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Chapter 973: Lin Ou Returns to Life!


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“The Tai Qing Sect can’t do much, so we have no choice but to ask other people for help. But young geniuses won’t agree to help just because Qing Xin Yue is beautiful. When facing the risk of death, even the most perverted people think twice before making a decision, so no matter how beautiful Qing Xin Yue is, they will all think carefully before agreeing to help.

“I am guessing that those who will agree to help this time must be the most perverted ones, or the most adventurous ones.”

“This time, the top young geniuses will show up, then,” Lin Feng smiled.

Chen Guang Yu nodded. The young geniuses who were going to agree to help were probably as strong, if not stronger than, the patriarchs of most sects!

“For the time being, we already asked Tian Dao Yuan, the Tian Ji Sect, the Ancient Human Clan, the Ancient Yan Clan, the Ancient Soul Clan, the Ancient Beast Clan, the Gu Gu Clan, the Yuan Hall, the Lei Sect, the Zhao Hall, the Ri Guang Empire, the Yue Guang Empire and the Fa Lan Empire.

“Now, we can just hope we’ll be lucky,” said Chen Guang Yu sadly. What was happening was great after all. Qing Xin Yue had been kidnapped, and they hadn’t been able to do anything, not even Qing Xu Duan. Saving Qing Xin Yue from those mysterious people wasn’t going to be easy.

“Anyway, let’s stop wasting time. In three days, I’ll go to the Tai Qing Sect with you. You can stay here while I’m getting prepared,” Lin Feng said to Chen Guang Yu, and then departed.

Chen Guang Yu didn’t have time to react. Lin Feng was already gone.

“Ah, Lin Feng… (sigh)…” Chen Guang Yu forced a smile and then continued walking. He didn’t know where his room was and Lin Feng had made the disciple leave, which was a small problem…

“I’ll take you to your room,” spoke up a gentle voice at that moment. Chen Guang Yu was startled. He turned around and saw someone who looked like Lin Feng.

“Who are you?” Chen Guang Yu asked.

Lin Qiong Sheng smiled patiently. “I am Lin Qiong Sheng, Lin Feng’s son!”

“What? You’re Brother Lin Feng’s son?” asked Chen Guang Yu. He was stupefied. Lin Feng’s son had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer? One more step and his cultivation level would be the same as Lin Feng’s?

Lin Qiong Sheng led Chen Guang Yu to a room before leaving and going to look for his father.

Half an hour later, Lin Qiong Sheng went into Lin Feng’s room. He felt guilty when he looked at his father.

Lin Feng looked back at his son, happy to see him. Lin Qiong Sheng was his and You You’s son. Lin Feng loved him and You You had put high hopes on her son. Naturally, both wished their son the best.

“Father, I’ve been thinking a lot,” said Lin Qiong Sheng. He walked over to his father, grabbed his arm, and started pulling him.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and pushed Lin Qiong Sheng. “I can move alone. No need to drag me.”

“Hehe, it’s a habit,” said Lin Qiong Sheng smiling and scratching his nose. Lin Feng recalled that when Lin Qiong Sheng was a little boy, he used to scratch his nose and blush when he did something wrong.

Lin Feng used to do that when he was younger. Like father, like son!

“Anyway, no formalities here, son. If you want to leave, just leave; if you want to stay here, stay here. Your home is here, too. If you have time, go back to the Continent of the Gods to pick up your mother. I believe she really wants to see you.

“Auntie Meng Qing saw Lin Zhe Tian. You’re the only one who hasn’t seen his mother in such a long time. She must miss you so much,” Lin Feng told him seriously.

Lin Qiong Sheng’s expression fell, and he felt even more guilty. He wanted to see his mother too, but he wasn’t a real Great Supreme God yet. If he traveled alone, it could be dangerous. He wanted to have the strength of the Great Supreme God layer when he went back to the Continent of the Gods to pick up his mother.

When Lin Qiong Sheng told his father that, Lin Feng just remained silent. Fair enough, Lin Qiong Sheng was free to manage his time the way he wanted to.

“Anyway, hurry up and leave. I’m going to the Tai Qing Sect soon and I don’t know when I’ll come back. Study hard with your teacher. No matter what tensions exist between Tian Dao Yuan and the Tian Ji Sect, he’s still your teacher, and if he can help you become stronger, then there is absolutely no issue,” Lin Feng told him.

Lin Qiong Sheng directly left, more determined than ever.

Lin Feng walked to the gate and watched Lin Qiong Sheng disappear in the distance. He was satisfied. He felt relieved after they had a serious conversation.

But now, since Lin Feng had seen his two sons, Lin Qiong Sheng and Lin Zhe Tian, he suddenly recalled his adoptive son, Hu Ba.

Back then, he had thought that Hu Ba had come to the Country of Eternity, but so far, he hadn’t seen him. Besides, Hu Ba had probably become a grown-up already, a handsome young man.

They looked ninety percent the same, because Lin Feng had raised Hu Ba himself.

“Hu Ba, I hope you won’t come to the Country of Eternity, I hope you will find a better world. This world is too cruel!” whispered Lin Feng, shaking his head.


That evening, Lin Feng went back to the great hall. The first thing he learned when he went back was that Lin Ou had returned to life.

When Li Feng saw Lin Ou, he was startled at first. Lin Ou was in the Old Servant’s body so physically, he was the Old Servant. However, Lin Ou’s soul was inside.

“What do you think, Lin Feng?” asked Lin Ou, opening his arms. He looked so happy.

He hadn’t had a body for five hundred thousand years after all, now he had one and it was all thanks to Lin Feng.

“Good, you’re now a Great Supreme God and alive once more,” Lin Feng nodded. Ancestor Kong’s abilities to bring people come back to life were incredible. Even though he wasn’t that strong, he was skilled.

Lin Feng recalled when Ancestor Kong had brought him back to life. It felt like yesterday.

After that, Lin Feng looked at Ancestor Kong. Ancestor Kong looked back at him, nodding and smiling patiently.

Nowadays, in terms of strength and social position, they both belonged to different worlds. Strength was the most important thing. Lin Feng belonged to the same world as people like Dao Cheng Zi or even Lin Ou these days. When people were too weak, then a certain distance was created between them and stronger cultivators.

“Ancestor Kong, you need to teach me how to bring people back to life. I would like to bring back a few friends,” Lin Feng said. Ancestor Kong nodded quickly.

Lin Feng thanked him and walked to the main throne.

Lin Ou stood there. He felt a bit confused because he used to be the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, but now, because of Lin Feng’s existence, he could only stand at the foot of Lin Feng’s gigantic throne, next to Dao Cheng Zi.

“Someone, bring  a throne for Master Lin Ou as well as the three other Masters,” Lin Feng said. They were all extremely strong, so they were entitled to sit there as well.

Very quickly, some disciples brought four thrones into the hall. At first, they placed them at the foot of the higher stage, below Lin Feng’s throne, but Lin Feng asked them to put the thrones next to his. The whole situation was amusing.

The former leaders now sat at Lin Feng’s sides, and Lin Feng looked like the head of the four former leaders.

When Dao Cheng Zi saw that, he understood Tian Dao Yuan was rising. Someday, Tian Dao Yuan would be extremely powerful and Lin Feng would be their ultimate leader while Lin Ou, Shang Guan Si Yue, Chen Cheng, and Shi Si Ming would be vice leaders.

It also meant that the Supreme Elders were all losing their power and influence.

Change. Everything changed. Lin Feng’s power and influence became more stable.

“Everybody, I’m going to the Tai Qing Sect in three days. I may not come back for a while. During that time, Master Lin Ou will manage Tian Dao Yuan. For the time being, Lin Ou is the manager. Is that fine with everybody?” asked Lin Feng, smiling.

Lin Ou was surprised for a few seconds, but relieved, too. At least, when Lin Feng wasn’t there, Tian Dao Yuan wouldn’t have any unrest.

Nobody said anything. Who would dare contradict Lin Feng?

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