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Chapter 963: Passing the Test!


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Lin Feng stood in the middle of the room, still holding the Sword of Remote Times.

Tan Zi Ming had vanished already. He would never be seen again in this world.

The four souls had helped Lin Feng, so they all looked pale and exhausted. Their souls had become extremely weak and looked like they were on the verge of dispersing.

Lin Feng looked at them. If he didn’t give them their soul strength back, he would keep the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer, which was already ninety percent of his goal.

However, he couldn’t do that, or he would never forgive himself.

Therefore, Lin Feng gave them their soul strength back. On top of that, their soul strength was much more powerful after being refined by Lin Feng’s Genesis Spiritual Body.

When the four souls got their soul strength back, they had the impression they were going to break through, but since they didn’t have physical bodies, they couldn’t.

The four men still had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, and Lin Feng still had the strength of the first. But the four souls were happy; Tan Zi Ming had been destroyed forever!

Things were getting better again. Lin Feng had destroyed Tan Zi Ming’s soul and his gravestone, so now the four souls would be able to leave!

At that moment, there were rumbling sounds, and a passage appeared in the floor.

“Lin Feng, hurry up and go in! You passed the test!” shouted Lin Ou. He was touched and happy for Lin Feng, as happy as if he had passed the test himself. Of course, the other three souls were also extremely happy for him.

The four souls had all failed the test, so they had been forced to fight against the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect because of the agreement. They were excited, as they had never seen the Ancestor’s legacy. What could it be?

So I passed the test?, thought Lin Feng curiously. The four souls were happier than Lin Feng. Lin Feng just had doubts. Destroying Tan Zi Ming’s gravestone and soul were sufficient to pass the test? How could the Ancestor have planned such a test?

Besides, the Ancestor had died before Tan Zi Ming, he couldn’t have planned that. What was going on?

The young genius the Ancestor had chosen back in the days was Tan Zi Ming, how could he do something against the young genius he had chosen? Lin Feng didn’t understand…

Lin Feng just stood aside.

“Come on! The first and second Ancestor’s coffins are down there! It’s a passage which leads to another underground chamber. What are you doing! Hurry up!” urged the four souls hastily. Lin Feng remained calm and didn’t move. They had failed the test, so they weren’t happy to see that. Why wasn’t he excited?

Lin Feng looked at them and sighed helplessly. He took a deep breath and nodded. No matter what was down there, he had to go and see…

“I broke the gravestone and the seal, you can go outside now, right?” asked Lin Feng before going into the passage.

The four souls nodded. Chen Cheng said excitedly, “Yes! We can finally leave!”

“Good, leave now then. I’m going in,” Lin Feng nodded, turning around and getting ready to jump into the dark passage.

“Wait!” shouted Shang Guan Si Yue suddenly. Lin Feng looked back at him curiously. The old man looked at Lin Feng strangely, then glanced at the passage and said, “Can you take me with you? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” He had failed the test and died. He had always regretted that. He wanted to see the Ancestor’s grave. It used to be his ultimate goal in life.

However, he had failed the test and the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect had killed him.

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised. He understood how Shang Guan Si Yue felt. The three others probably wanted to see the Ancestor’s grave as well.

As expected, after Shang Guan Si Yue asked that, the others also looked at Lin Feng imploringly.

Lin Feng looked at them and smiled wryly. Then he nodded to indicate he agreed.

“You really agree?” asked Shang Guan Si Yue gratefully.

“Yes, I agree. I can take you in. However, if something happens, you may not be able to resist and you may die. You can’t blame me if such a thing happens,” Lin Feng nodded, yet warning them.

They all agreed, especially Shang Guan Si Yue. He looked much younger suddenly, he was so happy. If he managed to see the Ancestor’s grave, he wouldn’t even mind if his soul was destroyed.

Lin Feng put the four souls in his ring and then jumped into the dark hole. Lin Feng didn’t know what  was down there, but since he was accompanied by four cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Boom! Boom! When Lin Feng landed on the floor, it sounded like someone had hit a gong. He illuminated the area with his godly aura and glanced around.

He took one step and boom! It sounded as if a gong had been struck again. Lin Feng looked down at the floor. It looked like a gong, but surprisingly it wasn’t broken, even though when Lin Feng walked, an incredible strength was emerging from his feet.

But the gong was fine, and even became brighter. The gong wasn’t that big, and ancient words were carved on it, along with images. Lin Feng also noticed godly beasts, including an azure dragon and a vermilion bird.

But the gong was also rusty, which meant it had been in there for a long time already. Apart from the rust, it was green and shiny.

Lin Feng understood that the Ancestor’s legacy would be complex. Many things were probably going to happen, but would they be good or bad was the question…

Lin Feng got ready to continue walking, but Zu Ti spoke up, “Take this gong. It’s an extraordinary item. You’ll have the opportunity to use it.”

Lin Feng nodded and put the gong in his ring. The four souls immediately saw the gong when Lin Feng put it inside. Lin Feng then continued walking while the four souls studied the gong.


Lin Feng walked for two hours. He was amazed. Was the tunnel endless?

Lin Feng decided to fly quickly. After a short time, he finally arrived at the end of the corridor and entered a palatial chamber.

There was no gate. He could go straight inside, so he did. When he arrived inside, he glanced around. Ancient words were carved on the walls. He had never seen such symbols. The script wasn’t in his translation book, which meant it was even older than Di Script.

Lin Feng glanced around. The walls were azure. The ceiling was hundreds of meters above his head. The pillars were red. Many pillars held the ceiling.

The floor of the chamber was sapphire-blue and very hard.

In the back of the room was a blood-red coffin. It was gigantic, at least five meters long, three meters wide, and eight meters high.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why the coffin was so huge; what was inside?

Lin Feng glanced around again. He saw another coffin. It was bigger than the coffin he had just noticed. It was ten meters long, five meters wide, and fifteen meters high!

The two coffins made the room look horrifying, as if ghosts could show up anytime. But Lin Feng had seen many souls in his life. He wasn’t worried.

The big one was the first Ancestor’s, and the other was the second Ancestor’s. Well, at least, Lin Feng thought they could only belong to them.

What was certain was that he was in the Ancestors’ grave.

The four souls in his ring were already happy. They kept walking back and forth. They could already see their Ancestor’s grave from inside. Now, they couldn’t wait to see what the legacy would be.

However, what did Lin Feng have to do to receive the legacy? Lin Feng didn’t know, nor did the four souls.

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