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PMG 2 Chapter 108: Trying to Kill Lin Feng!

PMG 2 Chapter 108: Trying to Kill Lin Feng!

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Lin Feng looked at the gigantic ancient cauldron and then glanced at Luo Chen again. Luo Chen lowered his head so Lin Feng couldn’t see what he was thinking.

Lin Feng turned his head and clenched his fists. He condensed strength and threw out a punch. He punched the cauldron, a loud buzzing sound spread in the air, and the cauldron flew away. It cracked everywhere, but didn’t break.

Lin Feng went back to his spots. He didn’t look disappointed at all because he had done that on purpose… and Luo Chen had done it on purpose, as well. They didn’t need to use their full strength for a cauldron. Why use up all their energy for a cauldron?

Luo Chen glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled at him, but his smile was strange and made Luo Chen feel nervous.

“It’s a draw. Second part. I have one black card in here, the one who gets it first will get an advantage,” said Sheng Hui to the two fighters, showing them a black card.

Lin Feng and Luo Chen looked focused. They both moved at the same time. Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and released space and time Dao strength. It gave him an advantage. He arrived in front of Sheng Hui first. Luo Chen wasn’t slow either, he closely followed Lin Feng. Luo Chen had an advanced understanding of speed strength.

Lin Feng stretched out his left hand and released strength to grab the card. The card was about to fall when Lin Feng suddenly sensed as an ice-cold yin-type energy. He dodged and then Luo Chen threw his hand out, releasing an explosive and deadly Qi.

Lin Feng took half a step backwards, which allowed Luo Chen to pass. Luo Chen looked glum. He grabbed the card and held it firmly in his left hand.

Lin Feng punched out at Luo Chen releasing Qi. Luo Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He used one arm to block Lin Feng, but the latter smiled coldly. He threw his left hand and right after his right hand. Luo Chen also used the hand in which he was holding the card to attack. He did it automatically without thinking.

Lin Feng took advantage of the opportunity to release space and time Dao. He blocked the card in another space, and stretched out his hand to grab it.

At the same time, Luo Chen also stretched out his hand to grab the card. The parallel space broke apart and the card broke into two and flew away. Lin Feng and Luo Chen both grabbed one half each.

It was a draw again. Nobody had guessed things would happen like that.

They were surprised because Luo Chen was strong enough to compete with Lin Feng, but at the same time, they were not that surprised because he was discreet and discreet people were usually quite strong.

“Second draw. And now the last round can start. Simple battle, the winner will become Holy Fifth!”
said Sheng Hui finally.

All the disciples at the foot of the battle stage stared at Lin Feng and Luo Chen. The strong cultivators in the bleachers were staring at them as well. Who was going to become Holy Fifth?

Everybody remained silent. Some deadly energies appeared around Lin Feng and Luo Chen and emitted whistling sounds. A strong wind started blowing and made their clothes flutter. The whole crowd was excited.

Luo Chen moved first. He released speed Dao and threw himself at Lin Feng, turning into a blurry blue light beam. People couldn’t follow him with their eyes.

Lin Feng wasn’t in a hurry. He closed his eyes and sensed the energies around him. He suddenly raised his left hand and sensed some dangerous Qi. He shouted out and threw out his fist.

Phwap, phwap! Luo Chen appeared on Lin Feng’s left, punching at Lin Feng. But Lin Feng had sensed that Luo Chen wanted to attack him by surprise, and had acted quickly.

Luo Chen wanted to retreat, but Lin Feng didn’t give him time. He took a step forwards and released space Dao. A space cage appeared in front of Lin Feng. Luo Chen looked grim as he raised his left hand and dazzling lights appeared and moved towards Lin Feng’s cage.

Rumbling sounds spread out. Lin Feng initially hadn’t noticed, but the golden lights pierced through the space cage, capable of breaking it!

How was that possible? Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. Luo Chen was a truly mysterious opponent. Lin Feng sensed something tickle the edge of his awareness.

Luo Chen’s energies were becoming more and more powerful. He didn’t look like a participant at a competition, he looked like someone who was there to kill. He raised both hands and energies rolled around him. Then he disappeared and reappeared five meters away from Lin Feng. He threw both hands at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng was grim as he threw a fist and released demon strength. Demon Qi filled the air, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Luo Chen used his full strength to retreat, but Lin Feng didn’t let him. He shouted furiously and flashed towards Luo Chen. Demon energies raged around him.

Luo Chen grimly ground his teeth. He had the advantage in terms of speed, and he managed to dodge Lin Feng’s counterattack, surprised at the force of it.

He had never really paid attention to Lin Feng’s demon cultivation, but apparently, his demon cultivation was as good as his sword cultivation. It was incredible.

Luo Chen wasn’t willing to lose the competition, and was ready to do anything to win. He wanted to crush Lin Feng and kill him.

He shouted furiously and clenched his fists, releasing an evil Qi. Even though that evil Qi wasn’t as scary as Lin Feng’s demon Qi, it still made other people feel uncomfortable.

Luo Chen shouted furiously and threw his fist at Lin Feng again. Lin Feng also raised his fist to block the attack.

Luo Chen smiled mockingly and suddenly took his left fist back, while Lin Feng’s fist continued moving towards him. Luo Chen smiled ferociously. His silhouette flickered and he disappeared. Lin Feng had a bad premonition, he had no time to take his fist back. Luo Chen appeared under it near Lin Feng’s right leg.

Lin Feng hastily moved his leg away. He didn’t attack like Luo Chen. Luo Chen let the fist reach him and threw himself away. He was excited to have a great battle.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and released absorbing demon Qi as he moved jumped and took out his God’s Sword. White lights flashed. Luo Chen sensed death Qi and became nervous. Finally, Lin Feng was using his real strength!

Lu was nervous and excited at the same time. Finally, he had infuriated Lin Feng. Luo Chen was trying to think of a solution to kill Lin Feng. He wanted to avenge his friend’s death. He wanted to reply to Lin Feng. He wanted to be a Supreme Elder in the Gods Sect and a holy cultivator. However, he hadn’t succeeded yet…

Lin Feng noticed that Luo Chen was angry and wanted to kill him. Lin Feng used his full strength because of that. He had the impression he could die anytime if he was careless. At this moment, Luo Chen really wanted to kill him.

Now Lin Feng’s purpose had also become to kill Luo Chen.

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  1. Jeroen January 30, 2019 at 7:40 pm - Reply

    “It’s a draw. Second part. I have one black card in here, the one who gets it first will get an advantage,”

    Luo chen got it first, he should have won the second round …

    • Gray June 1, 2019 at 2:53 am - Reply

      Dont ever believe rules in this Novel, there is no such thing like that.

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