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Chapter 967: Translating the Ancient Texts!


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At that moment, Lin Feng was flying towards the exit. After half an hour, he finally arrived in the corridor with magma pockets on the walls.

When Lin Feng had just arrived, he was surprised to see that, but now that he had seen the passages to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, he understood why there was magma in the walls. The magma pockets were also connected to the Ocean of Flames!

Lin Feng arrived at the door and went out.

Everybody was excited when they saw Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng looked completely calm and composed. He looked neither excited nor dispirited.

Ancestor Kong and Dao Cheng Zi glanced at each other curiously. They looked at Lin Feng and wanted to ask him what had happened in there, but stopped themselves.

Lin Feng looked at the seven Dhammapalas and the three Supreme Elders and grinned. Then he turned around and left without saying anything.

The members of Tian Dao Yuan watched Lin Feng leave. Everybody was stupefied. Had he succeeded or failed? Why didn’t he tell them?

When Dao Cheng Zi saw that, he understood, so he turned around and told the disciples and ordinary elders of Tian Dao Yuan, “Everybody can disperse. Nobody is allowed to talk about what happened today. If anyone dares talk about it, they’ll be punished severely.”

“Understood!” said all the disciples and elders in unison while nodding, then quickly leaving. Only the seven Dhammapalas, the three Supreme Elders, and Lin Qiong Sheng stayed behind.

Lin Qiong Sheng chased after Lin Feng. Considering his father had left without saying anything, he understood something had happened inside.

“Let’s go and see the Master,” Dao Cheng Zi said to the others. The dozen people flew back to Tian Dao Yuan.

Lin Feng didn’t want to make a public announcement, but he had smiled at them so Dao Cheng Zi was convinced Lin Feng had a lot to tell them, However, he apparently didn’t want so many people to know what had happened.


The group flew as fast as they could. Dao Cheng Zi arrived first, Lin Qiong Sheng arrived after him, followed by the seven Dhammapalas.

Lin Feng was already seated on the main throne in the great hall and holding the E-Compass. The E-Compass didn’t flash anymore. It just looked like a normal compass.

“Masters, please come out,” Lin Feng said to the four souls. They appeared, floating in the air.

About that time, Dao Cheng Zi and the other Supreme Elders arrived. When they saw the four souls, their expressions changed drastically.

“Eh… What…?” Dao Cheng Zi was dumbstruck. He knew all of them. He had worked for all of them!

“Hehe, it has been a long time,” said Lin Ou, smiling broadly when he saw Dao Cheng Zi, Dao Xuan Zi, and Dao Fu Zi.

“Master Lin Ou?” Dao Cheng Zi was dumbstruck, gaping at the sight.

Lin Ou smiled even more resplendently and nodded, “Indeed, it’s me.”

“You… How is that possible…?” Dao Cheng Zi was awed and happy to see the former four leaders, Lin Ou, Chen Cheng, Shang Guan Si Yue and Shi Si Ming.

Even though Dao Cheng Zi was excited, he also had doubts; what were they doing there? In the end, he just looked at Lin Feng and hoped Lin Feng would explain everything to them.

Lin Qiong Sheng looked at the four souls and then at Dao Cheng Zi. He didn’t rush to speak. He waited for Lin Qiong Sheng and the seven Dhammapalas to arrive in the room. When they finally arrived, he began to speak

“Their souls were in the grave. Even though they were killed by the patriarchs of the Tian Ji Sect back in the days, their souls weren’t destroyed, but Tian Ji their soul jewels so they couldn’t resurrect. At the same time, they couldn’t leave the grave because Tan Zi Ming sealed it, and so they were stuck inside.

“When I went in, I met them, and we joined hands and destroyed Tan Zi Ming’s soul. At the same time, I also shattered his gravestone and coffin, which broke the seal, so now they’re free,” Lin Feng informed them. He was still thinking of his own issues now; the best thing might not be the Ancestor’s legacy, but the rest. For example, the four souls would be able to help Tian Dao Yuan rise again since they were extremely strong.

When the seven Dhammapalas and the Supreme Elders heard Lin Feng, they were astonished and overjoyed at the same time. Tian Dao Yuan now had four more incredible cultivators. Even though they were just souls, they were still extremely strong!

With Dao Cheng Zi and the two other Supreme Elders as well as Lin Feng, it meant Tian Dao Yuan now had eight Great Supreme Gods. That was definitely more than enough to compensate for the Old Servant’s death. They were stronger than before now!

Three cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, four cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme Gods, and a cultivator of the first Great Supreme God layer, Lin Feng! But Lin Feng was still stronger than most cultivators of the second and third Great Supreme God layers. In addition, Dao Ling was also going to break through to the Great Supreme God layer soon.

Tian Dao Yuan was now much, much stronger, and it was all thanks to Lin Feng. Without Lin Feng, all this would never have happened. They would not have had four more cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

Even better, Ancestor Kong was a specialist in resurrection, so he might be able to help the four souls resurrect at some point. With his invisible and intangible Great Tao strength, no resurrection was impossible for him.

Dao Cheng Zi took a deep breath, walking to the center of the room, and bowed hand over fist in front of Lin Feng. He asked, “Master, did you also receive the legacy?”

When he asked, everybody remained silent.

The four souls’ faces stiffened when they heard the question.

The seven Dhammapalas, the three Supreme Elders, and Lin Qiong Sheng all looked at Lin Feng. Lin Qiong Sheng hoped his father had obtained the Ancestor’s legacy, and that he had become stronger.

Lin Feng smiled and shook his head, “Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any legacy, even though I passed the test.”

“What? You didn’t see the Ancestor’s legacy?” asked Dao Cheng Zi. He was astonished and kept shaking his head. How was that possible? All the previous leaders of Tian Dao Yuan had failed to pass the test, and hadn’t obtained the legacy because of that.

However, Lin Feng had passed the test, and yet he hadn’t obtained the legacy either. Impossible! He didn’t believe it…

“Master, you should look for the legacy carefully,” suggested Dao Cheng Zi stubbornly.

Lin Feng shook his head. He understood Dao Cheng Zi. However, it seemed like the Ancestor hadn’t left any legacy. He had checked both coffins, and they were just passages to the Ocean of Flames. However, Lin Feng couldn’t let anyone else know about that, only the four former Masters and he knew. It was one of the biggest secrets of Tian Dao Yuan.

“Lin Feng, weren’t you interested in the words written in the great chamber? We aren’t from that era, but these three are,” said Shang Guan Si Yue suddenly.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was stupefied. Indeed! The former leaders didn’t know that language because they weren’t alive when the Ancestor was, but the three Supreme Elders were. Even though they were still young, they still knew how to read back then.

When Dao Cheng Zi heard Lin Feng and Shang Guan Si Yue, he was confused. What did the two want them to do?

Lin Feng stood up and said to Dao Cheng Zi, “Can you read the script which was used back when the Ancestor was alive?”

Dao Cheng Zi looked thoughtful. He nodded and said, “Yes, but not everything. The Ancestor created that script himself. I only know a few isolated words and phrases,” replied Dao Cheng Zi.

Lin Feng’s curiosity was immediately wakened. The Ancestor had created his own script? “Dao Cheng Zi, I’ll take you to the grave and you’re going to help me translate the texts inside. They might be the legacy!” Lin Feng said seriously. His eyes were filled with excitement.

When Dao Cheng Zi heard Lin Feng, he shivered at first, but then looked at him resolutely. It was an opportunity that might change the whole destiny of Tian Dao Yuan!

“Are we going now?” asked Dao Cheng Zi.

“Yes, now,” Lin Feng said nodding.

The two left the palace and flew west. Nobody followed this time!

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