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PMG 2 Chapter 103: Fighting Against Di Shu!

PMG 2 Chapter 103: Fighting Against Di Shu!

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Fan Tian Gang briefly introduced the second round. Lin Feng frowned when he heard that. Di Shu was in charge of the second round?

“Di Shu, lower your strength to the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer. You cannot use more strength than that. People who fight against you have to withstand fifty attacks to win,” said Fan Tian Gang, glancing at Di Shu.

Di Shu looked surprised, but he smiled easily. “No problem. Leave it to me.”

He scratched his nose. Even though he looked like a child, he wasn’t young at all.

Di Shu jumped forwards and landed on the battle stage. He raised his left hand and golden lights appeared. Everybody noticed that Di Shu’s Qi had suddenly lowered. He was initially at the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer, but now he had the strength of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer.

“Who wants to come first?” shouted Di Shu, glancing around.

Lin Feng glanced at Di Shu. Di Shu looked back at him. But Lin Feng remained silent and motionless. He didn’t want to be the first challenger.

“I’ll come first, Teacher,” said Xuan Yuan Mu. He was Di Shu’s disciple, so he was convinced Di Shu wouldn’t be too mean to him. He would probably let him move on to the next round, especially since if Xuan Yuan Mu became Holy Fifth, it’d be beneficial for Di Shu as well!

Di Shu nodded and smiled, “Disciple, attack me.”

“Yes, Teacher!” said Xuan Yuan Mu, nodding respectfully. He jumped forwards at Di Shu. He raised his left foot and released a powerful energy, aiming for Di Shu’s chest.

Di Shu clenched his fists and threw his left foot in Xuan Yuan Mu’s direction. Their feet collided and both were pushed backwards, then Xuan Yuan Mu continued attacking. Di Shu protected himself, and didn’t attack.

His goal was simple, let Xuan Yuan Mu go through fifty attacks and help him get qualified.

The two fighters both used their full strength so Fan Tian Gang couldn’t say Di Shu was trying to help. Very quickly, Xuan Yuan Mu and Di Shu exchanged fifty attacks.

“You’re qualified for the next round,” said Di Shu, taking his fist back.

Xuan Yuan Mu bowed hand over fist, respecting his teacher.

“Who comes next?” asked Di Shu, glancing at the dozen people.

“I’ll come,” said Jian Ya, holding his black sword. He landed on the battle stage and immediately threw the sword in Di Shu’s direction.

Instantly, the atmosphere became more oppressive. Jian Ya was extremely strong. Di Shu was now a Low-Level Holy Emperor, so he didn’t have an advantage. Therefore, the duel was definitely going to be exceptional. Everybody was delighted to watch such a fight.

As expected, Jian Ya’s sword attack did pose a threat to Di Shu’s life. Di Shu also used a weapon, a golden whip.

He lashed out with the golden whip and it collided with Jian Ya’s sword. The thick sword energy pierced through Di Shu’s skin and moved towards his vital organs. Jian Ya only had one thought, to use his full strength. No matter what the result of the fight would be, he wanted to do his best.

Di Shu was furious. Jian Ya was definitely strong enough to pass, but Di Shu was annoyed because Jian Ya had a sword.

The golden whip was very powerful, a better weapon than Jian Ya’s black sword. The golden whip was already a godly imperial weapon.

The two fighters exchanged a hundred attacks extremely quickly. Of course, Jian Ya was already qualified for the next round.

“You passed,” Di Shu said indifferently, putting his golden whip away.

Jian Ya didn’t even look at Di Shu. He put his black sword away and walked off the stage. He stood aside and waited.

“Who comes next?” asked Di Shu, glancing at the dozen people.

“I’ll come,” said the patriarch of a small sect. He was holding a weapon as well and charged at Di Shu instantly. After the previous battles, he was convinced he had high chances of qualifying for the next round.

Even though they were at the same level, there was a huge difference between them. Di Shu didn’t even use a weapon, but still defeated that patriarch in one attack.

“You lost. You can come back in a hundred years,” said Di Shu indifferently.

The man’s eyes were teary. He was dispirited. There were so many strong cultivators here, he had made it to the second round and that was already great.

“Thank you very much, Master Di Shu,” said the man, cupping his fist. Then he left the battle stage and went back into the ground.

After that, many patriarchs from small sects fought against Di Shu. Only one of them managed to withstand fifty attacks from Di Shu.

“Who comes next?”

At that moment, only Luo Chen, Lin Feng and Wu Huo were left. No matter who was going to fight against Di Shu, it would be a great battle.

Lin Feng and Luo Chen glanced at each other. Lin Feng jumped forwards without the least hesitation and stated, “I’ll come.”

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. Two Supreme Elders were going to fight. It would be a fair battle. Lin Feng was a Low-Level Holy Emperor, and Di Shu had lowered down his strength to that of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer, as well.

Many people had been waiting for that battle excitingly. Many disciples of the Gods Sect knew that there were tensions between Lin Feng and Di Shu, so their battle was definitely not going to be boring.

Lin Feng jumped onto the stage. He stood ten meters away from Di Shu.

“Come and attack first,” said Di Shu indifferently. By saying that, he was trying to show everybody he considered himself stronger than Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wasn’t furious. Even though Di Shu was trying to humiliate him, it didn’t matter because strength would speak a few seconds later. Di Shu was at the same cultivation level as him at this moment.

Lin Feng punched out in the direction of Di Shu’s chest. Di Shu defended, letting Lin Feng attack him first. He was convinced he was much stronger than Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sneered mockingly. He raised his right foot and kicked Di Shu, blowing him away.


“How’s that possible?”

Everybody was astonished. They couldn’t believe it. One kick and Di Shu had been blown away?

Even though Di Shu had let Lin Feng attack first, the crowd hadn’t thought his first attack would be so powerful.

If it had been anyone else, even if Di Shu had allowed them to attack first, they wouldn’t have dared. What if Di Shu wanted to get his revenge later, after having recovering his original strength?

But Lin Feng didn’t think about such things. If Di Shu had no balls, then his thousands of years of life were worthless.

“Lin Feng, I will kill you!” shouted Di Shu, flying back towards Lin Feng. He raised his left foot and landed back on the battle stage. He had just lost face though, being blown away by Lin Feng. He was furious, his eyes filled with killing intent.

He raised his left hand, and was holding his golden whip. He shouted furiously, turning into a golden hurricane. The crowd couldn’t see him clearly anymore. The golden tornado moved towards Lin Feng at an incredible speed.

Lin Feng frowned. Di Shu was angry. It was going to be a big battle. Lin Feng had to use his full strength.

“God’s Sword, out!”

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