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Chapter 985: Prevented from Leaving!


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“Alright, we’re done now. Everybody can go to the northern part of the Ri Guang Empire; two million li away from here, there is a valley called Ju Valley. Little Yue is there. We hope you’ll manage to bring Little Yue back safe and sound!” announced Qing Xu Duan gravely. If he weren’t an elder, he would have gone to save Qing Xin Yue himself, and wouldn’t have asked young geniuses for help.

When the crowd heard that, they all looked serious and got ready to leave. Since they were going to obtain a reward, they were all determined to help save Qing Xin Yue.

Fortunately, despite how strong the mysterious cultivator was, he had said he wouldn’t get involved. He would let his servants fight, so they didn’t need to fear anything.

“Let’s go,” Zhao Ming Jun said to Chu Chun Qiu and the others.

Chu Chun Qiu and Qing Ling Xuan nodded. Very quickly the five disappeared from the public square of the Tai Qing Hall.

Lin Feng’s group was still there. Zi Jing Xiao and the others waited for Lin Feng’s order. Yuan Feng seemed absent-minded. He wasn’t happy that Lin Feng was the group leader; he didn’t want to submit to Lin Feng, but he had no choice. He would definitely try and plot against Lin Feng at some point.

Lin Feng looked over his group, consisting of You, Kun, Zi Jing Xiao, and Yuan Feng. Except for Yuan Feng, Zi Jing Xiao and the others were all young geniuses from the Ancient Human Clan. As long as Zi Jing Xiao didn’t turn against him, Kun and You wouldn’t turn against him, either.

Lin Feng didn’t have a good feeling about Yuan Feng, though. He didn’t know why Qing Xu Duan had put Yuan Feng in his group, either.

But he had no time to think about it, so he just said, “Let’s go. We need to arrive before nightfall.” Then he flashed in the air and started flying. His godly aura grew dazzling. It was beautiful as it illuminated the clouds.

Zi Jing Xiao nodded at You and Kun and then left. Kun grabbed Zi Jing Xiao’s wheelchair and lifted it up on his shoulder. Then he turned back into his fearsome original form, a Raging Bull.

It was amusing to see a Raging Bull carry a wheelchair hundreds of meters into the sky though. However, nobody dared smile or laugh. If the Raging Bull got angry, he could trample them and crush them to mush easily.

You glanced at the Raging Bull, his eyes turning purple; he turned into purple light and followed the Raging Bull.

The crowd was astonished and looked after Zi Jing Xiao in admiration. He had such strong and terrifying servants! It would be incredible to have such great servants…

Yuan Feng had not taken off yet. Of course, he didn’t intend to stir up trouble in the Tai Qing Sect so after a short while, he flashed after and caught up with them. Lin Feng nodded at the four people and flew towards the northwest of the empire, and Ju Valley.

However, dazzling golden lights appeared in the east. Even the Raging Bull raised his eyebrows and narrowed his pupils so that the dazzling golden lights couldn’t blind him.

Lin Feng put his hands in front of his eyes but the lights quickly disappeared. A group of people appeared in front of them. The leader of the group was a man wearing a golden dragon robe, a plump and middle-aged. However, from his clothes, one could see he was rich and noble.

Qing Xu Duan looked glum. Those people wanted to prevent Lin Feng and his group from going to save Qing Xin Yue. Qing Xu Duan couldn’t tolerate that.

Thinking about that, he grunted icily, flashed, and threw a punch. He had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, and was terrifyingly strong. The mysterious group of people were bombarded. They released strength to avoid crashing to the ground.

Luckily, Qing Xu Duan had only used fifty percent of his strength, or those people, even if they hadn’t died, would have ended up badly injured. How dare those people try and prevent Lin Feng from leaving, how reckless!

The group of people fell from the sky and landed on the ground. The leader of the group, the middle-aged man in golden clothes, walked over to Qing Xu Duan guiltily. “Master Qing Xu Duan, we don’t want to ruin everything, but one of our enemies is in that group of people.”

“An enemy? An enemy of the Ri Guang Empire?” asked Qing Xu Duan, frowning after glancing at Lin Feng and the others.

The man was the Emperor of the Ri Guang Empire, Great Supreme God Ri Guang. He had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. He had come because of Lin Feng.

“Master, Lin Feng is an enemy of the Ri Guang Empire. Please be magnanimous and let us do what we have to do,” said Great Supreme God Ri Guang gravely. His eyes were still filled with fury.

He didn’t know Lin Feng personally, but he knew that Lin Feng had ruined their plans several times. He had become one of the people they wanted to kill the most a long time ago, especially after what had happened in Jin Lun City and the Fa Lan Empire.

They hadn’t forgotten about those things and they wanted to get rid of him, or Lin Feng would become an even bigger issue in the future.

Qing Xu Duan had initially thought they meant Yuan Feng. He hadn’t thought they would say Lin Feng, so he looked grim.

Lin Feng landed on the ground as well. He landed in front of Qing Xu Duan and looked at the middle-aged man. He had guessed right; it was the Emperor of the Ri Guang Empire.

“This is Lin Feng,” said Qing Xu Duan. When Great Supreme God Ri Guang heard that, his expression changed drastically. His eyes were already filled with killing intent.

“So, you’re Lin Feng. You’re the one who keeps ruining our plans?” shouted Great Supreme God Ri Guang furiously.

When Lin Feng heard that, he remained expressionless and replied indifferently, “Indeed, I am Lin Feng.”

“Alright, good that you admit it. Let’s go! Come with us!” ordered Great Supreme God Ri Guang. When Lin Feng admitted he was Lin Feng, Great Supreme God Ri Guang was happy, but his eyes were still filled with murder.

When Qing Xu Duan heard that, he frowned. As he saw it, Great Supreme God Ri Guang was just causing trouble. Besides, while the other group was already far away, Lin Feng’s group was stuck here.

“Ri Guang, piss off! How dare you cause trouble here? Tomorrow, I will change everything in the Ri Guang Empire!” shouted Qing Xu Duan angrily.

Great Supreme God Ri Guang was causing trouble at the most crucial moment. How reckless!

Great Supreme God Ri Guang didn’t know what kind of relationship Lin Feng and Qing Xu Duan had, or why Lin Feng was there, but when he heard Qing Xu Duan shout like that, he understood that it wasn’t the right time to cause trouble!

He was covered in cold sweat already, but at the same time, he didn’t want to give up, so he ground his teeth and said, “Master, they can leave and do whatever they have to do, but Lin Feng isn’t leaving!”

“Didn’t you understand what I said? Do you need me to repeat it?” Qing Xu Duan stated with an icy frown.

Great Supreme God Ri Guang shook his head hastily and said, “No, no, I did, but Lin Feng…”

“Piss off!” shouted Qing Xu Duan explosively. Great Supreme God Ri Guang was instantly blown away. Qing Xu Duan didn’t give him any face at all.

Lin Feng was startled too, but he just smiled wryly. Master Qing Xu Duan also had an explosive temper, but they also couldn’t afford to waste time; they had to go and save Qing Xin Yue as soon as possible.

“Master, we’re leaving,” Lin Feng said to Qing Xu Duan, bowing hand over fist. He turned around and flashed into the air again. While flying away, he turned around and glanced at Great Supreme God Ri Guang, then said, “Wait until I come back. You and I will fight, but now is not the right time. I have no time to waste with you.”

He glanced at Zi Jing Xiao. The Raging Bull instantly flew away with Zi Jing Xiao on his shoulder. They all turned into beams of light and disappeared into the horizon, flying as quickly as possible.

They all quickly disappeared from the Tai Qing Sect and flew towards Ju Valley.

Great Supreme God Ri Guang was shaking from head to foot. He couldn’t calm down for a long time.

After a long time, he said ferociously, “Alright, I’ll wait for you! I will destroy you and break your bones into a thousand pieces!”

His eyes were bloodshot, he looked like a bloodthirsty beast. Qing Xu Duan frowned, but remained silent. The Tai Qing Sect was in the Ri Guang Empire, after all. He had to give them a little face. He didn’t need to get involved.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Master. We’re leaving,” Great Supreme God Ri Guang said to Qing Xu Duan apologetically. The people of the Ri Guang Empire departed from there as well.

Qing Xu Duan watched Lin Feng disappear in the horizon skeptically. “I hope that one of them will be suitable, otherwise…” he sighed to himself…

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