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Chapter 991: Turning Against His Own Team!


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“It… It was a man in black clothes. He attacked me by surprise. You have to be very careful. There are more of them in here. They can see us, we can’t see them,” said Jia Li Ya, pulling a long face. She was angry. The enemy could attack them by surprise, and they couldn’t really anticipate or strike back. On top of that, she had a high position in the Ancient Beast Clan, higher than its leader!

However, she had lost face this time, and felt humiliated. She wanted to destroy the man in black violently.

When Zi Jing Xiao and Zhao Ming Jun heard her, they were unhappy. They understood their enemies a little bit better. Saving Qing Xin Yue wasn’t going to be easy. Not only weren’t they sure they would manage to save her, but they weren’t even sure they’d come out of this alive.

Their enemies were sly and cruel. Therefore, they had to stay together to be strong. The best they could do was probably to wait until the enemy was exhausted and then even if they attacked by surprise, they would probably fail.

However, Lin Feng hadn’t come back yet. Jia Li Ya had been attacked by surprise, so Lin Feng may have been attacked by surprise, too. Otherwise, he would realized that Zhao Ming Jun and the others were not with him.

“Everybody, we need to stick together. Let’s look for Lin Feng altogether,” proposed Zi Jing Xiao. Zhao Ming Jun nodded grimly. Lin Feng was a very important asset in their team. They couldn’t work without Lin Feng.

Zi Jing Xiao looked at You and Kun, who pushed his wheelchair in Lin Feng’s direction. Zhao Ming Jun and the others followed., Zhao Ming Jun also gave some Jia Li Ya medicine, and her pure Qi healed quickly.

Chu Chun Qiu was the most nervous one. The Ancient Demon King had come back! He needed to join hands with Lin Feng to defeat him. If they didn’t act quickly, the Ancient Demon King would seize the opportunity to attack, which would be extremely dangerous.

They all flew in Lin Feng’s direction.


At that moment, Lin Feng was indeed in great danger. In front of these two people, he felt desperate and furious at the same time. He clenched his fists, wanting to destroy Yuan Feng on the spot!

“I didn’t think you would turn against your own side and attack us!” Lin Feng shouted at Yuan Feng.

Yuan Feng smiled mockingly, glancing at the man in black next to him. He wasn’t afraid, since the man in black could help him. On the contrary, he was even excited. He could already imagine Lin Feng’s dead body!

“What I did is not important. What’s important is what it will bring to the Yuan Hall! Hehe, you noticed that the Yuan Hall sent me this time, and not Jing Wu Hen. It means that the Yuan Hall is in my hands now!

“I can make all the decisions for the Yuan Hall. Do you still want to cooperate with the Yuan Hall? Hehe!” Yuan Feng mocked him.

Lin Feng was even grimmer. He took a deep breath. Yuan Feng kept provoking him; it was time to get rid of him at all costs!

As Yuan Feng had said, Jing Wu Hen and the Yuan Hall had nothing to do with each other anymore. Lin Feng had to kill Yuan Feng; if Yuan Hall blamed him for that and was upset, then Tian Dao Yuan would destroy Yuan Hall!

It was as simple as that, so Lin Feng didn’t hesitate.

“Yuan Feng, you keep provoking me all the time. I ignored you for the cohesion and harmony of the group. But this time, show me how strong you are!” Lin Feng spat, smiling icily as he disappeared. Yuan Feng had attacked him by surprise and almost injured him. Luckily, Lin Feng had reacted in a timely manner and relied on his Genesis Spiritual body to protect himself.

This time, Lin Feng condensed explosive physical strength in his fist and threw a punch at Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng watched him gravely, his eyes filled with both killing intent and fear. He was afraid Lin Feng would use his full strength.

He just glanced at the man in black next to him. The man in black nodded and appeared in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye and thrust out a palm. An incredible strength was condensed in the palm of his hand as he met Lin Feng’s fist.

Lin Feng grunted with pain and was pushed back several steps before he stopped in midair and glared at the man in black with the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer.

“What? You’re afraid of fighting against me yourself?” Lin Feng mocked Yuan Feng. However, Yuan Feng couldn’t care less. He didn’t feel humiliated at all.

On the contrary, he just smiled disdainfully and said, “Haha! Fight against you? You are so naïve! I already turned against you. Why would I take a risk and fight against you? I know how strong you are. I can’t win against you.

“Haha! I have no reason to fight against you myself. I need to get rid of you, that’s all; the method I use to get rid of you isn’t important,” sneered Yuan Feng. He wasn’t ashamed at all.

“How despicable. I hadn’t thought you would be such a piece of trash, to be honest. I thought you were a person of high morals!” scoffed Lin Feng angrily. His eyes were already filled with murder as demon Qi emerged from his body.

Lin Feng using his terrifying demon blood Qi again drew the attention of the man in black. He was stupefied that Lin Feng also had demon Qi, and on top of that, it was extremely powerful!

“Blood Skill of the Great Tao!” shouted Lin Feng, turning into a demon. It looked like he had just come out of Hell, his whole body was soaked in blood. He looked terrifying. When Yuan Feng saw that, he was astonished, but he still smiled in contempt.

“I have no choice but to rely on you, Master!” Yuan Feng smiled at the man in black clothes. The man in black flashed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood that Yuan Feng had just tried to lure him there so the man in black could kill him. Unfortunately, his plot was destined to fail because he had was unaware of an extremely important factor. Yuan Feng was probably going to die because of it.

“Master, I’m leaving this to you!” Lin Feng raised his left hand, and Shi Si Ming came out. The ghost appeared in front of the man in black and threw a punch. There were three explosions, shaking the whole Ju Space.

The man in black tried to focus on Lin Feng and ignore Shi Si Ming. Shi Si Ming punched the man in black violently and blew him away, then chased after him. Shi Si Ming couldn’t defeat the man in black, but he could resist him!

Meanwhile, Lin Feng could fight against Yuan Feng without having to worry!

Yuan Feng had no idea Lin Feng had a mysterious cultivator on his side to help him. Even though it was just a soul, he had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. Resisting the man in black clothes wasn’t an issue for that mysterious cultivator. However, could Yuan Feng resist Lin Feng while the other two were fighting?

While the man in black clothes was busy fighting, what could Yuan Feng do? Lin Feng was too strong, Yuan Feng couldn’t defeat him. The outcome of their fight was predictable. Yuan Feng felt stupid. Why had he brought Lin Feng here? Why had he attacked him by surprise? If he had known earlier…

However, he had no time to think. Lin Feng was already attacking him, looking like a demonic beast. His attacks were as powerful as a thunderbolt. This time, Yuan Feng was in true danger.

Lin Feng condensed ten million jin worth of energy in his foot and threw a kick. Yuan Feng was blown thousands of meters away, and only barely managed to release enough strength to not crash into the poison on the ground.

After that kick, Lin Feng flashed towards him and attacked again, and Yuan Feng couldn’t dodge. Lin Feng looked insane at that moment. Lin Feng had only one thing in mind: killing Yuan Feng!

Yuan Feng couldn’t do anything, he had no opportunity to strike back. All he could do was try to defend himself.

Yuan Feng ground his teeth. Lin Feng kept punching him unceasingly. Lin Feng’s Qi was growing more and more powerful. In the end, Lin Feng’s Qi weighed a hundred million jin. Yuan Feng couldn’t resist anymore. He started panicking when he realized that.

Yuan Feng raised both arms to block Lin Feng’s punches, but heard some crackling sounds. His bones were breaking!

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Yuan Feng screamed in pain. He was blown away again, unable to bear the pain. This time, he couldn’t release his strength anymore, so he crashed into the ground. A crater appeared and poison worms started climbing onto his body.

Yuan Feng roared desperately. He activated his godly aura and killed a countless number of worms, then he struggled back up, and flashed up in midair again.

He looked miserable already. His hair was messy, and he felt like his whole body was destroyed. He was soaked in blood.

Lin Feng stared him icily, ready to kill. He didn’t intend to stop crushing Yuan Feng!

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