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Chapter 989: The Ju Space!


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“Lin Feng, Ju Valley is huge. How are you going to find the men in black?” asked Shi Si Ming from inside the ring. Lin Feng wandered around like a lost soul looking for men in black. How could he find them?

Lin Feng had been wandering around for half an hour and hadn’t found a man in black yet. Lin Feng had the impression he had already explored every single corner of Ju Valley; all the cliffs, all the holes, everywhere.

So when Shi Si Ming asked Lin Feng that question, Lin Feng just smiled and said, “No need to worry for the time being. I first need to understand how things work in here. The men in black? Hehe, no problem, let’s play around with them. Even if I don’t move, they will come and find me so, I’m not in a rush,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly and continuing to explore.

Ju Valley was gigantic. A day might not even be enough to explore it entirely. Of course, if Lin Feng decided to fly, it would only take him a few seconds to see everything, but at the same time, he wouldn’t be able to see every single detail.

When Lin Feng stopped, he remembered every single part of the valley. The only place he hadn’t been was the cave where there were torches because Lin Feng understood that place was probably extremely dangerous. It might even be the nest of their enemies. If he went alone, it would be extremely reckless. Not only would he fail to save Qing Xin Yue, but on top of that, he might even get killed.

Lin Feng remained in the depths of Ju Valley in the darkness. He was a bit worried at the moment, but he tried to focus and remember what his initial plan was. He had killed one of the men in black, so now more of them would probably come and find him.


As he expected, after a short time, two men in black appeared in front of him. When Lin Feng saw them, he grinned. He had been waiting for them, and they were finally here.

The two men probably didn’t know that Lin Feng had been waiting for them on purpose. It was all part of his plan.

“So, you’re Lin Feng!” snarled the two men at the same time strangely. They were angry because Lin Feng had killed their friend. They wanted to kill Lin Feng right there on the spot, but their master had given them the order to capture him alive.

Therefore, no matter how angry they were, they couldn’t kill him.

Lin Feng smiled at the two men. They both looked exactly the same as the first one, and they both had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. However, they couldn’t attack him by surprise this time.

He didn’t hurry to attack. Since they wanted to send him another space, Lin Feng didn’t intend to refuse. Everybody else had already been teleported, so Lin Feng needed to be teleported to find them and then save Qing Xin Yue.

Their goal was obviously to imprison everybody in a strange space so that nobody would be able to save Qing Xin Yue.

Lin Feng knew that he couldn’t just sit and wait for death. The others couldn’t sit and wait for death, either. Lin Feng wondered if Zi Jing Xiao and Zhao Ming Jun also had a plan, but what he knew was that he had a precise plan, and it was a good one.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng clenched his fists, which crackled and released fearsome energies. He flashed towards the two men like a ghost.

He threw two punches at their chests. His attacks were fierce and quick.

The two men’s expressions didn’t change. Lin Feng saw dark space and time energy appear again.

Lin Feng moved slowly on purpose so that he would be teleported. He was surrounded by the terrifying space and time energy and slowly taken away. He didn’t resist this time.

In the end, lights flashed. Lin Feng felt dizzy and disappeared from Ju Valley. Everything around him blurred away. Lin Feng was traveling through space.

The two men in black teleported Lin Feng to another space.

It was a dark space, with nothing there. There was no building, no human Qi, nothing. At least, Lin Feng couldn’t detect any human Qi. It seemed like a world of death and darkness.

It was as dark as Ju Valley. Lin Feng’s mood was deteriorating because of the darkness. He had chosen to be teleported because he had no choice. If he hadn’t done so, he would have had to rely on his own strength, which would have been extremely dangerous, not to mention that he wouldn’t necessarily have been able to save Qing Xin Yue.

Lin Feng didn’t regret that he had come to save her. He regretted that he hadn’t brought the other souls with him, apart from Lin Ou who had to manage Tian Dao Yuan. With them, things would have been much easier.

“The Ju Space?” said Shi Si Ming suddenly.

Lin Feng frowned. The Ju Space? “Do you know this place, Master?” asked Lin Feng quickly. He was excited. If Shi Si Ming knew this place, then things would be much easier.

Shi Si Ming’s answer left Lin Feng even more excited. Not only did Shi Si Ming know this place, but he also knew everything about it.

“When I was the leader of Tian Dao Yuan, the Ju Space already existed. I remember a Great Supreme God, her name was Miss Ju; she came to Tian Dao Yuan and said she wanted to hand the Ju Space over to us. We refused for a simple reason: the Ju Space wasn’t suitable for the plans we had back then.

“But even though we refused, we know a lot about it. For example, I know that the Ju Space is a space you can’t leave by yourself. No matter how strong you are, you cannot leave this place unless someone from outside lets you leave. So you can be stuck in here for days, months or even years.

“Therefore, the Ju Space is a closed space, even a closed world. Even though it is a closed world, it can also attack. For example, the poison Qi in here is extremely powerful. Look under the ground. There are poison worms and poison. If you step on them, you’ll be poisoned, and even your pure Qi will get poisoned.

“Therefore, this place is a nightmare. There is no building, nothing. There is no way out.

“If I had known about that back then, I would have agreed to keep the Ju Space. You wouldn’t be in here now,” said Shi Si Ming. He felt annoyed, but Lin Feng just forced a smile.

That had happened three hundred thousand years ago, how could Shi Si Ming know something like this would happen in the future? It was just a pity.

“So we can’t leave at all, right, Master?” asked Lin Feng. He was a little nervous now.

Shi Si Ming shook his head. Indeed, there was no way out. Long ago, Miss Ju hadn’t told them how to get out when she had introduced the Ju Space to them.

Lin Feng nodded. Since it was that way, there was nothing to do.

“The most important thing now is to find the others,” Lin Feng said. No matter what, his goal hadn’t changed. If they were together, they were stronger, and they’d be able to think of solutions.

“Lin Feng, walk that way,” said Shi Si Ming, indicating a direction.

Lin Feng nodded. There was nothing else to do.

Lin Feng floated through the air slowly. He didn’t see anything at all. It was a dark and desolate world.


Elsewhere in the Ju Space…

Zi Jing Xiao was seated in his wheelchair, floating in midair. You and Kun were at his side. Chu Chun Qiu was with them, too.

“Zi Jing Xiao, where is Lin Feng?” Chu Chun Qiu asked.

Zi Jing Xiao shook his head and said indifferently, “He didn’t come in. He’s still outside.”

“Still outside?” Chu Chun Qiu’s expression changed again. It was extremely dangerous outside. It was actually safer in the Ju Space. Lin Feng was alone outside? How was he going to fight against all the men in black?

“Zi Jing Xiao, we have to find a way out as soon as possible. Otherwise, things will get worse and worse,” said Chu Chun Qiu. He wasn’t as strong as those people from the Ancient Human Clan, but he was much, much stronger than Yuan Feng.

“Shhh! Someone is here?” said Zi Jing Xiao suddenly. He gazed into the distance and looked grim. There was something wrong. The wind was strange.

Chu Chun Qiu stopped talking and gazed into the distance as well.

“You, go and check,” said Zi Jing Xiao to You. You disappeared, and reappeared in the distance.

Lin Feng also gazed into the distance cautiously. When he saw You, he was relieved.

You also saw Lin Feng, and was surprised.

“Is Zi Jing Xiao over there?” Lin Feng asked.

You nodded, then he turned around and flew back to Zi Jing Xiao, leading the way for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng followed quickly. After a short time, he found Zi Jing Xiao again.

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