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Chapter 974: Ri Guang City!


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Three days later, Lin Feng and Chen Guang Yu left Tian Dao Yuan. Lin Ou had to stay to manage to Tian Dao Yuan, so Lin Feng asked Shi Si Ming to come with them.

Even though Shi Si Ming was a ghost, he still had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, which could be useful in case of danger. They didn’t need to worry with a cultivator like him on their side.

Lin Feng put Shi Si Ming in his ring along with the Sword of Remote Times. He and Chen Guang Yu flew in the direction of the Ri Guang Empire, where the Tai Qing Sect was located.

When Qing Xin Yue had invited him to come to the Tai Qing Sect, Lin Feng hadn’t thought that the first time he’d go to the Tai Qing Sect, it would be to save her. Of course, many other young geniuses would be there, too…

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t really care. No matter who was there, Lin Feng focused on what he had to do. If other people didn’t provoke him, then he would just ignore them.

But if other people provoked him, then Lin Feng didn’t mind teaching them a good lesson. He didn’t intend to tolerate any Young Master’s arrogance…

To reach the Ri Guang Empire, Lin Feng had to cross the Fa Lan Empire. Initially, Lin Feng wanted to stop there to see Fa Chun, and check if the latter was plotting behind his back.

When Lin Feng told Chen Guang Yu about that, Chen Guang Yu told him what Fa Chun had been doing. Lin Feng was surprised. The Ri Guang Empire had been watching the Fa Lan Empire, so they knew.

They had sent some people to spy on Fa Chun. The fact that Chen Guang Yu dared tell Lin Feng about it proved he trusted him.

The Ri Guang Empire and the Tai Qing Sect collaborated a lot, Lin Feng already knew that. Back then, at the border with the Ri Guang Empire in the Fa Lan Empire, the third prince Fa Xuan had collaborated with the Ri Guang Empire. Back then, the white-bearded old man was with the elders of the Ri Guang Empire.

Even though the old man hadn’t helped them, Lin Feng understood the Ri Guang Empire and the Tai Qing Sect were allies.

The Tai Qing Sect had probably existed for as long as Tian Dao Yuan and the Tian Ji Sect. It wasn’t any older, though. However, the Ancestor of the Tai Qing Sect was probably as strong as the ancestors of Tian Dao Yuan and the Tian Ji Sect. Back then, there wasn’t much spiritual Qi in the world, so people got stuck in their cultivation at some point. The spiritual Qi had started becoming more abundant after the emergence of the ocean of flames, as if something had been unsealed.

Lin Feng hadn’t asked Dao Cheng Zi much about their era, but he understood that when they were young, people’s cultivation levels had started increasing.


Lin Feng and Chen Guang Yu didn’t speak much during their trip. After five hours, they had already left East Lang Xie, passed the Fa Lan Empire, and arrived at the border of the Ri Guang Empire.

When they arrived, Lin Feng didn’t notice anything different. Everything looked quite normal.

Lin Feng and Chen Guang Yu continued flying at bullet speed. After half an hour, Lin Feng and Chen Guang Yu arrived in the capital city of the Ri Guang Empire, Ri Guang City.

The headquarters of the Tai Qing Sect were there, too.

Lin Feng noticed many buildings with an incredible Qi emerging from them. There were also many beautiful small buildings, with guards who were quite strong. Many disciples were on patrol as well.

Lin Feng had never been here. His first impression was that it seemed like a nice place.

“Brother Lin Feng, should we go through the main gate, or through a side one and then go and have a rest?” asked Chen Guang Yu. In normal times, when going to the Tai Qing Sect, if there was something important, one had to go through the main gate. If one wanted to rest first, one had to go through the side gate.

Lin Feng was surprised. He had never heard of such a rule. It was probably based on the way the city had been designed, so that people who wanted to rest, drink, and eat didn’t disturb people who wanted to focus on cultivation.

“Main gate,” Lin Feng said, without thinking too much. He continued flying quickly. Chen Guang Yu smiled and sighed helplessly. He quickly caught up with Lin Feng.

There was no guard, since disciples patrolled at all times. It was a good way to manage things, because if an extremely strong cultivator was at the main door, even there a few guards, they wouldn’t be able to stop him. What if they offended them? Even worse!

The Ri Guang Empire’s way of doing things wasn’t bad. Lin Feng was surprised by their ingenuity.

When they went in, Lin Feng noticed the streets were bustling with activity. There were vendor booths, street food, and people everywhere. Everybody was doing business, drinking, eating; it reminded Lin Feng of Xue Yue.

That kind of thing didn’t exist in Tian Dao Yuan, which made Lin Feng think it was a huge mistake. No wonder so many people felt depressed in Tian Dao Yuan. There was nothing to do there, as if people were just waiting to die.

“It’s the busiest street of the Ri Guang City. The street is a hundred meters wide. Since there are horses and people, they don’t need to worry about collisions and accidents in general. Of course, if someone closes their eyes while riding a horse or walking, then they can bump into someone,” explained Chen Guang Yu, hurrying after Lin Feng.

When he caught up, Lin Feng stopped and turned around, asking, “The Tai Qing Sect is in Ri Guang City?” He had thought the Tai Qing Sect would be in a remote elegant and extraordinary place, not in such a busy city.

Why had Chen Guang Yu brought Lin Feng to such a busy city? Weren’t they going to the Tai Qing Sect? Lin Feng felt puzzled.

Chen Guang Yu hadn’t thought Lin Feng would ask that kind of question. He smiled and said, “How could it be here? We just came in through the main gate. Now we have to walk further. The Tai Qing Sect is at the top of a mountain not far from the city center!” he replied.

Lin Feng continued walking quickly. Chen Guang Yu sighed helplessly and hurried after him.


Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood for drinks or food. He just wanted to go to the Tai Qing Sect to see the other young geniuses. It was probably because he had spent too much time in Tian Dao Yuan recently and wasn’t in the mood for fun anymore.

It might change after meeting the other young geniuses, though.

After fifteen minutes, Lin Feng knew they were in the very center of the city. There was no street, just a gigantic bridge. Lin Feng was amazed by the river under the bridge. The city was divided into two by a gigantic river.

There were so many bridges crossing the river. Lin Feng also noticed a mountain, looking blurry because it was hazy there.

Dong! Dong! 

Lin Feng heard the sound of a bell and smiled. It was from the Tai Qing Sect.

Chen Guang Yu followed Lin Feng and they continued walking over the bridge. On the other side of the bridge was the mountain in the haze.

Chen Guang Yu walked behind Lin Feng, smiling in anticipation. But suddenly, Lin Feng jumped up and then flew towards the Tai Qing Sect.

Chen Guang Yu’s swallowed, because people weren’t allowed to fly above the Tai Qing Sect.

“Brother Lin Feng, stop!” shouted Chen Guang Yu. However, Lin Feng didn’t care. Chen Guang Yu was a level four high-level Supreme God, and could catch up easily if he wanted to. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng disappeared.

“Oh no! Oh no, no, no! Qing Ling Xuan is the guard of the gate!” Chen Guang Yu paled, extremely nervous. Qing Ling Xuan was extremely strong!

He was also aggressive and brutal. He was the only young genius of the Tai Qing Sect younger than a thousand years.

Qing Ling Xuan was also Qing Xu Duan’s disciple and already had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer.

It was forbidden to fly; when people did, Qing Ling Xuan usually taught them a good lesson. He usually severely injured them or crippled their cultivation!

Chen Guang Yu knew how Lin Feng was. If the two of them bumped into each other, their battle would be terrifying!

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