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Chapter 962: You Shouldn’t Exist in This World!


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“Lin Feng, you traveled so much. They chose you as their new leader, you must be outstanding. Can’t you be indulgent? Why do you need to attack me like this? Will it make you feel better about yourself? Why do you hate me that much?

“Even if they died because of me, you’re still alive, aren’t you? You can leave Tian Dao Yuan whenever you want. Nobody is forcing you to stay.

“But I’m warning you, if you piss me off again, you’ll regret it! I don’t have a good temper!” shouted Tan Zi Ming vehemently. He had to control himself, otherwise he would attack Lin Feng. He was just a soul and had no physical body, but he could easily crush a cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer like Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng heard Tan Zi Ming, he understood Tan Zi Ming was threatening him, but he just grinned. “I’m sorry, I’ve always been like this. No matter how strong or weak people who contradict me are, I always destroy them or make them submit.

“People who support me are not just acquaintances to me, they are friends and sometimes I even consider them relatives.

“I never let anyone threaten or humiliate me. Tan Zi Ming, you think you’re still the same glorious fighter as back in the days?” Lin Feng taunted him. Lin Feng slapped Tan Zi Ming in the face violently. When the others heard that loud and clear sound, they were astonished.

Lin Ou’s expression suddenly changed. Lin Feng was extremely aggressive and bold! Lin Ou admired him already. Compared to Tan Zi Ming, he was a real hero!

Chen Cheng paled. He was afraid, but he admired Lin Feng. He regretted that he wasn’t like that back in the days.

He had managed to break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer back then, but he wasn’t courageous and aggressive like Lin Feng.

Shang Guan Si Yue felt lucky that Lin Feng hadn’t noticed he wanted to kill him at the beginning; having Lin Feng as an enemy would have been unfortunate.

The four souls were delighted, but Tan Zi Ming was furious. He just wanted to kill Lin Feng, the little bastard!

He couldn’t stand it when people disrespected him. He wasn’t used to it.

Tan Zi Ming’s eyes filled with murder. The four other souls paled.

If Tan Zi Ming’s soul collided with them, they would probably disperse and vanish. Tan Zi Ming had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, they only had the strength of the fifth!

Lin Feng’s soul felt painful at that moment, but it was extremely powerful so when he felt the pain, he was excited and not afraid at all.

Besides, a soul without a body could only use soul strength. Lin Feng could rely on his Genesis Spiritual strength, so he didn’t need to fear a soul.

“Lin Feng, admit you were wrong and apologize, if you do, I will let you off. You’re the new Master after all. I don’t want to make Tian Dao Yuan fall again!” stated Tan Zi Ming icily, releasing more soul strength. He wanted to force Lin Feng to submit.

However, Lin Feng grit his teeth and resisted. He was in a difficult position. His soul was on the verge of exploding and dispersing, but he had trump cards, such as his spirit world!

With his spirit world and Genesis Spiritual body, he could attack Tan Zi Ming and make him become much weaker. That’s why he wasn’t afraid at all.

“I will never apologize to you, not in this life, and not in the next one,” Lin Feng promised evenly.

When Tan Zi Ming heard that, he looked glum, then smiled icily and nodded, “Hehe, good, very good; you’ve got balls, little boy, huh? Since it’s that way, you can’t blame me for being merciless. When you’re dead, they will find a new leader.

“But in the history of Tian Dao Yuan, your death will be the most pathetic one, because you won’t have been killed by the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, but by me,” Tan Zi Ming hissed ferociously while smiling coldly. He was confident that as a soul of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, he could kill a living human of the first Great Supreme God layer.

After he said that, Qi started whistling. It was extremely sharp. The four souls looked grim. Tan Zi Ming had died, but he was still despicable!

Lin Feng just grinned cheerfully and said casually, “I just want to say one thing, just one thing.”

“What?” Tan Zi Ming frowned. He was excited because he thought Lin Feng was going to apologize. He didn’t mind forgiving Lin Feng if he apologized.

Lin Feng smiled, knowing what Tan Zi Ming was thinking.

“What I want to say is, you shouldn’t exist in this world, you’re a scumbag. Apart from destroying your soul, there is nothing else to do to punish you for your crimes and sins. Therefore, I will destroy you, and you will never be in this world again!” Lin Feng proclaimed, his smile cold, calm, and serene.

Tan Zi Ming was astonished by Lin Feng’s boldness for a few seconds, but then sneered at him disdainfully.

“You want to destroy my soul? How?” said Tan Zi Ming. Lin Feng was just a tiny little cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer. Tan Zi Ming thought he could destroy Lin Feng in the blink of an eye.

He found Lin Feng ridiculous!

But Lin Feng didn’t joke. He held up the Sword of Remote Times. Tan Zi Ming finally realized that Lin Feng wasn’t joking. He really wanted to destroy him.

“You want to die! I will kill you!” shouted Tan Zi Ming. He raised his ghostly hand and stretched it out towards Lin Feng.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng was still unmoved. He glanced at the four souls behind him and nodded calmly.

The four souls were surprised, but they immediately understood what Lin Feng meant. They closed their eyes, raised their arms, and suddenly, soul strength started rotating above Lin Feng’s head and then enveloped him.

Lin Feng’s soul suddenly became extremely powerful. He now had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. It felt as if he were in a dream. Having the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer was completely different from having the strength of the sixth.

At that moment, Lin Feng felt like a god who could ruler over the entire Continent of Eternity.

Lin Feng almost laughed when he thought about that, but it wasn’t the right time to daydream. He raised his arms; holding the Sword of Remote Times in his left hand, he had the soul strength condense with Genesis Spiritual strength and sliced out.

Lin Feng saw Tan Zi Ming, who seemed desperate and panic-stricken, looking back at him imploringly. However, it was only for a few seconds, and then he vanished forever.

“Hehe, I forgot to tell you. My cultivation level is low and my soul is weak, but the four Masters behind me hated you too. You belittled me and underestimated them. Now, they have contributed to your destruction!

“Tan Zi Ming, farewell! Your destruction was the only way to wash away your sins and offenses!”


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