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Chapter 975: You Are Going to Die, Today!


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Lin Feng was in the sky floating in the mist which enveloped the mountain. It felt like was sitting on a cloud and flying. He felt excited, like having a great and epic battle. Of course, he knew he had to be discreet in the Tai Qing Sect. He couldn’t get on his high horse just because he was the leader of Tian Dao Yuan, or because Qing Xin Yue had said she liked him. He knew how to behave properly.

He continued flying and finally arrived at the top of the mountain. He looked at the buildings, barely discernable because they were in mist. From up in the sky, people on the ground seemed tiny. The Qi in the Tai Qing Sect seemed so noble that Lin Feng suddenly looked solemn and respectful.

“I should walk and not fly, there could be a misunderstanding otherwise,” he murmured when he realized nobody was flying.

However, just as he landed, a white beam of light appeared and shot towards his chest. It happened so quickly that Lin Feng had no time to think; he condensed Genesis Spiritual strength in his fist and threw a punch to destroy it.

BOOM! There was a gigantic explosion. People heard it thousands of li around, including Chen Guang Yu. When he heard the explosion, he paled and whispered, “It’s over!” He didn’t stop, and ran up the mountain even faster.

Lin Feng’s fist burned. It was the first time he had been injured even though he used Genesis Spiritual strength. How strong were the people here?

“Do the members of the Tai Qing Sect need to hide when they do something?” Lin Feng exclaimed icily when he saw his attacker didn’t reveal themselves. Everybody was astonished and looked at him as if he were an alien.

Everybody in the Tai Qing Sect heard Lin Feng’s shout, including Qing Xu Duan.

Phwap, phwap, phwap! Suddenly, a dozen people appeared on the top of a pavilion, wearing black and white clothes. Some looked at Lin Feng glumly, some furiously, some mockingly, and some disdainfully.

Chu Chun Qiu saw Lin Feng and grinned. Lin Feng was confident and arrogant. He even dared act like that in the Tai Qing Sect. What did he mean to do? Make fun of the Tai Qing Sect? Show them he despised them?

Yuan Feng also saw Lin Feng. He was dumbstruck. They hadn’t seen each other for a few months and Lin Feng already had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng had broken from the Half-Great Supreme God layer to the first in such a short time?

Luckily, he had already broken from the first to the second Great Supreme God layer. He wasn’t weaker than the other geniuses who were always present. However, he still remained wary.

Lin Feng was still in the sky and looking at the people on the top of the pavilion. Chu Chun Qiu, Yuan Feng, and the others were all there. Many of the young geniuses had already arrived. He was the last one. However, he was still furious about what had happened a moment before, and wanted to punish the person who had attacked him.

Who had done that? Who dared attack him by surprise?

“So? You’re not going to show up? I didn’t know there were cowards in the Tai Qing Sect!” shouted Lin Feng, frowning.

At that moment, Chen Guang Yu arrived, looking pale. Lin Feng was still in the sky. Chen Guang Yu shouted hastily, “Brother Lin Feng, hurry up and get down! Hurry up!”

“Lin Feng? He’s Lin Feng?”

When Chen Guang Yu shouted, many of the young geniuses frowned. They were surprised. Everybody knew Lin Feng’s name. Qing Xin Yue had said she liked him. At the same time, Lin Feng had also accomplished many other great things nobody had forgotten.

However, they were only surprised for a few seconds. It was Lin Feng, alright, so? Lin Feng was strong, but he was just Lin Feng. They were also young geniuses from powerful influential groups.

The future of their respective groups was in their hands, as well. They didn’t admire Lin Feng. They were at the same level as him!

After that, they didn’t pay much attention to him anymore. Lin Feng didn’t care about them either, as he just wanted to find the person who had attacked him by surprise. It couldn’t be one of those young geniuses, because the attack had been too perfect.

“Brother Lin Feng, hurry up and get down! You’re going to infuriate Uncle Qing Ling Xuan!” Chen Guang Yu transmitted so that only Lin Feng could hear him. Lin Feng glanced at him.

Qing Ling Xuan? It was the first time he heard that name, but since Chen Guang Yu was afraid, it meant he was an extremely strong cultivator.

“Where is he?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“I’m here!” announced a calm, cold voice. Everybody raised their heads. A handsome man in white clothes appeared. He was holding a Buddhist mala and had a blue jade ring on his left hand.

His skin was white. He had a long nose as well as long eyelashes, like women, but looked rather heroic.

It was the first young genius of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Ling Xuan!

Lin Feng frowned and stared at the man. He had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng thought he wasn’t too bad. He also looked noble, and one could see he came from a rich family.

“So, you’re Qing Ling Xuan?” Lin Feng demanded. He sounded cold and detached. He didn’t care about how his interlocutor felt. Lin Feng didn’t fear him!

“You don’t need to know who I am. I’m telling you one thing; since I’ve enforced the rule which says it’s forbidden to fly into the Tai Qing Sect, some people dared do it anyway; I cut the legs off three of them, I killed two, and you are the sixth one who has violated that rule! So, what should I do to you?” declared Qing Ling Xuan, frowning angrily.

Lin Feng was excited. He really wanted to have a great fight, and it seemed like it was about time! Therefore, Lin Feng just grinned!

When Qing Ling Xuan saw that, he was startled. Didn’t Lin Feng care about what he had just said? He seemed… happy?

“Hehe, interesting. I haven’t met someone like you for a long time. As expected, you’re extraordinary, Lin Feng. No wonder my female junior fellow disciple likes you. But I will not let you two get married; nobody can prevent me from stopping you, not even my teacher, Qing Xu Duan!” shouted Qing Ling Xuan arrogantly, as if he were the ultimate leader of the Tai Qing Sect.

Lin Feng smiled coolly, “You’re good at opening your mouth. I can do that, too. However, if you want to stop me, only a fight can solve the issue. I don’t care about who you are, Qing Ling Xuan or whatever; all I know is that I prefer solving the issue with my fists right now.

“Humiliating me and making fun of me doesn’t prove anything, does it? Show everybody what makes you so different. Don’t think that because you are a pretty and charming cultivator from a rich family, you can do whatever you wish,” Lin Feng taunted him. He was ready to fight already. He didn’t intend to underestimate Qing Ling Xuan, but when he spoke, he had to belittle him.

As expected, when Lin Feng made fun of him, Qing Ling Xuan’s expression rippled with anger. He was furious. It had been such a long time since someone had dared talk to him like that!

A fight? Very good!

“Lin Feng, I’ll see you at the boundless kwoon of the Tai Qing Sect at noon. I will give you one opportunity to fight against me, but not now,” Qing Ling Xuan smiled coldly. He shook his head, turned around, and got ready to leave.

He made it seem he was the only one who could establish rules, nobody else!

He took three steps, but golden lights flashed and Lin Feng appeared in front of him.

Lin Feng stared at him icily. “I have a bad habit. When I feel like hitting someone, I do it straight away. We don’t need to wait until noon. There are so many young geniuses here, why not fight in front of them? I’m sure they’ll enjoy the show,” Lin Feng announced.

People’s expressions changed when they heard him, especially Chu Chun Qiu and Yuan Feng’s. They knew Lin Feng fairly well. At that moment, they were also amazed by his behavior though. He was quite foolhardy. Nobody felt like fighting against someone like Qing Ling Xuan for no reason, but Lin Feng kept provoking him.

A woman in a red skirt pulled on Yuan Feng’s sleeve and smiled strangely. “Does Lin Feng have a mental disorder?” Qing Ling Xuan had given him an opportunity to apologize. If Lin Feng had apologized, they wouldn’t have needed to battle, but now Lin Feng had provoked him and a battle had become inevitable.

Yuan Feng looked at the seductively charming woman and asked, “You’re Garuḍa’s mother, Jia Li Ya?”

“Hey, aren’t you the prince of the Yuan Hall, Yuan Feng? How come you recognized me, honey?” asked Jia Li Ya, smiling teasingly. When Yuan Feng saw her expression, he felt like puking.

“Why would an old woman like you call a young man honey?” said a man icily. He was standing next to Chu Chun Qiu.

Jia Li Ya’s expression twisted instantly. She said wickedly, “What’s wrong, Hun Cang, you want to fight, too?”

“What? You think I’m afraid of you?” the tall and sturdy man shot back. A dark Qi started emerging from his face. He looked horrendous.

“Enough! If you want to cause trouble, leave the Tai Qing Sect! Who told you you could act recklessly here?!” shouted Qing Ling Xuan suddenly. Nobody dared say anything after he shouted. They were all afraid of him.

Qing Ling Xuan turned around and looked at Lin Fen, then grinned. “You, you’re going to die, today!”

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