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Chapter 982: No Need to Use My Hands to Defeat You!


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“Master Qing Xu Duan, didn’t you initially intend to organize a competition to select a candidate to marry the matriarch? Why don’t you change the plan?” asked Hun Cang, smiling eagerly. He sounded calm and kind, but everybody noticed his perverted look.

“Change the plan?” said Qing Xu Duan.

Hun Cang remained motionless and kept grinning. “Of course. It could be a bet on Qing Xin Yue. The one who contributes the most to saving Qing Xin Yue should be able to marry her. It would be a great and fair opportunity for everybody.”

“Great and fair opportunity?” Qing Xu Duan glared at Hun Cang furiously. If Hun Cang had dared say such a thing in ordinary times, Qing Xu Duan would have crushed him on the spot.

However, he couldn’t at that moment. He had invited the young geniuses, including Hun Cang. If he attacked Hun Cang, then people would think the Tai Qing Sect was shameless. At the same time, how could he let someone humiliate Qing Xin Yue?

Qing Xu Duan looked at Lin Feng and Yuan Feng. No matter what they thought, they could both intervene and teach Hun Cang a good lesson.

Lin Feng and Yuan Feng noticed Qing Xu Duan was looking at them and understood what he meant. Lin Feng and Yuan Feng glanced at one another. They were competitors in courting Qing Xu Duan.

However, Hun Cang was humiliating Qing Xin Yue. He considered her an object, so both Lin Feng and Yuan Feng were angered, especially the latter. He had proposed a marriage alliance a while back, so by humiliating Qing Xin Yue, Hun Cang was also humiliating the Yuan Hall.

Yuan Feng didn’t say anything and directly flashed and landed in front of Hun Cang. Hun Cang was tall and sturdy. He looked like a big yet disgusting brown bear. Someone like him didn’t deserve Qing Xin Yue. He was even plotting against her and humiliating her!

Hun Cang snickered when he saw that and asked mockingly, “Heyyyy, Yuan Feng! What’s the matter? Are you angry, huh? You want to fight? Hahahaha! Yuan Feng! Ah, Yuan Feng, even though you have the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer and that’s not bad at all, you can’t do anything against me. Don’t make a fool of yourself because of Qing Xin Yue,” Hun Cang mocked him disdainfully.

What kind of influential group was the Yuan Hall? It was only a weak medium-level ancient sect. What about the Ancient Soul Clan? It was powerful medium-level ancient clan, about to become a high-level one. It was a huge difference, so Hun Cang didn’t give the Yuan Hall face at all.

Yuan Feng’s face was red with anger. He clenched his fists hard enough for them to creak.

“If you dare humiliate her once more, you won’t go back to the Ancient Soul Clan!” shouted Yuan Feng furiously. His eyes were bloodshot, making him look like an evil demon. Even Zi Jing Xiao raised his head and looked at Yuan Feng.

Of course, he just smiled thinly as he looked at Yuan Feng, then glanced at Lin Feng curiously. Wasn’t Lin Feng going to intervene?

Yuan Feng had proposed a marriage alliance to the Tai Qing Sect, but Qing Xin Yue really liked Lin Feng. Lin Feng had no reason not to intervene.

Even though Zi Jing Xiao didn’t understand the situation, he didn’t ask questions and just waited.

The atmosphere was gloomy. An evil Qi invaded the palace. Yuan Feng clenched his fists furiously. Hun Cang looked at him stonily. He hadn’t thought Yuan Feng would dare provoke him because of Qing Xin Yue.

The Yuan Hall couldn’t afford to offend the Ancient Soul Clan, but Yuan Feng did because of Qing Xin Yue. Even though the Ancient Soul Clan wasn’t as scary as the Tai Qing Sect, they were still much stronger than the Yuan Hall.

“Hehe, you’re dull and stupid. You dare stir up trouble because of Qing Xin Yue; well, no problem, I’ll give you an opportunity to protect her dignity. Come and attack. However, if you lose, you better give up on Qing Xin Yue and give her to me. Alright?” Hun Cang sneered.

Yuan Feng’s looked ready to explode. “You dare put her at stake?” shouted Yuan Feng furiously.

“Haha! What’s the matter this time? If you want to fight against me for her, it’s normal that you give up on her if you lose, is that wrong? Even if the competition still happens, if you lose now against me, it means you won’t stand a chance at the competition, and thus won’t be able to win her in any case. What’s wrong about that?” Hun Cang mocked him.

Yuan Feng got ready to attack, but he wasn’t sure he could win, and he didn’t want to use his trump cards. If he did, then everybody would know his weaknesses and strengths, and he would be in danger.

Yuan Feng had contradictory feelings. He didn’t know what to do. What did he care about the most? The marriage alliance or his trump cards?

Hun Cang could see that Yuan Feng was hesitating, so he burst into laughter. Yuan Feng felt even more humiliated and reddened even more.

When Qing Xu Duan saw that, he was disappointed and shook his head. If Yuan Feng only cared about the alliance and not the marriage, then he was useless.

“Awww… What’s wrong? You’re hesitating? You’re afraid? Hahaha!” scoffed Hun Cang, opening his arms and bursting into laughter. He wasn’t surprised Yuan Feng had hesitated. The members of the Ancient Soul Clan were good at making people feel powerless and depressed.

Yuan Feng had been too confident and attached too much importance to Qing Xin Yue. Those two things, instead of making him stronger and more careful, had the opposite effect. Things turn into their opposite when they reach the extreme, so they became flaws instead of being qualities.

Now he was depressed, having put the Yuan Hall in a difficult situation because he liked Qing Xin Yue too much.

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled helplessly. He had thought it would be a good opportunity for Yuan Feng to teach Hun Cang a good lesson, but in the end Yuan Feng was disappointing.

“Hun Cang, enough with the nonsense now. Even if you marry Qing Xin Yue, then what?” asked Lin Feng icily, standing up.

Hun Cang looked back at Lin Feng and sneered, “What? He failed, so now you want to replace him and defend Qing Xin Yue?” Hun Cang then bobbed his head insultingly and called out, “Oh, I forgot, Qing Xin Yue likes you! Haha, so of course you want to replace him!

“So, since it’s that way, what do you want to do? Fight?” asked Hun Cang, smiling despicably. He feared nobody; he was convinced Qing Xu Duan wouldn’t attack. Zhao Ming Jun and Zi Jing Xiao had no reason to intervene, so he came to the conclusion that nobody there could compete with him.

He thought Lin Feng couldn’t defeat him, either, because he couldn’t defeat Zi Jing Xiao’s servant.

Hehe, what a joke! Hun Cang looked proud and confident. He feared neither Lin Feng nor Yuan Feng!

Lin Feng clenched his fists. Hun Cang really reminded him of the Five Heroes of the Ancient Soul Clan. They were also stupid and foolish.

“Alright, since you keep provoking me, sow the wind and reap the whirlwind,” Lin Feng replied, nodding calmly. He slowly walked towards Hun Cang, but it didn’t seem like he wanted to fight.

Hun Cang watched Lin Feng skeptically. What did he want to do? Didn’t he intend to fight? Why did Lin Feng have his hands clasped behind his back?

“What? You don’t intend to move your hands to fight against me?” spat Hun Cang.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly and scoffed in return, “Do I need to move my hands to fight against you?”

“You fucking want to die!” shouted Hun Cang angrily. He threw a punch that wailed like a ghost. However, Lin Feng just smiled icily and condensed explosive Genesis Spiritual strength in his left foot.

Boom, boom, boom!…

A terrifying strength made the ground tremble. Several dazzling golden beams of light appeared and crashed against Hun Cang’s fist.

Hun Cang was astonished and paled. At that moment, he realized he had underestimated his enemy and was afraid, but it was too late.


Lin Feng kicked Hun Cang. Hun Cang was blown away and crashed against the gate of the palace. The gate collapsed and Hun Cang kept going. It felt as if all the bones of his body were broken.

But more importantly, he felt extremely humiliated!

“Lin Feng, you fucking want to die! I’ll cripple your cultivation, you son of a bitch! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” he howled furiously, waving his hand about. He was tall and sturdy, but his movements looked clumsy. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at Lin Feng and smiled murderously. “You’re definitely going to die today!”

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