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Chapter 970: Ancestor’s Last Transmission!


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Ancestor Ye Tian? That was the Ancestor’s name? Lin Feng still looked unmoved.

When Ancestor Ye Tian saw Lin Feng still looking unsurprised, he smiled and said, “Haha, little boy, I know why you aren’t shocked. Because of the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, right?”

Lin Feng nodded calmly. He thought the old man’s behavior had been inappropriate.

Ancestor Ye Tian was angry at Dao Cheng Zi for telling Lin Feng. Why had he translated the text and informed Lin Feng? Now Lin Feng didn’t understand the old man’s purpose!

“Lin Feng, Dao Cheng Zi only translated a part of my writings, he didn’t understand everything. There was a lot more that he didn’t translate,” Ancestor Ye Tian began slowly.

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed.

Ancestor Ye Tian continued, “You only know that I made the mistake of moving the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames and that it became extremely dangerous for the Continent of Eternity.

“But I want to tell you the truth. You only know a part of the story,” said Ancestor Ye Tian. He paused to remember everything clearly.

“A million years ago, I wanted to move the Lake of Fire to make Tian Dao Yuan rise even more. Living in flames is good for spiritual Qi.

“But, believe me or not, when I got ready to do that, the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect came to see me.

“He was my younger brother; his name was Ancestor Ling Tian. He asked me to put the Lake of Fire in the ground underneath the Tian Ji Sect. He thought the same as I did.

“I thought about it and divided the Lake of Fire into two. I used a fine, smooth jade stage to put the fire under it and keep it under control. That jade stage was called Qi Yang Tai.

“In the end, when I thought we were done, the members of the Ancient Dragon Sect, the Ancient Human Sect, the Ancient Tian Sect, the Three Emperors Clan, the Du Feng Clan, the Unicorn Sect, the Lei Sect, and the Thunderbolt Sect all came to Tian Dao Yuan.

“You can probably guess why,” said Ancestor Ye Tian.

Lin Feng nodded. Of course, they all had the same idea as the Tian Ji Sect. They also wanted a part of the Lake of Fire under their territories.

“Even though their request was simple, their method was despicable. They said that if I didn’t share with them, they would join hands and destroy Tian Dao Yuan. Even though Tian Dao Yuan was extremely powerful a million years ago, it couldn’t have resisted a dozen sects and clans’ simultaneous attack, so I had no choice but to agree.

“The sea of flames was thus dispersed a little bit everywhere under the Continent of Eternity… but it’s not over.

“The Tian Ji Sect was also threatened by many sects and clans; the Ancient Yan Clan and the Tai Qing Sect were the most important ones. Then there was the Ancient Demonic Clan, the Tang Long Clan, the Song Clan, the Ancient Soul Clan, the Ancient Beast Clan, and the Evil Clan.

“After that, the ground of the whole Continent of Eternity had small Lakes of Fire. At the beginning, it wasn’t an issue. But all the sects and clans had their own little plans. They all wanted to make their Lakes of Fire bigger and bigger. They all fed the Lakes with resources and as you can imagine, they grew quickly and turned into the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames.

“But nobody noticed anything at first. When we did, it was too late. A fire spirit had already been born by then, and it was extremely aggressive and explosive. It was also stronger than all of us.

“Back then, we all only had the strength of the Supreme God layer. The fire spirit already had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer. The ancient sects and clans were getting destroyed. In the end, half of them were annihilated.

“The fire spirit destroyed them all. When I realized the situation was extremely dangerous, I decided to go and negotiate with the fire spirit. I said that if he agreed to let Tian Dao Yuan off, I would give him even better fire resources.

“In the end, Tian Dao Yuan survived, but it started deteriorating. Not long after, I kicked the bucket. My only son, Ye Yang, replaced me.

“That’s the whole story, you can believe me or not, but it’s the truth,” finished Ancestor Ye Tian, looking calm and composed at that moment.

He had kept those things to himself for a million years, never having the opportunity to justify himself. Many people probably believed the world was in danger because of him.

“I believe you,” Lin Feng nodded.

Ancestor Ye Tian looked happy, but surprised that Lin Feng believed him so quickly. Actually, Lin Feng had listened carefully and he had also paid attention to the old man’s expressions as he had told his story. He had looked sad, confused, and angry, displaying what he had said was the truth.

Such details couldn’t escape Lin Feng’s perceptions!

“Thank you for believing me, Lin Feng,” said Ancestor Ye Tian, grabbing Lin Feng’s hand and shaking it. Lin Feng had a question, but the old man was so excited he didn’t want to ruin such a happy moment.

After a long time, the old man calmed down. “Ancestor, may I ask you a question?” Lin Feng asked.

Ancestor Ye Tian looked at Lin Feng and grinned. “I know what you want to ask me; why people back in the days only had the strength of the Supreme God layer, right?” guessed Ancestor Ye Tian, smiling broadly.

Lin Feng was surprised that the old man had known. He nodded, but remained silent and waited for an answer.

“Lin Feng, I lived for three hundred thousand years. When I was born, there was almost no pure Qi. There was a fierce competition between Godly Emperors. They had to compete with each other to break through to the Supreme God layer.

“Back then, the pure Qi was kind of locked away, as if the earth and the sky had been sealed.

“Then, after the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames became boundless, the pure Qi of the Continent of Eternity grew abundant. While Tan Zi Ming was alive, more and more Supreme Gods and Great Supreme Gods emerged. Over the next five hundred thousand years, people started cultivating much faster, but I’ve always wondered why nobody had ever reached higher levels nowadays.

“What’s going on? Is there something that prevents people from becoming stronger?” Ancestor Ye Tian wondered. He hoped Lin Feng could give him an answer.

Lin Feng was confused. What had happened during those five hundred thousand years?

Then he recalled what Chen Cheng had told him. The Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames had exploded once, and nearly destroyed the whole world. Could something have happened then?

“Ancestor, during the last five hundred thousand years, the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames exploded once and nearly destroyed the entire Continent of Eternity,” Lin Feng told him.

Ancestor Ye Tian suddenly understood everything, but at the same time looked sad. It was a mistake his generation had made. They had been too greedy. If they hadn’t made that mistake, things could have been different…

The old man understood the meaning of the proverb “To lift a rock, only to drop it on one’s own feet”. Sometimes, people who were too greedy and ambitious could hurt themselves, even though it didn’t look like it at the beginning.

“Alright, anyway, let’s stop thinking about that, Lin Feng. I am just a broken soul. My soul and my son’s soul have already been absorbed and burned in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. I’ll transfer my last legacy to you now. Take it,” said Ancestor Ye Tian quickly.

Ancestor Ye Tian put his hand in his mouth. A snowy-white circular object emerged from his mouth and he grasped it in his hand. He threw it at Lin Feng and shouted hastily, “Hurry up and catch it! Don’t let it escape!”

Lin Feng was extremely nervous; he jumped as fast as he could and grabbed that circular snowy white item.

As he grabbed it, his expression suddenly changed and his mouth twitched. It was ice-cold! Lin Feng’s soul almost froze!

It was tens of thousands of degrees below zero!

“What’s this?” asked Lin Feng, staring at the egg-shaped snowy white pearl.

However, the Ancestor’s broken soul had already dispersed and vanished. He couldn’t answer Lin Feng’s question.

What is this thing? 

Lin Feng stared at the white pearl. This is the Ancestor’s legacy? 


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