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PMG 2 Chapter 100: Lin Feng’s Second Disciple!!

PMG 2 Chapter 100: Lin Feng’s Second Disciple!!

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“Thank you very much, Ancestor.”

Finally, after twenty hours, Fu Chen broke free from the cage and his space Dao broke through, it was now level three. He also broke through to the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer.

One day had passed, and nobody had been able to stop them.

At the beginning, everyone was bored and annoyed, but as time passed, many people had starting feeling admiration for Fu Chen’s determination. It was a noble quality.

“Stand up,” said Lin Feng, waving his hand.

Fu Chen nodded and stood up. Lin Feng looked at him, that handsome and clean little boy looked quite feminine, but nobody could compete with him in terms of human qualities.

Lin Feng had the impression he could see his own self in Fu Chen’s eyes. He missed that time. Even though he was weak, he remembered how excited he used to get about everything.

“Ancestor, please attack me and defeat me,” said Fu Chen. He knew he couldn’t do anything anymore, so he asked Lin Feng to defeat him.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled broadly. He raised his left hand and some strength blew Fu Chen away. Fu Chen initially had no strength left to protect himself, but Lin Feng had released almost no strength because he didn’t want Fu Chen to get injured.

Fu Chen landed at the foot of the battle stage, and bowed hand over fist respectfully.

“Uncle Lin Feng, I would like to recruit Fu Chen as a disciple,” Fan Sheng Jun said to Lin Feng.

It was rare to find people who were so determined. He would definitely become extremely strong!

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised, but Fu Chen’s teacher was. His teacher was of the same generation as Fan Sheng Jun, but much weaker. If Fan Sheng Jun could recruit Fu Chen, it was better of course!

“Patriarch, you’re wise. My disciple is very talented. He will become a great disciple of yours,” said Fu Chen’s teacher, hastily running out of the crowd and kneeling down before Fan Sheng Jun.

Fan Sheng Jun nodded, looking at Lin Feng and the other Supreme Elders.

“I don’t mind,” said Fan Tian Gang. He was happy if his son could recruit more disciples.

Fan Tian Gang agreed, so the others could only assent.

“Thank you very much, Sage,” said Fan Sheng Jun. He walked over to Fu Chen. Fu Chen knelt down and looked at Fan Sheng Jun. He was touched by the gesture.

“From now on, you are my-”

“From now on, Fu Chen is my disciple,” said Lin Feng as Fan Sheng Jun was about to talk. Lin Feng raised his left hand, took out a token and threw it at Fu Chen. Fu Chen was amazed. He stared at Lin Feng and caught the token.

Lin Feng’s reaction astonished everybody, but not for the fact that he wanted to recruit Fu Chen as a disciple. He had spent a whole day and a whole night training him. That was something a teacher did for his disciples!

Fan Sheng Jun’s eyes were sad. Since Lin Feng had said he wanted Fu Chen, Fan Sheng Jun couldn’t say anything.

But Lin Feng’s reaction made Fan Tian Gang feel uncomfortable. Fan Tian Gang had told his son he was fine with him recruiting Fu Chen, and suddenly Lin Feng had gotten involved.

But Fan Tian Gang was only ‘not satisfied’. He wasn’t angry. If he got angry over such small things, then he wasn’t qualified to be a Sage.

“Greet your teacher, Fu Chen,” said Fan Tian Gang, smiling politely.

Fu Chen looked at the token and then at Lin Feng. He knelt down and performed three kowtows.

“Greetings, Teacher,” said Fu Chen. He looked determined. He had always remained true to himself.

“I will only recruit three disciples in my entire life. Ye Chen is one of them. He is your fellow disciple. You will have the opportunity to meet him someday.

“The second one is you, Fu Chen. From now on, nobody will ever bully you again. If anyone dares bully you, it means they don’t give me face and I will kill them, even if I have to take risks.

“My third disciple will be a woman. I haven’t recruited her yet, I hope I’ll find one someday. And then, my three disciples will be close to one another. They will be like additional arms to me.

“Remember that, okay?” Lin Feng said to Fu Chen.

Fu Chen looked determined and nodded, shouting, “I understand, Teacher!”

“Hehe, good, stand up now,” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly.

Fu Chen stood up and stood next to Lin Feng. He was now Lin Feng’s disciple. He wasn’t a chief disciple, but he was Lin Feng’s second disciple.

Fu Chen had the impression he was in a dream. Who would have thought he’d ever become Lin Feng’s disciple?

And now his former teacher would call him “Uncle.”

“Alright, you recruited a disciple, good, let’s back to the competition now!” Fan Tian Gang called out with a frown. He wasn’t really happy about Lin Feng’s behavior. Because of Fu Chen, they had wasted a whole day.

Lin Feng knew he had gone a bit too far, but so what? Fu Chen was a good seed. Lin Feng didn’t say anything and went back to the crowd.

“Lin Feng won the second battle and will move on to the next round!” announced Fan Tian Gang. “Third battle, Cheng Shan vs. Luo Chen!”

Finally, Lin Feng really wanted to see these two people fight, even if he knew Cheng Shan would probably lose.

Cheng Shan came out of the group of people from Zhongzhuan City. He hadn’t changed. He was honest, kind, and tall and sturdy.

Cheng Shan walked out onto the battle stage and glanced at Lin Feng. He was expressionless. He just looked indifferent.

Lin Feng had the impression there was something wrong. Back then, Cheng Shan was always joyful, and when he saw him, he used to smile fatuously all the time, but now he looked as indifferent as if they were strangers.

What’s wrong? Why has Cheng Shan changed so much in the last few months?, thought Lin Feng. He had the impression there was something wrong. He actually had the impression either Cheng Shan or he himself was in danger.

“Gods Sect, Luo Chen,” said Luo Chen, smiling indifferently. Then he walked onto the stage and bowed hand over fist, smiling at Cheng Shan.

“Zhongzhuan City, Cheng Shan!” shouted Cheng Shan hoarsely. His Qi had changed too.

Lin Feng frowned. Cheng Shan was different. Now, Lin Feng was sure there was something wrong.

And then Lin Feng understood what was wrong about Cheng Shan!

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    Good work

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    He left Ye Chen in the Continent of 9 Clouds, not bring him along in his small world, so how would his disciples meet?

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      He intends to return there at some point. Also I see him to be an open-minded person.

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