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Chapter 972: Qing Xin Yue was Kidnapped!


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Lin Feng smiled as he watched Chen Guang Yu. Chen Guang Yu looked glum and rather nervous. Lin Feng knew Chen Guang Yu well. If something important hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t look that way.

Lin Feng guessed that something serious had happened to the Tai Qing Sect or something may have happened to Chen Guang Yu, giving him a bad feeling.

“Leader, can I talk to you?” asked Chen Guang Yu. He wanted to talk to Lin Feng privately.

“Impossible. Speak in front of everyone. You are the representative of the Tai Qing Sect, so you think you can do whatever you wish here?” said Dao Cheng Zi icily. He didn’t want to agree Chen Guang Yu’s request.

“We don’t agree either. If you have anything to say, say it here,” insisted Lin Ou and the others. They were former leaders and they didn’t want a tiny little representative from an influential group to talk to the new Master privately. Even if Tian Dao Yuan wasn’t as powerful as back then, it wasn’t something they could agree to.

Lin Feng was initially about to agree because he knew it was important. He didn’t care about Dao Cheng Zi’s opinion, but he cared about the former four Masters’ opinions, and he didn’t want to infuriate them.

“You can speak here. If it’s not important, you can go and have a rest,” Lin Feng said firmly. Chen Guang Yu was unhappy, but when he saw Lin Feng’s strange expression, he understood something and said hastily, “Alright, I’m going to take a rest.”

“Alright, someone come here and bring the representative of the Tai Qing Sect to a good room,” Lin Feng ordered, looking at the disciples.

A disciple bowed hand over fist, and left with Chen Guang Yu.

At that moment, everybody understood that Lin Feng had done that so that he could go and see Chen Guang Yu in a room, and nobody would come and disturb them.

Dao Cheng Zi started having doubts; did Lin Feng and Chen Guang Yu know one other? He didn’t dare ask anything, as he didn’t have much influence anymore, anyway. He used to be the leader of the Dao Branch, but these days, it seemed like the disciples of Tian Dao Yuan had been brainwashed by Lin Feng. Lin Feng had more supporters than the Dao Branch and the Tian Branch had ever had!

“Alright, everybody can leave,” Lin Feng said, waving at the crowd after Chen Guang Yu left, then walking away himself. Nobody dared prevent him from leaving.

Lin Ou looked after Lin Feng and smiled wryly. It seemed like everybody had forgotten about them; they weren’t leaders anymore, and they didn’t have much influence without Lin Feng.

Lin Feng leaving right after Chen Guang Yu meant he had something in mind.

Lin Qiong Sheng looked at Lin Ou and the others silently, then left with his father. He had thought about a lot of things these days, but now he had the feeling it was time for him to leave Tian Dao Yuan.

He slowly understood that his father was both talented and influential. He also started thinking that, he really should worry about his teacher, Tian Feng Zi, more than about his father.

His father was young. His teacher already had a foot in the grave. He even started thinking that if his father and teacher fought in the future, his teacher would lose, and he might even die. His father was helping Tian Dao Yuan rise. He might even surpass the Ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan!

Thinking about that, Lin Qiong Sheng felt guilty.

“It’s time for me to say goodbye to my father,” he whispered. He quickly ran after Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng was hurrying after Chen Guang Yu. The disciple who was leading the way had already noticed their Master. He was confused; what was their Master doing?

“You can leave now, thank you for your hard work,” Lin Feng said to the disciple reassuringly when he caught up with them. The disciple hastily nodded and left. He was a bit excited, but he didn’t know why.

Chen Guang Yu looked at the disciple’s expression, understanding that the disciple admired and feared Lin Feng, just like all the other disciples of Tian Dao Yuan.

He wasn’t in the mood to chat and laugh with Lin Feng right now. He was worried about the Tai Qing Sect. The Tai Qing Sect was going through hardships and was at risk of becoming unstable.

“Chen Guang Yu, tell me what the problem is,” Lin Feng began.

Chen Guang Yu ground his teeth and took a deep breath; he had to tell Lin Feng everything. “Something happened to the Matriarch of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Xin Yue.”

“What’s wrong? Did she have an accident?” asked Lin Feng. His heart sped up when he heard that. He was worried about her.

Lin Feng didn’t know why he felt so worried, but he kept thinking of Yao Yu Yan when he thought of Qing Xin Yue, and Yao Yu Yan was like a little sister to him, so he couldn’t let anyone bully her.

Chen Guang Yu noticed the change in Lin Feng’s expression and tone, so he instantly thought that when Qing Xin Yue had said she liked Lin Feng, it wasn’t a lie.

“She was kidnapped,” admitted Chen Guang Yu sullenly.

To all the disciples of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Xin Yue was like a goddess. Everybody dreamt of a woman like her. Now that she had been kidnapped, all the disciples of the Tai Qing Sect felt extremely depressed.

Chen Guang Yu was no exception. He also felt depressed, worried and sad. He had also had feelings for her, but after realizing nothing would ever happen, his feelings had turned into admiration.

“Qing Xin Yue was kidnapped, so the Tai Qing Sect is growing restless. It happened a few days ago. Initially, the sect didn’t want to spread the news because Qing Xu Duan thought he could solve the issue himself.

“However, he realized it was complicated and decided to tell us in the end. He decided to ask people for help. The reason why he can’t solve the issue himself is that if he goes himself, they will immediately kill Qing Xin Yue.

“So we need some young geniuses from other groups to help. If we win, we can get Qing Xin Yue back. If we lose, they’ll kill her.

“Supreme Elder Qing Xu Duan considers Qing Xin Yue his own daughter. If anything happened to her, he would go crazy. A few other elders in charge of foreign affairs like me are on trips now, that’s why I came here. The other elders are also asking other people for help. One of them went to the Yuan Hall to ask Yuan Feng for help. Yuan Feng asked us for a marriage alliance, after all.

“Another one went to the Ancient Soul Clan, another one to Tian Dong City, and so on. The reason why I came to you is that Supreme Elder Qing Xu Duan said something.” When he said that, Chen Guang Yu paused.

Lin Feng stared at him silently. He didn’t like it when people wasted time.

Chen Guang Yu smiled wryly and continued, “Supreme Elder Qing Xu Duan told me that the young genius who would save Qing Xin Yue had to be you,” said Chen Guang Yu.

When Lin Feng heard that, he didn’t understand. Why had Qing Xu Duan said that? What about Yuan Feng?

Was saving Qing Xin Yue the new test?

There was something strange going on. If the competition was still on, then exhausting himself to save her would be useless.

The Tai Qing Sect was the first ancient sect; wasn’t asking for help costing them face? It didn’t really sound like a test…

It was a serious issue, but who were the kidnappers? They had managed to kidnap the patriarch of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Xin Yue. Why had they done so?

Qing Xu Duan had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, how come he couldn’t save her? How strong were they?

Seventh Great Supreme God layer? Eighth Great Supreme God layer? Were they from a mysterious influential group, or were they independent cultivators?

Everything seemed too mysterious.

“What do you intend to do, Brother Lin Feng?” asked Chen Guang Yu.

Lin Feng raised his head and nodded hesitantly, “I will try and save her.”

“Really?” Chen Guang Yu was extremely happy.

“Of course. You can count on me. I just need to get ready. I can come to the Tai Qing Sect in three days; how does that sound?” asked Lin Feng.

Chen Guang Yu nodded. “No problem. I’m guessing that the other elders won’t convince other young geniuses to help that easily, not like us. Young geniuses are ambitious and proud. It’s not easy for the Tai Qing Sect these days,” Chen Guang Yu admitted sullenly.


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