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Chapter 992: Crushing Yuan Feng!


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“So? How do you feel? Good?” Lin Feng jeered, looking at Yuan Feng cruelly. He didn’t calm down with his words, feeling even angrier. Lin Feng never acted mercifully against enemies like this.

Yuan Feng smiled ferociously, “Is that all? Hehe!”

“Moron! We’ll see if you continue laughing in a few minutes,” Lin Feng hissed icily. He disappeared once again. Yuan Feng frowned. He glanced around looking for Lin Feng,and noticed some Qi, but at the same time, Lin Feng appeared above his head.

Lin Feng threw a kick at him. Boom! The Ju Space shook violently again. Yuan Feng crashed to the ground again. The Ju Space was extremely resistant, so the craters formed by the collisions weren’t anywhere near as deep as in the outside world.

Yuan Feng had the impression his whole body had been destroyed. His head was ringing. He was both desperate and humiliated this time.

“I will do my best to kill you! ARGH!” shouted Yuan Feng furiously. He raised his hand and grabbed Lin Feng’s foot, releasing as much strength as he could to destroy it.

Lin Feng’s expression hardened as his foot hurt. He grit his teeth, but didn’t cry out, only getting angrier. His eyes were filled with flames of fury, illuminating the dark space around them.

He used his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill, and Yuan Feng’s skin started burning. It smelled like grilled meat suddenly. Yuan Feng shrieked and let go of Lin Feng’s foot, putting his hand on his chest and flying away.

“Hmph! Reckless!” taunted Lin Feng, and disappeared again. It wasn’t a fight now, it wasn’t fierce enough. It was just a game.

At the beginning, Lin Feng was wary, but Yuan Feng was actually too weak. Lin Feng was disappointed, as he had thought he would have an incredible fight against Yuan Feng. Lin Feng felt like he was in a show where he just had to display his strength.

Yuan Feng looked miserable. However, Lin Feng didn’t stop attacking. Yuan Feng couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Master, I can’t fight anymore! Help me get away!” Yuan Feng shouted at the man in black still fighting against Shi Si Ming fiercely.

The man in black clothes noticed that Yuan Feng looked miserable. “Piece of trash! You’re useless! Look at you! How did you even become the heir of the Yuan Hall?!” shouted the man in black clothes angrily.

“Haha! Little boy, don’t get distracted while we’re fighting, otherwise, things are going to get difficult for you!” said Shi Si Ming, smiling icily. The ghost threw a punch at the man in black clothes, who was instantly smashed away coughing blood.

The man in black clothes was severely injured. He was furious at Yuan Feng, but what could he do? He couldn’t fight against Lin Feng now. He initially thought he would get rid of Lin Feng easily, then he would gather with the other men in black and deal with Zi Jing Xiao, Zhao Ming Jun, and the others. But now it seemed impossible. They needed a new plan!

“Disperse!” shouted the man in black clothes. His full strength to fly thousands of meters away, then raised his hands as space and time strength appeared. He was getting ready to leave the Ju Space!

Yuan Feng looked relieved, as he was already exhausted. He struggled to fly towards the man in black, but Lin Feng couldn’t let him leave like that.

“You think I’m going to let you leave? We’re not done here!” Lin Feng snarled. He looked like an evil ghost.

Yuan Feng’s expression fell instantly. He frantically tried to escape, flying towards the man in black as fast as he could.

Lin Feng knew that his chances of stopping Yuan Feng were low, but he could also use space and time strength, so he thought preventing the man in black from teleporting was the best thing to do.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He raised his left hand, and blue space and time strength surrounded the black teleportation strength. The black teleportation strength crackled, exploded, and dispersed harmlessly.

The man in black clothes grunted in pain. He was already severely injured, and after that attack, his injuries were even more severe. He wanted to release teleportation strength again, but Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming glared at them like tigers eyeing prey. Yuan Feng was a piece of trash, he was useless.

Escaping now seemed impossible. The man in black clothes sighed. One of his fellows had already been killed by Lin Feng. Thanks to their master, they couldn’t die for real. However, after having being killed once, a man in black couldn’t continue participating in their little game.

If he died, then only six men in black would be left. Could six cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer resist Zi Jing Xiao, Zhao Ming Jun, Lin Feng, and the mysterious soul?

The man in black clothes knew he couldn’t afford to die, so he had to find a solution!

“Yuan Feng, you piece of trash!” shouted the man in black angrily. Yuan Feng forced a smile. He was unhappy, but what could he do? He knew he couldn’t help at all. The best he could do was attack from surprise like he had done before.

“Let’s hurry up and leave, the Master is there,” Yuan Feng said nervously. He set all his hopes on the man in black clothes.

The man in black was extremely angry. When he heard Yuan Feng beg him, he almost lost his senses.

“Oh you’re in a rush now! Wait a second! I really wonder why our master chose you! Fucking hell! You piece of trash!” shouted the man in black, but Yuan Feng didn’t pay attention to him.

Lin Feng raised his hands and looked at them mockingly. How amusing! Shi Si Ming stood next to Lin Feng’s side, looking very pale. He had lost lots of soul Qi during his battle.

Lin Feng felt guilty but he had had no choice, as without Shi Si Ming, he would have lost. They had clearly done their best to get rid of Lin Feng first. Yuan Feng was probably the main cause for that.

“Oh no! Oh no! Someone is coming!” the man in black clothes grimaced. He could hear energies rolling in waves in the distance.

There were only three men in black in the Ju Space, but the energies he had detected were from a bigger group of people. They were probably coming to back Lin Feng up!

“Oh no! I have to leave as soon as possible, otherwise I’m going to lose! Yuan Feng, you’ll be my human shield while I try again,” ordered the man in black quickly.

Yuan Feng paled. A human shield?? He was going to die if he did that!

“Master, I can’t…”

“Piece of trash! All this is happening because of you! Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in such a position! I really regret I took you here. Piss off!” shouted the man in black furiously. He pushed Yuan Feng, who was smashed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng grinned sinisterly. When Yuan Feng saw that, he panicked. He truly feared Lin Feng!

Lin Feng didn’t hesitate to throw a punch at Yuan Feng, whose bones cracked again. Lin Feng was in a great mood. Yuan Feng had provoked and humiliated him so many times before, and now Lin Feng was getting his revenge.

After that, Lin Feng threw a punch towards the man in black. Shi Si Ming used his full strength to follow him as well.

The man’s expression collapsed. He released world strength around them, but Lin Feng just threw a punch and a huge hole appeared in it.

The man was injured, so his world strength wasn’t strong enough anymore!

The man was still trying to teleport again when a teleportation gate appeared and slowly started opening.

The man was extremely happy, he glanced at Yuan Feng and shouted furiously, “Get your ass over here! We’re going!”

“I’m coming!” shouted Yuan Feng gleefully. He flew towards the teleportation gate as quickly as possible.

At the same time, the world strength which Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming were stuck in continued breaking apart. Lin Feng threw a punch at the man in black clothes. Shi Si Ming appeared in front of the man in black clothes and backhanded him with an iron palm.

Bam! Bam! The man in black clothes coughed blood. He was on the verge of collapse.

When Yuan Feng saw that, he burst into laughter. “Hahaha! Old moron! Piss off!” Yuan Feng shouted vengefully. He punched the man in black clothes and flashed towards the teleportation gate.

Lin Feng’s snarled. He stretched out his hand, but it was too late. He hastily took his hand back, or he would get teleported too.

Yuan Feng was gone. He had pushed the man in black clothes aside and escaped.

The man in black clothes could barely breathe. He felt to the ground on his knees. The strange and scary poison worms started climbing up his body.

At that time, Zi Jing Xiao and the others arrived. When they saw the man in black clothes on the ground and Lin Feng floating in midair, they were astonished.

Shi Si Ming had already gone back into Lin Feng’s space ring.

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