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Chapter 988: Plot!


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Lin Feng and Zi Jing Xiao arrived where the explosion had just occurred. When they arrived, there was nothing there anymore, but the battle had been fierce. All the trees around them were destroyed. Zhao Ming Jun and the others had already disappeared.

“What happened?” Lin Feng asked skeptically. Everything had disappeared that fast? Zhao Ming Jun and the others may have escaped, but the probability wasn’t very high.

“I can smell blood, Lin Feng. Be careful,” Zi Jing Xiao said gravely, frowning. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen Zi Jing Xiao react like that.

Lin Feng admired Zi Jing Xiao. He was a young genius, and extremely strong. Lin Feng felt small in comparison.

“You smell blood, and I can sense space and time teleportation Qi,” Lin Feng added.

Zi Jing Xiao’s expression shifted. He looked at Lin Feng curiously. Lin Feng could sense space and time teleportation Qi? He suddenly viewed Lin Feng with admiration.

“Hehe, no wonder Qing Xin Yue likes you. You found the issue so quickly,” a voice reverberated everywhere in the valley. Lin Feng and Zi Jing Xiao’s faces hardened. They looked around, but didn’t know where the voice came from.

“Who are you? Stop hiding and get the hell here!” shouted Zi Jing Xiao, looking grim. Kun and You were at Zi Jing Xiao’s sides and ready to protect him in case of danger.

“Hey ho! Isn’t that Zi Jing Xiao from the Ancient Human Clan? Eh? After hiding for eight hundred years, you finally show up again?” mused the cold voice, but they still didn’t know where it came from. Lin Feng used his godly awareness to inspect the area and finally grinned.

Zi Jing Xiao clenched his fists, but Lin Feng spoke to him telepathically. Zi Jing Xiao was startled, when he heard Lin Feng, but nodded. Then he told You and Kun where their enemy was.

The four people heard the mysterious voice saying jokingly, “What? You still don’t know where I am? Hehe, boring opponents! Hehehehe!”

“You, southwest, five thousand meters away from here, top of the tree, that’s our target,” Zi Jing Xiao told You telepathically. You suddenly disappeared, reappeared above the tree, and threw a punch. His terrifying energies surged forth.

A man in black clothes appeared in the sky. Lin Feng and Zi Jing Xiao could see him clearly now.

“Fourth Great Supreme God layer? How is that possible?” Zi Jing Xiao was astonished. Since when did people have servants with the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer?

“Who found me?” asked the man, frowning unhappily. He hadn’t thought they would find him. His concealment technique was incredibly powerful.

Lin Feng frowned. He flashed and shouted, “It was me!”

“Oh? You, Lin Feng?” asked the man. He couldn’t believe it. He had thought Zi Jing Xiao would find him, but Lin Feng? He was a weakling of the second Great Supreme God layer. The man didn’t understand.

But it didn’t really matter.

“Alright, since it’s that way, you go down, too!” shouted the man. He raised his hands and a dark energy surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng sensed a powerful mixture of demon Qi, and space and time teleportation strength.

As expected, that was their trick.

“Teleportation!” shouted the man in black clothes furiously, clenching his fists.

Lin Feng could sense the space and time strength growing more powerful. He was being absorbed into another space.

But luckily, his space and time Dao strength had reached its maximum level, which was very useful. Mister Time had taught him a lot about space and time strength, it was his specialty, and Lin Feng had learned a lot from him.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng, punching the dark space and time energy. He released as much strength as he could to break free and then landed on the top of a tree.

The expression of the man in black clothes froze. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng could break free from his space and time strength. He looked amazed and angry.

“Since it’s that way, Zi Jing Xiao, you go down,” the man in black clothes smiled ferociously. If it didn’t work on Lin Feng, at least it would work on Zi Jing Xiao. He released his dark space and time strength around Zi Jing Xiao.

You and Kun’s were alarmed, and flashed in front of Zi Jing Xiao. You wanted to use his speed to bring Zi Jing Xiao away from the teleportation energy, but it was a futile effort.

Zi Jing Xiao, You and Kun slowly disappeared. In the end, they vanished without a trace.

When Lin Feng saw that, he looked grim. He understood how Zhao Ming Jun and the others had disappeared. The man’s teleportation energy was extremely powerful. Where were the others now?

Now he was in a complex situation. The young geniuses from both groups had already disappeared, and he was alone in Ju Valley. All the others had been teleported to another space. Their chances of saving Qing Xin Yue had decreased even more.

These opponents are really terrifying, thought Lin Feng.

The man stood at the top of the tree and grinned disdainfully at Lin Feng. “Hehe, you know, staying there is dangerous for you. We’re going to have lots of fun together, you know?” The man in black clothes scratched his neck.

Suddenly, a deadly energy appeared all around Lin Feng. He looked around sharply. He realized that he was in a bad position now that he had refused to be teleported.

In ordinary times, he could compete with a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, and at the very least, he could make sure he wasn’t killed. However, the situation was completely different this time. He had no time to waste; he had to save Qing Xin Yue! How could he stay there and engage in a never-ending battle against the man in black clothes? Especially when he didn’t know where the others were!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng suddenly looked afraid. What could he do?

When the black-clothed man saw that, he was excited and laughed, “Farewell, Lin Feng!” called out the laughing man. He flashed towards Lin Feng like a bullet. In the blink of an eye, he was right in front of Lin Feng.

“No! No!” shouted Lin Feng imploringly, but it was useless, the man in black clothes could see terror in Lin Feng’s eyes and it excited him.

And then Lin Feng grinned strangely. When the man in black clothes saw that, his expression froze as he realized there was something wrong.

Oh no! It was part of Lin Feng’s plan!

However, even as he thought that, it was already too late. The sound of flesh being cut by a sword rose, and blood gushed out of the man’s neck. He was terrified, he didn’t understand what Lin Feng had done.

Lin Feng took his sword back and the man fell down from the sky, bouncing off several rocks. His eyes were still wide open, and before dying, he saw a stranger, or more precisely, a soul.

Shi Si Ming looked down at the man in black clothes; the ghost  was holding the Sword of Remote Times and smiling icily.

“Hehe, I forgot to tell you! I am not very strong, but I have some friends who can help me. Now that you know the truth, you can die content,” Lin Feng grinned. The man’s Qi dispersed and he disappeared.

After dying, the man’s corpse turned into fog. No soul appeared. Lin Feng was surprised.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t understand. Could it be that the man in black clothes wasn’t a human? Or more precisely, he wasn’t alive before?

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Shi Si Ming told him calmly.

Lin Feng nodded, but remained focused. Their opponent was terrifying. Lin Feng had to be resourceful and think of a proper plan to kill him. How many people like that were in the valley?

Lin Feng now needed to find Zhao Ming Jun, Zi Jing Xiao, and the others. Otherwise, he would have to save Qing Xin Yue alone.

“Master, return,” Lin Feng told Shi Si Ming. Shi Si Ming nodded and disappeared into Lin Feng’s ring with the Sword of Remote Times once more.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Shi Si Ming was a trump card, but how long would he be able to use his trump cards?

If the man in black was alive, then he had a soul jewel, which meant it was with the mysterious cultivator who had kidnapped the girl.

I have to find other men in black and have them send me to the mysterious space. But most importantly, I have to understand how things work in Ju Valley so that I can save her, thought Lin Feng. He continued flying into the depths of Ju Valley.


At the same time, the mysterious man in black at the entrance of the cave felt one of the eight men in black had died, which lifted his eyebrows.

“Lin Feng? You killed one of my demon warriors? Hehe, more and more interesting”, the man smiled bloodthirstily.

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