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Chapter 995: Setting Ju Valley on Fire!



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“What do we do now?” Qing Ling Xuan asked the others. He needed to know the opinions of the others. He was just there to help, he wasn’t a leader there.

“Lin Feng, any suggestions?” asked Zi Jing Xiao. He preferred asking Lin Feng first. Zhao Ming Jun seemed unhappy, but he didn’t say anything. He also looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked back at them. They were both incredible young geniuses; he couldn’t compete with them in terms of strength, but in the future, he would! For the time being, he just needed to be patient. Zi Jing Xiao was strange, but he wasn’t proud or arrogant. Lin Feng thought Zi Jing Xiao and he might become friends in the future.

Zhao Ming Jun and Lin Feng hadn’t talked too much so far, so Lin Feng didn’t think of him as someone particularly nice, but he didn’t think he was a bad person, either. For the time being, they had to focus on saving Qing Xin Yue. Lin Feng knew he had to make the right decision.

“I think we need to force the other men in black to show up. We only have bad solutions, so it’s the best of the worst we can pick. Otherwise, if we continue playing cat and mouse, we’re the ones who are going to be exhausted, not them.

“This place is their battlefield. They know the place perfectly, we don’t. Therefore, the best thing is to force them out.

“I’ve already killed a man in black. Tan Zhe is back in Ju Space; he can’t fight anymore, but there might be more men in the Ju Space.

“Even if there are more of them in Ju Valley, I don’t think there can be that many. Brother Zi Jing Xiao and Brother Zhao Ming Jun, you two can easily crush one of them alone. Qing Ling Xuan and Hun Cang, if you stay together, you can probably compete with one man. Chu Chun Qiu and I can also defeat two men.”

“Hahaha! What a joke! You two can defeat one man each?!” scoffed Hun Cang disdainfully. In his opinion, Lin Feng was just overestimating himself. Why would he need to join hands with Qing Ling Xuan to defeat one man if Lin Feng could defeat one man alone?! He really thought too highly of himself!

Lin Feng remained silent. Chu Chun Qiu frowned and spat unhappily, “Ok. Then he and I can join hands and you fight against a man alone, alright?”

“Why did you provoke me, Chu Chun Qiu?! We are not enemies!” snarled Hun Cang icily.

Chu Chun Qiu smiled indifferently, “As you wish. I don’t care. If you think you can defeat one man alone, Lin Feng and I have nothing to say. If you can’t defeat a man alone, then you better shut up!

“In this world, arrogant and proud people don’t lack. Lin Feng and I are not stupid. We don’t need to risk our lives to save that girl. If we didn’t have trump cards, we wouldn’t say we’re able to kill a man in black alone.

“You saw the man Lin Feng severely injured in the Ju Space. You also know that Yuan Feng escaped injured, so how can you say Lin Feng cannot defeat a man in black alone? He already did!

“You’re making fun of him and me, which proves you don’t feel that confident. You’re trying to humiliate us to make yourself feel better,” Chu Chun Qiu sneered. Lin Feng was surprised. He had never seen Chu Chun Qiu like that.

And he didn’t stop there!

“You are also scared of Lin Feng, but you won’t admit it. However, do you think that making fun of Lin Feng will bring you anything? Why don’t you have a proper fight against him? Because you don’t dare!

“So tell me, what makes you feel qualified to make fun of Lin Feng and me?” finished Chu Chun Qiu.

Hun Cang stared at him glumly, and frowned. He clenched his fists so hard he almost broke some of his fingers, but he had to control himself. He had also heard that Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu had fought to a tie…

He didn’t know strong Chu Chun Qiu really was, and he didn’t want to lose more face. Chu Chun Qiu had already made fun of him, that was enough. He had lost face, but if he lost against Chu Chun Qiu, then he would lose his dignity and honor.

“Enough! Stop talking. Let’s do what Lin Feng said. Jia Li Ya was attacked by surprise and hasn’t completely recovered yet. She needs time to heal. Jia Li Ya, you can help us once you have completely recovered,” declared Zhao Ming Jun, frowning as he interrupted Chu Chun Qiu and Hun Cang.

Zhao Ming Jun knew that he had to act. Hun Cang and Chu Chun Qiu were members of his group, after all. If he didn’t keep things under control, then Zi Jing Xiao would make fun of him. The only reason why he talked to Lin Feng was to give Zi Jing Xiao face.

He wouldn’t have needed to talk to Lin Feng even if he was a group leader otherwise. Lin Feng was too weak, but since Zi Jing Xiao was in Lin Feng’s group, Zhao Ming Jun had to be astute.

Not many people knew how strong Zhao Ming Jun and Zi Jing Xiao were, but in the Ancient Human Clan, the Tian Ji Sect, Zhao Hall, and the Ancient Yan Clan, less than a dozen people could compete with them!

Among those ten people, the majority were from the Ancient Human Clan and the Zhao Hall. In terms of ranking, he was two ranks higher than Zi Jing Xiao.

Zhao Ming Jun admired the top three the most. What an honor to be in the top three of the biggest sects and clans. Those three people were less than a thousand years old, on top of that! They were real young geniuses!

They were already much stronger than most of the elders and Supreme Elders of the ancient sects and clans. Both Zi Jing Xiao and he admired the cultivators of the top three. Lin Feng was just a trivial cultivator compared to those real geniuses.

If Lin Feng ended up in the top three or four of the young geniuses, he would realize that he was a frog in a well before; he would understand the difference between young geniuses and the others.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to Zhao Ming Jun’s strange expression. He was still thinking about the plan, but Zi Jing Xiao noticed Zhao Ming Jun’s odd looks. He could imagine what Zhao Ming Jun was thinking.

“Lin Feng, how do we make them come out?” asked Zi Jing Xiao.

Everybody was listening seriously and carefully, even Hun Cang. They had no choice. Nobody was as stupid as Yuan Feng. If they wanted to get out alive, they had to cooperate!

Hun Cang was a young genius of the Ancient Soul Clan, and he would be the future heir of the clan, not a simple elder or supreme elder. He didn’t want to die there.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt pressured. However, pressure was good sometimes. He had several trump cards, such as Shi Si Ming, so he could always resort to his help again. He also had the Sword of Remote Times.

“Let’s set Ju Valley on fire!” Lin Feng proposed, smiling broadly.

Everybody was incredulous. What an insane idea! Set Ju Valley on fire? Ju Valley was gigantic!

“Haha! How insane! How brutal! I agree!” shouted Kun, laughing excitedly. This time, Zi Jing Xiao didn’t pay attention to him, as he thought it was a good idea as well. It would be tough, but it would also be efficient if it worked.

Hehe! If they set Ju Valley on fire, not only would the men in black be forced out, but the mysterious cultivator who had kidnapped the girl might also show up. They didn’t need to worry about civilians because nobody lived in Ju Valley, so no innocent people would be injured!

“There’s no time to lose, Lin Feng. We’re ready when you are,” said Chu Chun Qiu, raising his fists.

Lin Feng nodded and flashed high up in the sky. They were surrounded by dark and viscous poison Qi, and could not see farther than a hundred meters. They didn’t know if it was daytime or nighttime either.

“The black-clothed men’s plan is about to be ruined. Come and catch me now! Hehe!” Lin Feng smiled expectantly as he raised his left arm. A fire-red eye appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead, and the ambient temperature increased tens of thousands of degrees as he used his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill. A fire-red beam of light emerged from his Jia Yan’s Eye and crashed dozens of li away.

There was a distant explosion and the fire roared. It was like there were millions of small fire elves on the ground and in the forests of Ju Valley. From the distance, it looked like the sun was rising. Ju Valley was usually dark, but at that moment, it was all lit up by the flames.

Everybody got ready to fight. The men in black were about to show up!

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