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PMG 2 Chapter 102: Cheng Shan is Too Mysterious

PMG 2 Chapter 102: Cheng Shan is Too Mysterious

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“Cheng Shan, what’s going on?” Lin Feng crossed the kwoon and joined Cheng Shan at the foot of the mountain. He was worried about his friend.

Cheng Shan raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, but remained silent. He then walked past him, ignoring him.

Lin Feng calmly watched as Cheng Shan walked past him. Lin Feng had been ready to protect himself, just in case. Cheng Shan wasn’t normal. Nobody knew what he was capable of doing.

Cheng Shan stopped two meters away, behind Lin Feng and then stopped and stared at him.

“You still remember me? Lin Feng?” asked Cheng Shan hoarsely.

Lin Feng looked surprised. Cheng Shan didn’t look like the Cheng Shan he had met. He had never seen Cheng Shan like this.

“Are you even Cheng Shan?” asked Lin Feng, staring at him.

“Bullshit, die, Lin Feng!” said Cheng Shan, suddenly attacking. A blade appeared in his left hand and he threw it at Lin Feng’s chest. His eyes were filled with murder. He managed to startle Lin Feng with his quick attack. Luckily, Lin Feng had gotten ready to protect himself.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and released forbidden strength. He blocked Cheng Shan’s saber and jumped back.

“Lin Feng, you will die today!” shouted Cheng Shan, throwing himself at Lin Feng furiously. He then put his blade away and took out the needles, which he threw at Lin Feng.

He wanted Lin Feng to die, and didn’t give him any opportunity to think.

Lin Feng moved back and released strength to protect himself against the myriad needles which were flying towards his temples. Those needles were dangerous! He had noticed that defensive strength was not very useful against the needles, however.

Of course, Lin Feng had more tricks than Luo Chen. He raised his hands and released space and time Dao. The needles were shifted into another space, so they naturally couldn’t reach him anymore.

Then Lin Feng raised his left hand and released an explosive forbidden strength. The needles broke apart. At that moment, Lin Feng jumped into another space and attacked.

Lin Feng was already sure that his opponent wasn’t Cheng Shan. It was someone else, an old enemy. Since Lin Feng was sure it was the case, he decided to be merciless.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and released life and strength Dao. The death Qi rendered Cheng Shan panic-stricken, as if death was the thing he feared the most. He couldn’t stand it.

“Enjoy this punch!” shouted Cheng Shan, furiously throwing out his fist. Lin Feng also raised his fist and punched out.

Cheng Shan jumped back and ran away.

“You want to escape? Stop!” said Lin Feng, frowning. Cheng Shan had attacked him by surprise and now he wanted to escape? Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him go so easily…

Lin Feng released space and time Dao again. Time stopped for a second, which was enough for Lin Feng’s left fist to punch Cheng Shan’s chest. Cheng Shan coughed up a mouthful of blood. His face became as pale as a sheet of paper and he was blown away. Then he crashed onto the ground heavily.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and released a space cage to imprison Cheng Shan.

“So, who are you?” shouted Lin Feng, staring at Cheng Shan.

Cheng Shan coughed up more blood. His expression looked hideous and ferocious. He sneered at Lin Feng mockingly.

“You talk a lot, Lin Feng. Wait and you’ll see! Sooner or later, you will die in atrocious conditions!” swore Cheng Shan, smiling evilly. Lin Feng noticed that Cheng Shan’s body was becoming illusory, and he disappeared from the cage.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. The cage disappeared, but Cheng Shan was gone.

“It was a clone?”

Was it a clone? Wasn’t it a real body?

“I will kill you, Lin Feng!” A second later, Cheng Shan was standing at the top of the Godly Mountain atop a gigantic stone. He was smiling in a strange and evil way.

Lin Feng raised his gaze and studied Cheng Shan. It was Cheng Shan’s real body.

“Who are you?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He didn’t understand.

“Lin Feng, remember what I said, I will kill you someday! I will avenge everybody, haha!” shouted Cheng Shan hoarsely. Then he disappeared. Lin Feng was stupefied, he jumped and flew to the top of the Godly Mountain. He glanced all around, but he couldn’t see Cheng Shan anymore. He had vanished without a trace.

“Who is he?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was angry at himself, and felt powerless.

Cheng Shan was a mystery!

Lin Feng decided that after the competition, he would go to the Cheng Clan and ask about Cheng Shan.

Lin Feng sighed, feeling sad for Cheng Shan. What had happened to him? Nobody knew.

Lin Feng disappeared from the top of the mountain, and went back to the seats.


After a few hours, the first round was finally over. Only the strongest cultivators remained. They were heroes from the Gods Sect and a few other influential groups.

Lin Feng and Jian Ya were the crowd’s favorites. The crowd thought the two were those who had the highest chances of winning. Xuan Yuan Mu was also qualified for the second round which meant he hada chance to become Holy Fifth as well.

Luo Chen was mysterious and discreet. Nobody seemed to remember him.

When Lin Feng saw that Tian Han had qualified for the next round, he understood that he had defeated Ma Nan.

Amongst those who remained, there were also people Lin Feng had never seen. They were probably second-class disciples of the Gods Sect, as well as patriarchs and elders of other sects.

There were fifteen people in total, including Lin Feng. Those fifteen people had the opportunity to continue fighting to become Holy Fifth.

Lin Feng saw a name which surprised him, especially since that person had signed up for the competition at the very last minute: Wu Huo.

Wu Huo? Huo Wu?

Lin Feng found it strange. Was Wu Huo Huo Wu?

 He raised his head and looked for Wu Huo, but there were too many people.

Lin Feng didn’t know that at that moment, Wu Huo was in the crowd smiling. She noticed that Lin Feng was looking for her, so she lowered her head and continued hiding.

Wu Huo was indeed Huo Wu. Initially, she had secretly escaped because she wanted to follow Lin Feng, but she hadn’t thought he’d participate in the Great Holy Fifth Selection Competition. She decided to sign up as well.

She was capable of doing anything. Lin Feng just didn’t know it.

The second round was about to start.

“Di Shu is in charge of the second round. The second round consists of fair battles.”

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    “Fair battles they say” for some odd reason i have a hard time to belive anything regarding Di Shu is “Fair” xD

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