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PMG 2 Chapter 107: Surprise after Surprise

PMG 2 Chapter 107: Surprise after Surprise

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Luo Chen shouted and raised his left hand. A gigantic golden hand condensed and flew towards Xuan Yuan Mu swiftly. It contained a thick Buddha Qi, looking deadly and innocent at the same time.

Lin Feng watched carefully. He would probably have to fight against Luo Chen in the finals, so understanding his attacks would be an advantage then.

At that moment, the gigantic golden hand looked like a great Buddha’s hand. It contained a sky-defying Qi, but looked quite ordinary. Lin Feng had never seen such an attack.

The gigantic hand moved towards Xuan Yuan Mu’s head, looking like a gigantic mountain. However, Xuan Yuan Mu couldn’t lose against it. Xuan Yuan Mu was Di Shu’s disciple, and Di Shu’s disciples probably knew many tricks.

Xuan Yuan Mu raised his arms and shouted. Everybody sensed a dense earth Qi emerge from Xuan Yuan Mu’s legs, rapidly getting thicker and thicker. Xuan Yuan Mu was gradually surrounded by more and more earth energy, like a mountain.

“Tai Mountain Peak!” shouted Xuan Yuan Mu furiously. A gigantic mountain appeared above his hands and collided with Luo Chen’s golden hand. The collision made the whole Gods Sect shake violently, the Qi churning the air far away.

Everything was destroyed in a circumference of a few dozen li, but the two fighters were fine. Luo Chen flashed forwards. He raised one finger, golden lights dashed to the skies. He disappeared and reappeared in front of Xuan Yuan Mu. He threw his finger at Xuan Yuan Mu without the least hesitation.

Xuan Yuan Mu didn’t have time to react. The golden light pierced through his chest and reappeared on his back.

Everybody looked nervous. The golden lights didn’t contain any dangerous Qi. They had one advantage though, they were extremely fast. It was almost impossible to follow them with the naked eye.

Xuan Yuan Mu looked extremely nervous. After the golden light beam pierced through his body, he didn’t sense any pain. It was as if nothing had happened. Xuan Yuan Mu took advantage of that to take out a weapon in his left hand, a walking stick.

Xuan Yuan Mu jumped forwards and threw his walking stick at Luo Chen. It had to work!


Everybody was stupefied because Luo Chen looked indifferent. He was just standing there in the middle of the battle stage, and he raised three fingers.

Xuan Yuan Mu looked at him strangely. He didn’t know what Luo Chen was planning. Luo Chen didn’t pay any attention to Yuan Mu’s attack anyway, focused on his own attack.

“Two!” said Luo Chen, folding a finger down. Many people suddenly understood, including Lin Feng. Xuan Yuan Mu’s Qi was flowing out extremely quickly. It was like he had turned into a leaking barrel. His strength disappeared quickly.

“One!” said Luo Chen, smiling calmly and showing one finger. Xuan Yuan Mu didn’t panic. He stood on stage and threw his walking stick away from the battle stage.

His face was ghastly pale. He touched his chest, feeling his Qi was disappearing quickly. It felt like he had been poisoned, but at his level, what kind of poison could harm him?

“You lost,” said Luo Chen smiling neutrally yet mockingly, as if he was the only one who had the situation under control.

Xuan Yuan Mu didn’t want to lose, but his Qi was quickly disappearing. It was like his veins and arteries had been destroyed. It was difficult to hold on like that.

Di Shu watched calmly. When he had seen Luo Chen’s golden light, he had immediately understood that his disciple was doomed to lose. Di Shu hadn’t thought that Luo Chen could have concealed his real strength so well. He used to be discreet and calm, but it was all fake. He had been prepared for the competition.

Xuan Yuan Mu had lost, Luo Chen had won. Everybody was astonished because Luo Chen used to be so discreet. People barely noticed him in the sect. He used to be an ordinary disciple, now he was the odd-one-out.

“Luo Chen wins. He will fight against Lin Feng in the final!” declared Fan Tian Gang. He looked even more indifferent than Di Shu, as if he had anticipated everything.

The guests of honor were stunned. Everybody had thought Xuan Yuan Mu would end up in the final with Lin Feng.

Huo Wu looked anxious. She wanted to stand next to Lin Feng, but there were so many people, she didn’t want to cause more trouble for him.

Patriarch Zi Jian and Xie Sha studied Luo Chen. The man was a complex cultivator, and very mysterious.

Sage Yin had looked indifferent since the beginning of the event. He only glanced at the stage now and then. Most of the time his eyes were closed, or he enjoyed the banquet.

Sage Jin looked captivated by the fights. He was staring at the battle stage. It was difficult to know what he was thinking.

“Alright, everybody calm down,” Fan Tian Gang said finally. Everybody became silent and looked at him.

Fan Tian Gang looked at Sheng Hui solemnly and said, “Holy First Sheng Hui, you are in charge of the last battle. Their battle will be decisive for the holy cultivators.”

“Alright, I will take care of it. Don’t worry, Sage,” said Holy First Sheng Hui pleasantly. It was the first time they had seen him smile. Even the crowd was startled.

Sheng Hui looked at the three other holy cultivators, and slowly walked away to the battle stage.

Sheng Hui glanced at Lin Feng and Luo Chen and said, “First, let’s compare your pure Qi. There’s an ancient cauldron there, the first one who manages to break it wins the round,” said Sheng Hui, rolling up his sleeves. Golden lights flashed and suddenly, a gigantic cauldron appeared.

It was a dozen meters high. It was made of bronze and extremely heavy, at least a few dozen tons. People who could destroy such a cauldron in one punch had an incredible physical strength.

“Who tries first?” asked Sheng Hui, indifferently glancing between Lin Feng and Luo Chen.

Luo Chen glanced at Lin Feng, smiled and cupped his fist, “Ancestor Lin Feng, I will try first.”

“You can go,” said Lin Feng. Luo Chen nodded without saying anything else. He had suddenly turned once again into a kind, gentle, and ordinary disciple. It was like the Luo Chen who had fought against Xuan Yuan Mu a moment before had been a different person. One had to be extremely vigilant with such people.

Luo Chen nodded and slowly walked towards the gigantic ancient cauldron. He raised his fist and put it on his chest, his pure strength started flowing extremely quickly and condensed in his hand.

A second later, he threw out his fist and punched the cauldron. The crowd heard a loud BOOM! The cauldron flew a hundred meters away and fell onto the ground. There were many marks on it, but it hadn’t been pierced. Many people were a bit disappointed.

“Well, it’s a huge cauldron and having made it fly so far is not bad already.”

“Indeed, not bad.”…

Many people discussed Luo Chen’s result. Luo Chen looked indifferent. He walked back to his spot. It was Lin Feng’s turn.

“There’s another cauldron there. It’s your turn, Lin Feng.”

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