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Chapter 960: Tan Zi Ming’s Soul!


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“Thank you for your hard work, little friend,” said the four grateful souls after a long time.

Shi Si Ming was very pleased. He gave Lin Feng a thumbs-up to say thank you. Lin Feng didn’t know it, but it was the first time Shi Si Ming ever gave someone a thumbs-up!

“What was your name again, little friend?” asked Shang Guan Si Yue, smiling widely.

“My name is Lin Feng!” Lin Feng replied, bowing hand over fist and smiling. The four souls were old, after all, and they used to be cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. They had more experience than him in all aspects.

“Lin Feng, you are stronger than us,” admitted Chen Cheng in a trembling voice. Lin Ou looked at him angrily. Chen Cheng was a weakling. He was very much unlike most cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. He should have been a scholar.

“You’re flattering me. You all tried to destroy the coffin, so it wasn’t as resistant as before. It wasn’t difficult. It’s like drinking; you need a thousand glasses to get drunk, but if you haven’t had nine hundred and ninety-nine glasses before, then how can you get drunk?

“So, Masters, don’t flatter me. It was teamwork,” Lin Feng responded, bowing hand over fist.

The four souls were happy to hear that. What a humble young man! They liked him. He was a good new Master.

“Little boy, a bright future awaits you. You will become extremely strong, even stronger than us,” prophesied Shang Guan resolutely.

“After you break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, you will not be like us; you will manage to kill the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect. We have no doubt about that,” agreed Si Yue seriously.

“You’re thinking too highly of me. The Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect already has the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer,” Lin Feng smiled wryly.

The four souls laughed. Lin Feng was startled.

“What? Aren’t you surprised?” asked Lin Feng.

“Haha! Why would we be surprised? Do you really think that the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect has always been the same?” Shi Si Ming grinned.

Lin Feng looked at Shi Si Ming and realized something. His expression suddenly changed.

“What you mean is that the Patriarch I’m going to fight against, and the Patriarch you fought against, aren’t the same person?” Lin Feng asked quickly.

“Of course not. When I fought against the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, it was five hundred thousand years ago. Back then, the Patriarch was called Tian Yan Zi.”

“When I was the second Master and fought against him, it was Tian Gui Zi.”

“When I was the third Master and fought against him, it was Tian Feng Zi.”

“When I was the fourth Master and fought against him, it was Tian Feng Zi, too.”

The four souls told Lin Feng the names of the different Patriarchs they had fought against. However, what Lin Feng understood was that each time, the Patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect was always stronger.

But Lin Feng also noticed that the last two Masters had fought against the same Patriarch, Tian Feng Zi, so Tian Feng Zi might also be Lin Qiong Sheng’s teacher.

But he couldn’t be sure. He would need to ask his son.

Now, Lin Feng had taken care of Tan Zi Ming’s coffin. He didn’t see any corpse, though. Apart from a few items, he found nothing in the coffin.

Lin Feng looked around, but he couldn’t see Tan Zi Ming’s corpse anywhere. The four souls looked at Lin Feng.

The atmosphere darkened when they also realized that Tan Zi Ming’s corpse wasn’t in there. How was that possible?

Everybody had a bad feeling. Had Tan Zi Ming played another trick on them? They had been imprisoned in this place for such a long time because of him, and now they couldn’t find him anywhere?

“What’s going on?” asked Shang Guan Si Yue. Their own bodies were in their coffins, so where was Tan Zi Ming’s corpse? There were two options: Tan Zi Ming wasn’t dead, or his corpse was somewhere else!

But they didn’t understand, because Lin Ou was the First Master. He had become the leader right after Tan Zi Ming and back then, he had seen Tan Zi Ming’s skeleton in the coffin.

But now the skeleton had disappeared. It couldn’t have decomposed; they were Great Supreme Gods. Even if it had decomposed, his clothes would have remained.

Strange… and infuriating. Lin Feng remained silent, but he knew there was something fishy going on.

“Lin Feng, destroy his gravestone.” shouted Shang Guan Si Yue in righteous anger.

Lin Feng nodded and got ready to destroy the gravestone with the Sword of Remote Times.

At that moment, something happened. Lin Feng saw something blurry and then a silhouette appeared a hundred meters away from him. Nobody had time to react, it was so sudden.

Bam! Lin Feng had a painful sensation in his left arm, as if it had been cut. The Sword of Remote Times was struck, but Lin Feng held onto it firmly.

Even so, Lin Feng’s meridians were injured. Lin Feng coughed. Shang Guan Si Yue and Shi Si Ming supported him by the arms.

The four souls looked at the silhouette which had just appeared angrily. It was a soul, just like them!

“Little boy, you should think before acting!” shouted the soul explosively.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and lifted the Sword of Remote Times. The sword had already stopped shaking, but not Lin Feng’s heart. If he wasn’t mistaken, this soul was Tan Zi Ming!

He was wearing a blue robe and very skinny. His face looked completely dry, but his expression was sharp and sinister.

The four souls glared at Tan Zi Ming ferociously. They wanted to crush his skeleton into dust.

The atmosphere became tense and icy cold.

Tan Zi Ming looked at Lin Feng grimly. Lin Feng was the only human there.

“Little boy, you’re quite tough, huh? You destroyed my coffin and the seal, and now you want to destroy my gravestone? Don’t you think you’re going too far?” spat Tan Zi Ming.

Lin Feng grinned mockingly and replied, “In comparison to what you did back then, I think it’s nothing.”

He sounded firm and fearless. He didn’t give this ancient fool any face, either.

When Tan Zi Ming heard that, he was surprised, but then he smiled. “Hehe, you’re all angry because of the oath, huh?” he sneered at them.

“Angry? You mean furious! We hate you!” shouted Lin Ou icily. He was the only one who had ever seen Tan Zi Ming when he was still alive, but back then he was still young.

Now, however, he didn’t fear him anymore. He had died because of him; why would he fear him?

The atmosphere became ever gloomier. They wanted to destroy Tan Zi Ming’s soul. Lin Feng just looked at him mockingly.

As Lin Feng saw it, Tan Zi Ming could be as strong as he wished, but he was just a soul, and a soul wasn’t qualified to be proud and arrogant!


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