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PMG 2 Chapter 101: Luo Chen’s Surprising Level

PMG 2 Chapter 101: Luo Chen’s Surprising Level

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“The competition may begin!” shouted Fan Tian Gang. Instantly, the two cultivators started fighting.

Cheng Shan raised his left hand and took out a blade. He thrust out at Luo Chen’s chest with his blade, before jumping and raising his right foot. At the same time, Luo Chen jumped lightly into the air.

Cheng Shan raised his eyes and looked at Luo Chen. He also rose up in the air and continued thrusting at Luo Chen’s chest with his blade. Luo Chen looked focused as he also took out a blade.

They both battled using their sabers for a long time. Each time their blades collided, they sparkled and metallic sounds spread in the air. Their eyes were filled with murder.

Lin Feng watched carefully. Cheng Shan’s Qi had thoroughly changed. He had completely changed. What had happened to him? Why had he become like this?

“Die!” shouted Cheng Shan hoarsely. He raised his left hand. His saber disappeared and energies rolled out. Instead, he took out thin silver needles and threw them, aiming at Luo Chen’s temples.

Luo Chen’s expression swiftly changed. He raised his arms to protect his head.

As everybody thought that Luo Chen’s defense seemed to suffice, Cheng Shan’s needles surprisingly pierced through his arms. People’s eyes widened. The needles then continued moving towards Luo Chen’s temples.

Luo Chen’s face paled. He released speed strength in his feet and tilted his head sideways. The needles flew past his head, but they had nearly reached him.

“You want to die!!” shouted Luo Chen. He was furious at the sudden pressure.

Luo Chen made a big jump and arced towards Cheng Shan. He raised a foot, condensing an explosive strength in it, powerful and dazzling. He moved his foot so quickly that the crowd heard a sonic boom and saw the space become distort. Luo Chen was truly angry!

When Cheng Shan sensed Luo Chen’s strength, he remained calm, and his expression didn’t change. He clenched his left fist and got ready to block Luo Chen’s kick with it.

After the collision, neither of them retreated. Neither of them was willing to let the other win. Luo Chen was getting more and more surprised. What kind of opponent was this? He hadn’t thought Cheng Shan would be so strong!

He couldn’t afford to fail. He had to qualify for the next round. Otherwise, his plan would be completely ruined.

Thinking about that, Luo Chen grew even more focused. He took half a step backwards, a few dozen meters away from Cheng Shan before he suddenly stretched out his left hand. He pointed at the sky with all his fingers. Dazzling blue lights dashed to the skies, and a hole appeared there.

“Cosmic Earthshaking Fingers, die!” shouted Luo Chen furiously. His Qi was unparalleled. Blue lights kept dashing to the skies and then came back, shooting towards Cheng Shan’s chest. Their speed was incredible. Even Lin Feng could only estimate their speed. Most people weren’t even able to see the movement, all they saw were blue lights appearing near Cheng Shan’s chest.

Cheng Shan suddenly looked more focused. It was the first time he had looked so focused since the beginning of the battle. Everybody stared at him, wondering what he was going to do.

Lin Feng was curious too. How strong had Cheng Shan really become?

After that, Cheng Shan put his hands on his hips and crouched down. Lin Feng frowned, sensing the ground shake.

The ground shook more violently than an earthquake. Fan Tian Gang couldn’t help, but frown as well.

“He’s absorbing earth strength!” noticed Patriarch Zi Jian. Everybody’s expression changed drastically. Lin Feng stared at Cheng Shan’s feet. As expected, there were connections between his feet and the ground. The earth strength was penetrating into his body and starting to flow through his veins towards his fists.

“Explode! Earth Punch!” shouted Cheng Shan like a ferocious beast. The whole Godly Mountain shook violently. Everybody put their hands on their ears because of the rumbling sounds.

Cheng Shan threw out his fists. They contained a thick and heavy earth Qi. It was like both his fists had turned into gigantic mountains.

Luo Chen used pure sky strength. It was like a battle between heaven and earth, blue and yellow.

Boom, boom, boom…!

The whole stage shook violently. The blue lights collided with Cheng Shan’s fists. All the cultivators who weren’t Holy Emperors yet hastily retreated to avoid getting injured.

Lin Feng was a Holy Emperor, but he still released some strength to protect himself, as well.

After a very long time, the collisions finally calmed down. The earth and sky strengths disappeared. Everybody was staring at the stage.

Lin Feng was also staring. He saw a silhouette on stage. It was neither Cheng Shan nor Luo Chen. It was… Fan Tian Gang!

Fan Tian Gang had gotten involved at the most crucial moment. The two fighters had kind of lost control. Other people and both fighters could have gotten injured.

“Luo Chen won and is qualified for the next round,” said Fan Tian Gang, waving his left hand and looking at Luo Chen.

Luo Chen was delighted. He looked at Fan Tian Gang, bowing hand over fist, and walked down the stage. Cheng Shan was standing on the edge of the stage. He had been pushed back during the collision.

Cheng Shan looked expressionless and left the stage. As he left, he glanced at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shivered. Why did Cheng Shan look so cold and detached? He even looked angry!

Lin Feng was worried. What had happened to Cheng Shan? Why had he become like that? And how had he become so strong, as well? And why was he angry at him in particular?

“Next battle, Xuan Yuan Mu vs. Wu Yong!” shouted Fan Tian Gang. Xuan Yuan Mu was going to fight against Wu Yong, the leader of a small sect. Of course, the battle ended up as expected. However, the crowd hadn’t thought the battle would be so fierce.

In the end, Xuan Yuan Mu was forced to use ninety percent of his strength to defeat Wu Yong. It wasn’t a crushing defeat for Wu Yong.

Wu Yong was probably going to become quite famous after this fight. As the leader of a sect, his sect would grow stronger, or at least it would definitely become stronger than it was before this fight.

“Xuan Yuan Mu won and is qualified for the next round. Next battle, Ma Nan vs. Tian Han!”

When Lin Feng heard Fan Tian Gang, he frowned. Ma Nan against Tian Han?

Both were from influential groups in Zhongzhuan City. Ma Nan was called Prince Nan in Zhongzhuan City. In the past, Ma Nan used to pose a threat to Lin Feng, but things had changed.

After Tian Qiong’s death, Ma Nan had become calmer. He had stopped showing up around Lin Feng, so naturally Lin Feng gradually started forgetting about him. But when Lin Feng heard Ma Nan was going to fight, he paid particular attention to him.

Ma Nan had already reached the top of the Half-Holy Emperor layer. He was about to break through to the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer. Tian Han was also about to break through to the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer.

In the end, Lin Feng didn’t feel like watching them because he kept thinking of Cheng Shan.

Lin Feng looked at the candidates’ list. A few hours would be needed before moving on to the next round. Lin Feng wanted to go and see Cheng Shan during that time. He wanted to understand what was wrong with his friend.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng left the bleachers and flew towards Cheng Shan. Fan Tian Gang glanced at Lin Feng but didn’t say anything. He continued paying attention to the competition.

“The battle can start!”

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