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Chapter 979: Zi Jing Xiao!


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“It seems like you won,” said Qing Ling Xuan. He was disappointed. He didn’t look so proud anymore.

Lin Feng watched Qing Ling Xuan, but remained silent. He didn’t intend to cheer him up. Qing Ling Xuan had provoked him. Lin Feng was convinced it was partly because of Qing Xin Yue. Chen Guang Yu had told him that all the outstanding disciples of the Tai Qing Sect wanted to marry Qing Xin Yue.

However, Qing Xin Yue had said she liked him, so if Qing Ling Xuan hated him, it was understandable.

Lin Feng looked at the purple-clothed man, then flashed and landed on the top of the pavilion. When he passed Chu Chun Qiu, Chu Chun Qiu glanced at him, but remained silent.

When Lin Feng passed next to Yuan Feng, Yuan Feng remained silent as well. When Lin Feng arrived in front of Hun Cang, he stopped. Hun Cang was a young genius from the Ancient Soul Clan.

“I will annihilate the Ancient Soul Clan, sooner or later. You’ll see,” Lin Feng informed him, smiling icily before continuing on.

Hun Cang looked grim. He jumped and threw a punch at Lin Feng’s back. Lin Feng frowned and quickly turned around. He threw a punch to block the attack. Hun Cang was pushed back a dozen steps.

After that, Lin Feng stared at him, smiling icily. Then he turned around again and kept walking.

The purple-clothed man was still seated in his wheelchair silently. The two servants in black clothes remained silent as well. They all looked quite mysterious.

Nobody knew who they were, but they knew that the man in purple clothes wasn’t an ordinary young genius, to the extent that he was much, much stronger than Qing Ling Xuan.

Lin Feng looked indifferent in front of such people, but on the inside, he was extremely curious.

“Stop there. Don’t move any further,” Kun said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned, but didn’t stop. Kun’s eyes narrowed. He clenched his fists and jumped. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch at his chest. Lin Feng tilted aside and Kun’s punch missed.

Lin Feng threw a punch at Kun’s chest, but Kun was strong. When Lin Feng’s fist approached him, Kun put his hand in front of his chest to catch it and block. Lin Feng grunted with pain and hopped back a few steps. Kun was pushed back hundreds of steps in return.

The purple-clothed man glanced at Lin Feng and then at the other black-clothed man next to him and said calmly, “You, help Kun.”

“Understood, Master,” You nodded. He disappeared and reappeared behind Kun. He grabbed Kun and supported him with his left hand.

Kun looked pale. He looked at Lin Feng angrily and clenched his fists. He wanted to continue fighting.

“Enough! Return. Don’t lose face here,” the purple-clothed man ordered Kun and You.

Kun looked unhappy, but obeyed. He returned next to the purple-clothed man.

However, the other one appeared in front of Lin Feng and struck out with his palm.

Phwap! Lin Feng was blown away and crashed a hundred meters away, into the top of a great palace. Lin Feng groaned with pain and wiped the blood off his mouth with his sleeve. He looked at You, very impressed.

That guy was just supposed to be a servant, but he was so strong! Incredible! He had a ghostly appearance too, hence the name.

(Translator’s Note: “you” means netherworld and is used in various words like “ghost”, “specter”, “evil spirit”, etc.)

Chu Chun Qiu and Yuan Feng were astonished. Lin Feng had just broken through to the second Great Supreme God layer and could definitely defeat cultivators of the third Great Supreme God layer or ordinary cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, yet You had pushed him away?

Who was that guy? And what about the purple-clothed man?

Chen Guang Yu ran over to Lin Feng and checked to see if Lin Feng was alright. Lin Feng said he was fine. He wasn’t injured, his Genesis Spiritual body was too powerful. He was astonished by You’s strength, though.

Lin Feng now knew that You was extremely fast, like a ghost. Lin Feng guessed that even cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer weren’t as fast as You.

The purple-clothed man’s servants were incredibly strong. One of them was faster than cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, while the other one was physically stronger than cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

You was the fast servant. Kun was the physically strong one.

“Why didn’t you block him? He can’t injure you. You’re too strong,” noted the purple-clothed man coolly. The purple-clothed man acted much kinder and humbler than Qing Ling Xuan. Such people were terrifying, and also very mysterious. Lin Feng remained wary.

“I know he can’t injure me, but I want to see if I had guessed right. I now know I did,” Lin Feng replied calmly. He turned around and got ready to walk away.

“Aren’t you going to ask my name?” asked the purple-clothed man promptly.

“If you want to tell me your name and to which sect or clan you belong to, feel free to do so; otherwise, I won’t ask you. I am not as strong as you. We belong to different worlds,” Lin Feng replied sincerely. The purple-clothed man was extremely strong; Lin Feng knew he couldn’t compete with him, especially when it was already difficult for him to fight against the man’s servants.

But seeing such people made Lin Feng feel even more determined. Nothing was impossible. He had to make great efforts to surpass people like the purple-clothed man!

The purple-clothed man waved and smiled thinly as Lin Feng started to leave. “I am Zi Jing Xiao, a disciple from the Ancient Human Clan. I am the fifth young genius. In the sect, they call me Fifth Zi!

“You is a sharp shadow, while Kun is a Raging Bull,” Zi Jing Xiao added smoothly. He didn’t hide anything from Lin Feng. He even introduced You and Kun.

Lin Feng looked at him calmly, but on the inside, his heart was pounding violently. This man Zi Jing Xiao from the Ancient Human Clan? So the Ancient Human Sect actually was an ancient clan. AND he was the fifth young genius?!

But he was so strong already! How strong were those of the top four, then? Or wasn’t it a ranking?

Lin Feng was also surprised when Kun wasn’t a human, but a Raging Bull!

He remembered that Jing Wu Hen had used the illusion of a Raging Bull once.

Raging Bulls, one of the kings of the evil beasts.

Primal Chaos Beasts, one of the kings of demoniac beasts.

Azure dragons, vermilion birds, and them were godly beasts. Of course, those godly beasts weren’t as powerful as Primal Chaos Beasts or Raging Bulls.

“Excuse me for my lack of manners, fellow Daoist from the Ancient Human Clan,” Lin Feng acknowledged, smiling and bowing hand over fist, before walking away.

Even though Zi Jing Xiao had been smiling the whole time, Lin Feng found him dangerous. Zi Jing Xiao felt sly and evil, and Lin Feng felt pressured in front of him. It was an unusual feeling for him.

The Ancient Human Clan was impressive. Lin Feng was convinced that the Ancient Human Clan was much more powerful than the Tai Qing Sect!

Lin Feng understood the situation of the Country of Eternity much better now. He was even getting to know some young geniuses who were much, much stronger than him.

Of course, Lin Feng was also much younger than them, so it was understandable!

Lin Feng would catch up with Zi Jing Xiao sooner or later, but he still felt the pressure. He didn’t like not being the best. He had no choice but to be patient, though…

“Chen Guang Yu, you invited those young geniuses?” asked Lin Feng.

Around Lin Feng were Chen Guang Yu, Yuan Feng, Jia Li Ya, Hun Cang, You, Kun, and Zi Jing Xiao, but he didn’t know the others.

“The one in yellow clothes must be Zhao Ming Jun from the Zhao Hall,” said Chen Guang Yu, pointing to a man in yellow.

“Zhao Hall?” Lin Feng asked thoughtfully. Lin Feng was curious about the Zhao Hall, because of Song IX. Long ago, Song Country had been destroyed by Zhao Country. The Zhao Hall was connected to Zhao Country.

Lin Feng looked at Zhao Ming Jun. Zhao Ming Jun noticed that, raised his head, and smiled at Lin Feng casually. Lin Feng smiled back.

Lin Feng then lowered his head and asked Chen Guang Yu, “How strong is he?”

“Stronger than Zi Jing Xiao.”


“If you don’t believe me, wait and you’ll see soon.”

“Why is he stronger than Zi Jing Xiao?” asked Lin Feng skeptically. He couldn’t see how Zhao Ming Jun was stronger.

Chen Guang Yu smiled and shook his head, “The Ancestor told me that. How would I know otherwise?”

“You mean Master Qing Xu Duan said Zhao Ming Jun and Zi Jing Xiao were both first-class young geniuses?”

“Indeed,” Chen Guang Yu confirmed.

Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open. Lin Feng was astonished to see two such strong young geniuses in one day. Things were more complex than he thought!

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