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Chapter 958: Souls!


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Lin Ou, First Master after the second Yuan Leader. Nothing much happened during his reign, but he died painfully, killed by the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect when he was only a hundred thousand years old!

Lin Feng started reading the second gravestone. He felt some compassion for Lin Ou. If Lin Feng wasn’t mistaken, Lin Ou was the first person Ancestor Kong had found after reincarnating once… and the first leader to suffer a violent death because of Tan Zi Ming’s stupid oath.

Lin Feng sighed sadly, but he quickly forgot about it. It was the past.

Chen Cheng, Second Master. He didn’t do too much, either. The Old Servant used him as a puppet because he was a weakling and afraid of everything. When he broke through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect destroyed him.

Shang Guan Si Yue, Third Master. Under his reign, Dao Cheng Zi and the Dao Branch grew more powerful. The Tian Branch lost power. When he broke through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he fought against the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, but was spared. Shang Guan Si Yue came back severely injured, his life expectancy decreased to a hundred thousand years.

Lin Feng read all the gravestones. All the Masters had had horrible lives, and they had all died because of the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, Lin Qiong Sheng’s teacher.

Lin Feng was curious about the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect now. What kind of person could be so cruel? On top of that, why did he care so much about the old agreement he had with the second Yuan leader?

Lin Feng looked at the last gravestone, and was astonished because it had no name. It was empty. It didn’t introduce the fourth person.

There were four Masters before me. I can’t be wrong, so why is his gravestone blank?, Lin Feng thought curiously.

“Lin Feng, aren’t the gravestones written by their successors each time?” Zu Ti spoke up.

Lin Feng was surprised when he heard that. He looked at the gravestones and finally nodded.

Indeed, that was an explanation. Lin Ou had written the content of Tan Zi Ming’s gravestone. Chen Cheng had written the content of Lin Ou’s gravestone.

Then, Shang Guan Si Yue had written the content of Chen Cheng’s gravestone. The fourth Master had written the content of Shang Guan Si Yue’s gravestone, but what was the name of the fourth Master? Lin Feng didn’t know.

However, Lin Feng knew that if he wasn’t mistaken, he had to write the content of the fourth gravestone, because he was the fifth Master. He just didn’t know anything about the fourth Master.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng walked back to the fourth gravestone and looked at the gigantic coffin. He looked for something written on the coffin. Usually there was something written on the front of a coffin.

Lin Feng looked for a long time and finally found an introduction of the fourth Master.

Shi Si Ming, fourth Master. Life expectancy, a hundred thousand years. He didn’t break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer before dying, but he was also killed by the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect. The Patriarch actually crushed him to mush.

Under Shi Si Ming’s reign, Tian Dao Yuan had started to recover, but because the Patriarch destroyed him, all that had been achieved was spoiled.

Poor guy, thought Lin Feng. The fourth Master had been destroyed as well. All those masters had died because of the second leader’s agreement. Shi Si Ming didn’t want to participate in that stupid challenge, but he had still ended up being killed.

Lin Feng shook his head and walked back to the gravestone. Zu Ti told him what he should write, the content was similar to the other gravestones.

Lin Feng glanced to the side. There was space for another coffin, his own. When he saw that, he grinned. He would never rest in peace there!

If Lin Feng broke through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, it would be the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect who would have to be careful. Hehe. He would have to pay the price for killing all those people!

Lin Feng didn’t idolize the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect like his son. Even better, he wanted to kill the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect to show his son his father was stronger!

He wanted his son to think he was the best cultivator in the world!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s eyes filled with killing intent. Before Lin Feng’s ice-cold Qi, the whole underground palace turned ice-cold. The water froze on the walls.

Lin Feng was lost in thought for a few seconds, before turning to go through the door behind Tan Zi Ming’s coffin. Because of that fool, four people had died; Lin Feng wished he could destroy his coffin!

But he controlled his anger, and crossed the door behind Tang Zi Ming’s coffin. He was stupefied when he arrived in the other room.

There were souls here!

“So, you’re the fifth Master?” asked the four souls at the same time. Their voices were thin, like ghosts. It was quite scary. Even Lin Feng’s hair bristled when their voices created a cold breeze.

Lin Feng studied them alertly. “You are…?”

“We are the four Masters. Your predecessors,” replied the four souls at the same time.

Lin Feng was astonished. Even though he had already guessed, it was scary to hear it from them.

“Your souls were destroyed after you died?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“No. The Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect just destroyed our bodies, but let our souls leave. He took our soul jewels, so we can’t return to life,” said a handsome, humble, and modest man. He looked different from the others, slimmer too. His Qi was soft, like a scholar’s Qi.

Lin Feng looked at him and guessed it was Chen Cheng, the second Master, because he matched the description on Chen Cheng’s gravestone. He looked weak and shy.

“Why don’t you leave if your souls aren’t destroyed?” pressed Lin Feng curiously.

The four souls glanced at each other helplessly. They all looked at the oldest soul at the end. The old man drifted to the front.

“Hello, I am Shang Guan Si Yue, the third Master,” said the old man.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled, “I am Lin Feng. I’ve been the fifth Master for a short time.”

“You read the descriptions on our gravestones, so you know the Tian Ji Sect and Tian Dao Yuan are enemies, right?” Shang Guan Si Yue asked.

Lin Feng nodded. Then he pointed to Tan Zi Ming’s coffin, which was right outside the room’s door. “Everything is because of him, right?” asked Lin Feng flatly.

“Indeed, because of him, we all died. We hate him so much!” cursed Shang Guan Si Yue ferociously. His eyes were filled with murder.

All the souls looked furious, even Chen Cheng!

It was normal that they hated him. If Tan Zi Ming hadn’t made a stupid agreement, the Masters following him wouldn’t have died.

Lin Feng had doubts though. Was Tan Zi Ming the leader of Tian Dao Yuan back in the days, or an enemy of Tian Dao Yuan? Why had he done something that harmed Tian Dao Yuan so badly?

“By the way, you didn’t reply. Why don’t you leave?” asked Lin Feng, coming back to his senses.

“The only way for us to go out would be if you broke Tan Zi Ming’s coffin,” answered Shang Guan Si Yue, looking at Tan Zi Ming’s coffin furiously.

When Lin Feng heard that, his expression hardened. Was Shang Guan Si Yue trying to use him to get his revenge?

But Zu Ti spoke to Lin Feng telepathically and told him he could trust him, so Lin Feng believed him.

Zu Ti told Lin Feng that the coffin of Tan Zi Ming was actually the seal of the underground palace. Destroying it was the only way of destroying the seal which prevented the four souls from leaving.

Lin Feng trusted Zu Ti, especially since he was so familiar with graves!

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