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PMG 2 Chapter 105: Princess Huo Wu!

PMG 2 Chapter 105: Princess Huo Wu!

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Finally, Fan Tian Gang had reacted. Di Shu’s fist stopped halfway up in the air.

Di Shu ground his teeth and shouted angrily. Then he took his fist back. The Sage had spoken, could he disobey? If he continued attacking, that would be disrespectful to the Sage and de facto to the Holy Shrine.

“Hmph! I will kill you later! You know the reason!” Di Shu promised Lin Feng telepathically. Lin Feng looked grim.

Di Shu knew Lin Feng was a forbidden person. Since he knew, Lin Feng wouldn’t need to hide his forbidden strength anymore.

“Prince Lin, are you okay?” asked Xie Sha hastily.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and shook his head, “I’m alright. You can go back,” replied Lin Feng, glancing at him. Xie Sha nodded hesitantly, but finally went back to guests of honor’s seats. Patriarch Zi Jian didn’t stay there either, and returned to his seat.

Lin Feng touched his chest. His Qi was weak. He wished he had Godly Stones.

“Teacher, here are some Godly Stones,” said Fu Chen, landing next to Lin Feng, and giving him a thousand Godly Stones. Lin Feng glanced at Fu Chen, and then at the Godly Stones. He hesitated. His disciple giving him Godly Stones, he was lucky to have such a disciple.

“No need. Use them for your cultivation. No need to give them to me,” said Lin Feng, refusing Fu Chen’s Godly Stones. It was probably extremely difficult for Fu Chen to obtain Godly Stones. Lin Feng didn’t want to take his disciple’s Godly Stones.

“Teacher, you…” Fu Chen wanted to say something, but Lin Feng interrupted him, smiling kindly. Fu Chen understood and cupped his fist before going back into the crowd.

Everybody looked at Fu Chen in admiration. He was able to talk to his teacher so naturally, that was great. Lin Feng had been able to fight against Di Shu, having such a teacher would definitely be rewarding in the future.

“Lin Feng, take this, a hundred thousand Godly Stones,” said a familiar female voice at that moment. He turned his head and saw a man give him a ring, smiling proudly.

“Huo Wu, are you here to cause trouble?” replied Lin Feng telepathically. No matter how Huo Wu disguised herself, she had the same voice.

“Hmph! You left the Holy Shrine without saying anything. You still haven’t told me whether you accept becoming my personal bodyguard or not,” replied Huo Wu, also telepathically. Everybody noticed that that Lin Feng and Huo Wu were looking at each other. People didn’t understand because Huo Wu looked strange.

Some strong cultivators understood that they were talking telepathically.

“I won’t become your personal bodyguard. Leave now.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He turned around and left without taking the Godly Stones.

He already owed her for the first time. He didn’t want to owe her even more. He didn’t want Huo Wu to think she could obtain whatever she wanted from him.

What Lin Feng said didn’t infuriate Huo Wu. On the contrary, she insisted even more.

“Hmph! I am not going anywhere. What do you intend to do?” said Huo Wu, heading for Di Shu again.

“Is it my turn?” Huo Wu asked to Di Shu.

Di Shu, like the whole crowd, was surprised. Nobody had paid attention to Huo Wu. But she was only a Half-Holy Emperor, how could she pass the test?

“Stop causing trouble, Huo Wu,” said Lin Feng telepathically, smiling awkwardly.

Huo Wu ignored Lin Feng. She stared at Di Shu and waited for an answer.

Di Shu looked at Fan Tian Gang. He didn’t know what to do. A Half-Holy Emperor couldn’t pass his test.

Fan Tian Gang looked at her and frowned.

“Princess Huo Wu, don’t cause trouble,” said Fan Tian Gang. Everybody’s expression changed drastically when they heard him, including Di Shu’s. He stared at the man.

“Princess Huo Wu? You’re Sage Huo’s daughter?” asked Di Shu.

Huo Wu looked at Fan Tian Gang in admiration, how had he recognized her?

Lin Feng smiled and looked at Huo Wu. Even he had recognized Huo Wu, so it was normal that Fan Tian Gang recognized her, too.

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng and noticed that he was smiling mockingly. She stomped her feet angrily and clenched her fists.

“Huo Wu, did your father send you?” asked Fan Tian Gang.

Huo Wu hmphed and turned into a woman again. Many people sighed at the sight, Princess Huo Wu was so beautiful.

Huo Wu was wearing a short red dress, one could see her thighs and her dress was slim so one could see her figure and beautiful hips. She was wearing white shoes made of rabbit fur, they looked extremely cute.

She was also wearing a fire-red crown. It was easy to guess she was Princess Fire that way.

“Uncle Fan, I came secretly,” said Huo Wu to Fan Tian Gang telepathically. Fan Tian Gang smiled awkwardly. He knew how she was. That little girl was stubborn and disobedient, but she was kind and Sage Huo protected her a little too much.

“That’s Princess Fire, Sage Huo’s daughter. Please give her a seat in the guests of honor seats,”

Fan Tian Gang was losing patience and didn’t want Huo Wu to cause trouble, so he said that to the whole crowd.

Huo Wu looked at Fan Tian Gang angrily. She glanced at Lin Feng. He smiled humorously, and she was even angrier.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, when you become Holy Fifth, I will ask my father to assign you as my personal bodyguard!” declared Huo Wu to Lin Feng telepathically. She unwillingly walked to the bleachers and sat down next to Shui Ning.

Apart from Sage Jin and Sage Yin, their social status was the highest among the people in the bleachers. They were both Sage’s children.

Shui Ning glanced at Huo Wu and smiled coldly, but he said nothing.

Huo Wu was afraid of Shui Ning. She didn’t look at him, she stared at the battle stage.

“The competition can continue. Luo Chen, you’re the last one,” said Fan Tian Gang. Everybody looked to Luo Chen.

“Sir!” acknowledged Luo Chen. He looked as discreet and friendly as usual. He slowly walked over to Di Shu, cupped his fist respectfully and said, “Supreme Elder, please be merciful and let me move on to the next round.”

Di Shu’s eyes twinkled. At least, Luo Chen wasn’t like Lin Feng. Lin Feng always tried to ridicule him. Luo Chen was discreet and respected him. It made Di Shu want to let him qualify for the next round. Di Shu hoped Luo Chen would cause trouble to Lin Feng in the next round.

Thinking about that, Di Shu said, “Start!”

“I’m sorry for having to fight against you!” Luo Chen shouted furiously and attacked Di Shu. He looked like an arrow.

The crowd had thought they’d see an incredible and splendid battle, but they were wrong.

Di Shu did like he had with Xuan Yuan Mu, and let Luo Chen attack. He pretended to attack, but he just defended. They quickly exchanged fifty attacks and Luo Chen made it to the next round. Luo Chen was qualified.

Lin Feng was angry, knowing that Di Shu had done that on purpose. He hoped Luo Chen would be able to pressure Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was curious about Luo Chen. He was discreet, and discreet people were often the scariest ones. Lin Feng didn’t know where Luo Chen was from. During his battle against Di Shu, he hadn’t shown how strong he was. He was the most mysterious cultivator of the competition.

Of course, he had seen Luo Shen fight against Cheng Shan, but even during that battle, Lin Feng had the impression Luo Chen hadn’t used his best attacks.

At that point, only four people had chances to become Holy Fifth: Jian Ya, Xuan Yuan Mu, Lin Feng, and Luo Chen!

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