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Chapter 961: Confrontation!


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“When I was the leader of Tian Dao Yuan, nobody disobeyed me. No matter what I did or promised, people listened to me!” said Tan Zi Ming smiling smugly. He didn’t think he had done anything wrong, and even if he had, he didn’t think anyone could contradict him.

Tan Zi Ming was confident. He looked at the four other souls icily. The four other souls were furious. So they hadn’t died because of him?! Because of whom, then?! Why didn’t Tan Zi Ming admit he had made a mistake?!

“Hehe, what’s with the face? You scumbag! You’re really different from the others!” Lin Feng mocked him. Tan Zi Ming still acted as if he hadn’t done anything wrong? He even relied on his status as former leader to tell the others they weren’t qualified to talk to or about him?!

Tan Zi Ming really thought that way. He didn’t think he had ever made a mistake and even worse, he made fun of people. It was very easy to imagine that he had probably offended many, many people in his life.

The four souls there were examples; especially since they had died because of him… Who else could they settle accounts with?

“Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? Back in the days, when I took the oath, it was because I was the winner!

“Back then, the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect couldn’t pose a threat to me whatsoever. I crushed him like a little ant. It was so easy. You can only blame yourselves because you were too weak and got killed. Hehe, the reason why I took that oath was to make Tian Dao Yuan stronger!

“Hehe, but you are a bunch of pieces of trash. When I saw your corpses being brought into this grave, I was so disappointed. Poor little fools.

“I wonder who chose you, you pieces of trash. You are weaklings, so you want to release your anger on me? What kind of principle is that? Your name is Lin Feng, right? You are the only person alive here. Let me ask you something; now that you have heard what I had to say, don’t you think I was right?” babbled Tan Zi Ming.

He had just scolded the four other souls, who were astonished. They all started doubting themselves. Were they really just too weak? Had they deserved to die? Had they made Tian Dao Yuan lose face?

Lin Feng had listened carefully. What Tan Zi Ming had said seemed legitimate. However, Lin Feng thought it was ridiculous. Indeed, Tan Zi Ming used to be extremely strong, but Lin Feng only admired him for his ability to change the topic.

“Haha! Hahahaha!” Tan Zi Ming smiled in satisfaction while everybody looked thoughtful, thinking he had won the argument already. At the same time, Lin Feng burst into laughter. He was extremely loud.

Everybody came back to their senses and looked at Lin Feng curiously. Why was he laughing? Had Tan Zi Ming said something wrong?

Tan Zi Ming looked at him unhappily. Lin Feng was difficult to manipulate. However, Tan Zi Ming glared at him and demanded, “Why are you laughing? Did I say anything wrong?” He was confident he had said nothing wrong.

However, Lin Feng didn’t understand why he felt so confident. What Tan Zi Ming had said was just bullshit!

“Of course you’re wrong, so wrong!” Lin Feng exclaimed. He didn’t give Tan Zi Ming any face at all. Tan Zi Ming looked at him even more glumly.

“So, what did I say wrong?” Tan Zi Ming demanded furiously. If he weren’t a soul, he would have punched Lin Feng. With the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God, he would have crushed this little fool of the first Great Supreme God layer in one punch like an ant.

“You really want me to say it?” Lin Feng laughed.

“Of course! Give me an explanation!” Tan Zi Ming insisted resolutely.

Lin Feng nodded coldly. Since Tan Zi Ming wanted him to talk, why not? The four souls listened carefully.

“First, you say you won against the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, but if you really defeated him, how did you die?

“Second, you changed the topic. I don’t think your oath was a good idea. If you had wanted to oppress the Tian Ji Sect, you would have oppressed them, but you forgot something, and you four also forgot a fundamental issue,” Lin Feng added to the four other souls.

They looked at Lin Feng curiously, especially Lin Ou.

“The most fundamental issue is that Tan Zi Ming is Tan Zi Ming, you were you. Tan Zi Ming can’t represent you, and he couldn’t make a decision for your future.

“Back then, he was the leader of Tian Dao Yuan, yes, but he should have cared about his own generation, not the following ones. Who is entitled to decide what will be good for the next generations?

“You gambled, but you knew it could go wrong in the future; do you think that was a good idea? Do you think that as a leader, you can make a decision for all the leaders who will replace you?”

“There are stronger and weaker leaders, that’s normal. The patriarchs of the Tian Ji Sect keep changing as well. Some of them are stronger. Some of them are weaker. But you didn’t do that for the well-being of Tian Dao Yuan. You wanted to destroy Tian Dao Yuan.

“Actually, you almost destroyed Tian Dao Yuan. After you, Tian Dao Yuan kept weakening and weakening. You think you helped Tian Dao Yuan?

“You are an offender in my eyes!

“Shi Si Ming, Shang Guan Si Yue, Chen Cheng and Lin Ou were more qualified than you as leaders of Tian Dao Yuan. They sacrificed their lives for the well-being of the sect and their successors, and they died because of you, because of one sentence you said!

“So, did I say anything wrong?” Lin Feng shouted angrily. He was the new leader. He could do like Tan Zi Ming, he could also scold and blame others. But it wasn’t enough for him.

“You are an offender. I am not qualified to comment on your actions. The disciples of Tian Dao Yuan are.

“Should we make them come here? Then you could ask them what they think of you, hah?” Lin Feng suggested coldly.

Tan Zi Ming was stupefied. He had thought he had managed to make everybody feel guilty. He had thought they wouldn’t blame him for their deaths anymore.

But Lin Feng had ruined his plan.

Lin Feng was right, Tan Zi Ming was an offender. Even though they had lost and died, they had sacrificed their lives for Tian Dao Yuan. They were better than him.

Now, they were confident again, and weren’t feeling guilty anymore. Not only that, but the four people glared at Tan Zi Ming furiously again. They wanted to destroy his soul!

The atmosphere became tense and silent again. The four souls looked at Tan Zi Ming darkly, while Lin Feng looked indifferent.


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