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Chapter 987: Mysterious Men in Black!


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However, Yuan Feng didn’t move. Lin Feng looked at him and asked angrily, “What now?”

“Nothing. I just don’t feel like going,” replied Yuan Feng, shaking his head indifferently. He didn’t care about Qing Xin Yue anymore. The others could do the work; why did he need to worry and hurry?

“You better stop your little game now. I’m warning you,” Lin Feng said icily. A little bit more and he would go crazy. If Lin Feng attacked, Yuan Feng wouldn’t have a good time.

When Yuan Feng heard Lin Feng, he sighed helplessly. He looked at Zi Jing Xiao and smiled, “Brother Zi, look, that’s our group leader!”

“Stop acting like children and making us waste time! Hurry up and go!” shouted Zi Jing Xiao, frowning. He really wanted to obtain his reward, so they had to do their job properly.

Yuan Feng pursed his lips when he heard Zi Jing Xiao. He had no choice now.

Lin Feng glanced at Yuan Feng, then he flashed towards the depths of the valley. It was dark there, and the atmosphere was gloomy. It didn’t matter, however. Thanks to the ring Zhao Ming Jun had left, they could follow his Qi.

Lin Feng flew as fast as he could, but remained silent. He didn’t want their enemies to find them easily. Zi Jing Xiao also flew silently. Yuan Feng kept making noises…

Lin Feng and Zhao Ming Jun didn’t know that some people were already behind them and glaring at them like tigers eyeing prey.


In the depths of Ju Valley was a cave. A man in black clothes with a masked face was inside. In front of him were eight other men in black clothes. They were illuminated by torches.

“It’s time for you to display your strength. I’ve spent years finding people like you. I’ve been training you for hundreds of years now. You better not disappoint me. You understand?” asked the mysterious man in black clothes hoarsely. He sounded like a terrible evil ghost.

The eight men in black clothes nodded when they heard him. The mysterious man seemed satisfied.

“Alright, they’re all in Ju Valley already. You can share the work. Protect all the entrances,” commanded the man in black clothes, waving at them. A dark demon Qi emerged from his body. The cultivators vanished without a trace.

The flames of the torches flickered and illuminated the mysterious man. He looked ominous.

The man finally turned around and walked into the depths of the cave. After a few hundred meters, he stopped and looked at a woman in silken white clothes.

She looked devastatingly beautiful and tender. She had a cute little mouth and nose, a flawless beauty.

The woman was Qing Xin Yue, of course, and the man in black clothes the one who had kidnapped her. At that moment, she was tied up and seated, and had woken up already. She looked calm and serene, not frightened.

“You are lucky, Miss. So many young geniuses agreed to help save you. Hehe! They probably all find you incredibly beautiful.

“But it’s useless. I told your teacher that those young geniuses can’t measure up to my servants. I spent hundreds of years raising them. There isn’t a single young genius in the Country of Eternity who can compete with my servants.

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you. I won’t rape you either, after all you’re… you’re…

“Anyway, all we can do now is wait. It doesn’t matter whether they succeed or fail, as in any case, I will bring you back to the Tai Qing Sect myself. Don’t worry,” said the man in black clothes teasingly.

He raised his left hand, and a bright circle of light appeared in the cave. Lin Feng and the others appeared in that circle. Qing Xin Yue felt nervous. Lin Feng was wearing black clothes and in the dark, so she couldn’t see his face properly. She wasn’t sure it was him.

The mysterious man noticed her expression and grinned. He stared at Lin Feng for a long time and burst into laughter, “You know the man in the front? Hehe, since it’s that way, I will play with him. Haha!” He clenched his fists and left the cave.

He stood at the front of the cave, put two fingers in his mouth, and whistled.

His eight servants heard him. People who didn’t know their signal would just think it was a bird, but it was their secret signal.

“Pay attention to the man in black clothes,” said one of the eight men in black. They all disappeared into the forest of the valley.


At that moment, Zhao Ming Jun and his group were on some hills in the valley. There were gigantic trees all around them.

There were all sorts of landscapes in Ju Valley; there were cliffs, abyssal holes, and more. Anything could happen there. It was an extremely dangerous place. In some holes and at the bottom of some cliffs were some empty spaces.

The people of Ju Valley were all scared of those places. However, the young geniuses had to go there since they had to save Qing Xin Yue.

The Tai Qing Sect had promised them rewards, so they all thought it was worth it. The Tai Qing Sect was ready to pay the full price to have those young geniuses help them.

“Lin Feng and the others haven’t caught up with us yet? What the fuck are they doing?” asked Chu Chun Qiu nervously. Lin Feng wasn’t the kind of guy who liked to waste time, especially since their mission was to save Qing Xin Yue. Had Yuan Feng plotted against them?

“Yuan Feng is a shameless and unreliable bastard. I’m almost postive they’re late because of him,” he guessed darkly. Even though Chu Chun Qiu wanted to oppress Lin Feng, he didn’t want someone like Yuan Feng to cause trouble for Lin Feng. Yuan Feng was a piece of trash. How did he dare cause trouble for Lin Feng? He wasn’t a worthy opponent for Lin Feng!

But he had no choice. Lin Feng wasn’t in his group, so Lin Feng had to rely on himself to solve the issue.

Zhao Ming Jun and the others were already in the dark depths of Ju Valley. The Qi was oppressive and fearsome. They moved ahead with the greatest care.

There were two men in black clothes in the darkness. They glanced at each other and nodded, and looked at Zhao Ming Jun. They raised their left hands, black lights surrounded them and they shot towards Zhao Ming Jun.

Zhao Ming Jun’s expression changed drastically. He shouted instantly, “Disperse! Who’s attacking us by surprise?! Come out!” he shouted furiously, throwing punches all around him. His energies rolled in all directions.

Lin Feng and Zi Jing Xiao sensed some energies coming from the distance at that moment. They glanced at each other, and didn’t need to guess what was going on. It was a fight!

“Let’s hurry and go back them up!” shouted Zi Jing Xiao. He had recognized the Qi a moment before as Zhao Ming Jun’s. You and Kun, who were carrying Zi Jing Xiao, all disappeared instantly.

Lin Feng glanced at Yuan Feng behind him. Yuan Feng was still walking leisurely. Lin Feng grit his teeth, flashed and disappeared, having no time to care about Yuan Feng.

Yuan Feng watched Lin Feng, Zi Jing Xiao, and the others disappear and sneered. “Oh? You’re in a rush? I’m going to save my energy. When you’re done, we can leave. If you can’t save her, I’ll leave alone.

“Haha! I’m so smart. How could you understand my plan?” spat Yuan Feng, smiling confidently and clenching his fists.

“Are you sure?” asked an icy voice suddenly. Yuan Feng’s expression fell. He turned around and saw a man in black clothes and mask. Yuan Feng wanted to ask him who he was, but suddenly the space changed around him.

Woosh! Yuan Feng disappeared, and then the man in black clothes disappeared, too.

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