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PMG 2 Chapter 104: Di Shu Loses Control!

PMG 2 Chapter 104: Di Shu Loses Control!

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Lin Feng was firmly holding his God’s Sword. He started rotating as quickly as possible. He also turned into a tornado, preventing Di Shu from getting closer. Lin Feng then took advantage of the situation to jump and thrust at Di Shu’s chest with his sword, not giving him any time to think. .

Di Shu’s expression was ferocious and hideous as he struck with his golden whip. Holy strength dashed to the skies, and the space around him shook.

The fact that he dared use holy strength at that moment already proved how furious he was. He didn’t dare act recklessly anymore, either. He stopped underestimating Lin Feng.

If Lin Feng didn’t care about getting in trouble, he would have used forbidden strength. It was perfect against holy strength since they were antagonistic.

Lin Feng could only rely on powerful and aggressive attacks. But even that way, he was sure to succeed.

The battle was splendid. Each time Di Shu attacked, he aimed at Lin Feng’s chest. He didn’t give Lin Feng any opportunity to take advantage of his weaknesses. Lin Feng was going well, each time he attacked, he managed to push Di Shu back when the latter didn’t dodge his attacks.

Lin Feng flashed again. His God’s Sword flew forwards at an incredible speed, aimed at Di Shu’s chest again. Everybody only saw a beam of light. The God’s Sword was moving exceptionally quickly.

Di Shu’s expression suddenly changed at the speed of the attack. He raised his golden whip without even paying attention. The crowd heard the sound of a collision. The golden whip did protect Di Shu and the God’s Sword was pushed aside, but then it appeared behind him.

Di Shu looked grim. He shouted furiously and threw out his hand filled with holy strength. The battle stage was filled with a Qi of decay. That decay Qi stopped the God’s Sword.

Lin Feng noticed that his God’s Sword emitted plaintive cries, he flew towards it.

“Hmph! You want to die!” said Di Shu smiling ferociously. He raised his left hand and holy Qi rolled in waves, turning into a boundless golden umbrella. The decay Qi was becoming more and more intense. It filled the whole space above the battle stage.

Lin Feng was up in the air, he sensed the golden lights lacerate his skin. It was extremely painful. He had the impression the surface of his skin was rotting.

Lin Feng didn’t act recklessly. He raised his left hand and released space and time Dao which swept the decay Qi away. Instantly, the holy strength ended up in a space cage. Lin Feng took advantage of the situation to go and grab his God’s Sword before hurling it with brute force.

The God’s Sword was in front of Di Shu’s chest in no time and pierced right through. Di Shu’s expression changed drastically. He hit the God’s Sword with his whip, but a big wound had appeared on his chest and blood splashed out.

“You really want to die!” shouted Di Shu when he saw he was injured. He flew into a flaming rage. His eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fists and suddenly, his Qi became extremely powerful.

Di Shu didn’t care about the fairness of the battle anymore, he wanted to kill Lin Feng after being humiliated.

Lin Feng had already withstood much more than fifty attacks from Di Shu. He had already won, but Di Shu was furious and he wanted to kill Lin Feng.

Di Shu had the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer again. He threw out his fist with full force.

Lin Feng’s expression hardened. He raised both fists and released as much strength as he could to block the attack. The strength difference between them was incredible. Lin Feng was blown away violently and crashed onto the edge of the battle stage.

Di Shu didn’t care anymore, he jumped forwards and released a terrifying decay Qi. He wanted to attack Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng was furious too. Di Shu wanted to kill him, so he had to do something.

“Aggressive King Punch!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. He turned into a gigantic fist. Everybody noticed that Lin Feng’s Qi had become explosive and aggressive.

On the battle stage, there was decay Qi which belonged to Di Shu and an aggressive king Qi which belonged to Lin Feng.

The two fighters collided violently. The battle stage crackled and shook violently. Their energies bombarded Fan Tian Gang’s protective deployment spell.

Fan Tian Gang’s expression changed for the worse. They were both out of control. Their battle was too fierce!

Everybody looked astonished. Lin Feng was fighting fiercely against Di Shu, who had recovered his original strength.

“Oh no, Lin Feng is in danger.” Patriarch Zi Jian stood up in the seats and flew towards the battle stage without the least hesitation.

He could see that Di Shu was dangerous, and was strong enough to kill Lin Feng.

Patriarch Zi Jian raised his finger and pointed at Di Shu. A sword streaked across the sky and moved towards Di Shu’s head. Di Shu was startled, and raised both hands to block the attack, before throwing another punch at Lin Feng.

At that moment, Patriarch Zi Jian arrived in front of Lin Feng. He shouted furiously and also punched out. His fist collided with Di Shu’s fist. Their Qi churned the air madly.

Patriarch Zi Jian groaned and coughed blood, being forced back. But he raised his left hand and grabbed Lin Feng, dragging him back with him. Lin Feng’s internal organs were already injured. He had already used too much strength against Di Shu.

Patriarch Zi Jian retreated as quickly as possible. Di Shu chased them, looking ferocious. No matter what, he had to kill Lin Feng! During his battle against Lin Feng, he had sensed something that disgusted him. It was Lin Feng’s forbidden strength!

Finally, he had discovered Lin Feng’s forbidden strength. Di Shu knew that forbidden people and chosen people were natural enemies, so he wanted to kill Lin Feng even more than before.

Even though Patriarch Zi Jian was a High-Level Holy Emperor, he wasn’t as strong as Di Shu. Therefore, he hastily looked at Fan Tian Gang, indicating he needed help.

“Sage, Di Shu violated the rules. Why are you not doing anything?” Patriarch Zi Jian shouted at Fan Tian Gang.

“He didn’t violate the rules. Lin Feng withstood fifty attacks, he is qualified for the next round. Now, Di Shu is using his real strength, so there’s no problem at all.” said Fan Tian Gang, indifferently shaking his head.

Indeed. Until a challenger had withstood fifty attacks, Di Shu wasn’t allowed to use his real strength. Lin Feng was already qualified for the next round and Di Shu was using his real strength, that wasn’t against the rules.

Patriarch Zi Jian shouted furiously. He wasn’t satisfied with Fan Tian Gang’s answer at all. Everybody could see that Di Shu wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“I see, you’re afraid. Even Sages can be afraid!! Hmph! I’ll come!” shouted a man in black clothes. He rose up in the air and landed in front of Lin Feng. His silhouette flickered and he threw himself at Di Shu’s chest.

“Oh no, General Kui, back!” shouted Lin Feng. His expression changed drastically.

Kui was only a Low-Level Holy Emperor, he couldn’t compete with Di Shu. He could only die against him.

When General Kui heard Lin Feng, he hesitated but then got ready to retreat.

“Since you’re here, die!” shouted Di Shu furiously. He wanted to kill General Kui as well now!

He punched out, his eyes filled with murder as he charged General Kui.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He jumped forwards, pushing General Kui with one hand and throwing the other at Di Shu.

Collision sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng was blown away and crashed onto the ground. The difference in strength between them was huge.

“Prince!” shouted Xie Sha. He jumped onto the stage, grabbed Lin Feng and lifted him up. “You went too far! Your surprisingly dare bully a Low-Level Holy Emperor!” shouted Xie Sha furiously.

Di Shu looked furious and evil. He clenched his fists silently and attacked Lin Feng again.

“Enough! Back off now!”

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  1. Huang Shen Long January 28, 2019 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    ‘A fair battle’ they said,
    ‘As if I’, I replied,
    ‘This is peerless martial God, fairness does not exist here!! ‘ was my reply

    • Lucifer January 29, 2019 at 12:47 am - Reply

      The second that Di Shu is mentioned “Fair” instantly ceases to exist in the universe turning into null and void, lmao

  2. Lin Feng January 28, 2019 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    owhhh nooo… i lose….
    wait 4 the revenge…
    i’ll crjush u… hoahahahhahhaha….

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  4. Iqqy Chan January 28, 2019 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    Damn, Lin Feng need to become a high level holy emperor. So stressful others keep on helping him.

  5. stoopid January 28, 2019 at 10:37 pm - Reply

    fan tiang is a fucking clown talking about fairness and then adjusts the rules so that the fucking babyface can kill lin feng. clownery at its best, the author is always trying to do some bullshit so that lin feng loses but recovers, but how about he gets some enemies on his own terms and level instead of fighting people 1-2 class above. i get that he is supposed to be stronger than average but im getting real tired of him being bullied by older people.

    i want the 10 chaps that was promised at the patreon goals

  6. mockingj January 29, 2019 at 2:31 am - Reply

    So hard to breath while reading this chapter! Help!

  7. conanmoriPH January 29, 2019 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    How many chapter do you relase everyday? And do you have specific time ?

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