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Chapter 965: New Knowledge!


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“It’s alive! It’s alive! As I thought, it’s alive!” Lin Ou kept whispering. It was the most incredible thing he had ever seen. He knew a few things about the E-Compass, so he was really astonished.

Lin Feng looked wary. He didn’t intend to relax. On the contrary, he felt even more pressure. He had just carried out a blood ritual with the E-Compass, but he didn’t have the impression he had benefited from it at all, so he had a very bad feeling.

However, he could feel something had fused together with his soul, but it was something mysterious and tiny. It was too small, and Lin Feng couldn’t really say what it was.

The E-Compass grew more and more dazzling. Lin Ou took a few steps away and stayed dozens of meters back from Lin Feng. He was afraid of that strength.

“Lin Feng, you are probably the second Master of the E-Compass!” exclaimed Lin Ou excitedly.

Lin Feng was surprised. Why was Lin Ou so enthusiastic?

“Master, have you ever seen the E-Compass?” Lin Feng asked Lin Ou.

Lin Ou finally nodded. “Actually, I have, when I was very young. Back then, the Ancestor had changed the destiny of Tian Dao Yuan. I’ve seen it in a billion different forms. It’s an incredible treasure. It’s like a space shuttle, a meteor… it’s incredible, it even made the spiritual Qi of Tian Dao Yuan extremely powerful. After that, I never saw it again, that’s why I’m so happy,” explained Lin Ou.

Lin Feng sighed. “So the E-Compass can change the destiny of Tian Dao Yuan?” whispered Lin Feng, staring at the E-Compass in his hand. Even though he had dropped blood on it, the E-Compass hadn’t changed. It was just more dazzling.

“Lin Feng, can you see the marks on the E-Compass?” asked Lin Ou, frowning and trying to remember what he had seen when he was a child.

Lin Feng nodded. Of course he could see the marks. It looked like a graduation, but not with numbers, more like heavenly stems and earthly branches. Lin Feng was from the Earth, so he knew quite a lot about the Eight Trigrams, so he also knew a lot about the heavenly stems, the earthly branches, Heaven and Earth, and Water and Fire.

But the E-Compass couldn’t only be connected to the Eight Trigrams or… could it be that the E-Compass had something to do with the Earth?

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine that anything in this world could have something to do with the Earth. What would something from the Earth be doing in the world of cultivation, anyway?

“What could that progression be…?” whispered Lin Feng. He raised his head and looked at Lin Ou. If Lin Ou couldn’t help him with the E-Compass, then Lin Feng didn’t know what to do.

Lin Ou smiled wryly and shook his head helplessly. He had told Lin Feng everything already. He didn’t know anything about the scale.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He could only rely on himself now.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged, while the E-Compass floated in midair in front of him. Lin Feng looked at the progression of the heavenly stems and earthly branches, then looked around. The chamber was a thousand meters wide…

The E-Compass was circular. Lin Feng wondered whether there was a connection between the chamber and the compass.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and sensed the Qi around him. Gradually, he started grinning, then laughed. He continued sensing the Qi around him and stretched out his hand, inspecting the chamber with his godly awareness and finding some clues.

Those clues helped Lin Feng understand the connection between the great chamber and the E-Compass. Even though the great chamber was a building, the Qi of the chamber emerged from all sides and condensed in the middle. The Qi had a circular shape and movement. The center of the Qi was the E-Compass, as if it were being controlled by the great chamber. The pattern looked very logical, and wasn’t random at all.

Lin Feng opened his eyes,  couldn’t sense anything anymore. He closed them again and sensed the Qi again. In the end, Lin Feng understood he had to use his vitality strength to control it. It was a soul tool which could be controlled using pure Qi like the Sword of Remote Times.

Lin Feng stood up and took a deep breath. Even though he hadn’t learned anything useful and hadn’t found the Ancestor’s legacy, he had understood how to use the E-Compass employing vitality strength.

The progression pattern on the compass represented the ten thousand things of creation, square-shaped, circle-shaped, everything. It was the Great Tao.

Lin Feng felt much better. Even if he didn’t find the Ancestor’s legacy, it didn’t matter anymore. What could an Ancestor of the Supreme God layer bring to him? The E-Compass was great!

“Anyway, Master Lin Ou, I think we can leave,” Lin Feng said to him.

Lin Ou’s expression suddenly changed. He looked at Lin Feng curiously and asked, “What? You don’t want the legacy?”

“Nah, what could a cultivator of the Supreme God layer bring to me? I would just learn from his experience and listen to his old stories. He might even give me an incredible task and then I’d have to agree to it even if I didn’t want to, so I think I don’t need his legacy,” Lin Feng replied.

Lin Ou was speechless, and just sighed helplessly. Even though they all wanted to know what the Ancestor’s legacy would be and they all wanted to see the Ancestor’s soul, what could they do? They couldn’t force him.

“Alright, let’s go,” Lin Ou agreed. He disappeared into Lin Feng’s ring again.

Lin Feng looked at the E-Compass. It was the only thing he had obtained, but it wasn’t bad. Even though he didn’t know what the E-Compass could be used for, it was still an extraordinary item and he would find out soon enough.

Lin Feng put the E-Compass away, turned around, and started walking away.

“Lin Feng, are you really leaving?” asked Zu Ti, astonished and unhappy.

“Yes, I’m leaving,” Lin Feng confirmed.

“Lin Feng, go and look at the two coffins. You may find some clues,” said Zu Ti.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, he just replied dismissively, “I checked the coffins, there was nothing.”

“Hehe, you’re not really experienced when it comes to finding clues in graves, are you? You just checked the outside, you didn’t check the inside. If there is nothing on the outside, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing. The coffins are gigantic, don’t you wonder what is inside? Three or four corpses could be inside, right? There is nothing in the chamber, but I’m sure there’s something in the coffins,” declared Zu Ti.

Lin Feng’s heartbeat accelerated when he heard Zu Ti. He had no hope at the beginning, but now he was excited.

What could there be in that seven-meter long coffin, and in the fifteen-meter long one? It was so strange!”

“You’re right, I was too impatient,” Lin Feng sighed, tapping his head. How could he let an opportunity slip by like that?

His curiosity was definitely aroused now!

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