders would have to do the same. the relations between the Tian Ji Sect and Tian Dao Yuan deteriorated. Because of him, when a leader of Tian Dao Yuan breaks through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, they have to fight against the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect.

The winners lives. The losers dies.

Lin Feng continued reading the text on the gravestone. He was infuriated. Because of Tan Zi Ming, Tian Dao Yuan had almost completely collapsed. Now, they were weak. Because of him, a series of leaders had died for no reason.

Pay your respects, young people.

That was the last sentence of the gravestone. When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled icily.

“Pay my respects to you? It’d already be kind of me if I didn’t destroy your coffin!” Lin Feng spat, smiling icily. Then he stopped reading the gravestone and walked away. However, when he walked away, the words on the gravestone became blood-red and flashed for a microsecond.


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