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PMG 2 Chapter 109: Luo Chen wants to escape!

PMG 2 Chapter 109: Luo Chen wants to escape!

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“Lin Feng, use your full strength, otherwise you will die an atrocious death!” said Luo Chen. He stopped hiding the truth. He didn’t look at Lin Feng respectfully anymore, either. His words were sharp like blades.

“What makes you feel so confident?” said Lin Feng coldly and mockingly.

“Hmph! You will see! ARGH!” Luo Chen laughed evilly and sent out a punch which contained an evil Qi at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng put his God’s Sword away and flashed while raising his fist. He used his Aggressive King Punch, which he loved. It was explosive and fast.

The two fists collided. Everybody sensed death Qi fill the air. Lin Feng’s Qi was demon Qi, Luo Chen’s Qi was evil Qi. The mixture of both Qis made the whole crowd nervous.

The clashing Qis kept emitting exploding against one another. The battle was fierce. Everybody realized that each time they attacked, they aimed at vital body parts, which meant they were trying to kill one another. They were not just fighting to become Holy Fifth!

Fan Tian Gang and Sheng Hui looked grim. Why were Lin Feng and Luo Chen trying to kill one another? What had happened?

Huo Wu was seated, she looked nervous and unconsciously clenched her fists.

Patriarch Zi Jian looked indifferent. He wasn’t worried about Lin Feng so far, since he had done quite well. Luo Chen was also having a difficult time.

Lin Feng threw a fist again, and so did Luo Chen. Lin Feng had the advantage. Luo Chen was blown away explosively, even after he released all his strength. The problem was that Lin Feng didn’t give him any time at all. Lin Feng didn’t even ask him why he was trying to kill him, but since it was that way, Lin Feng fought mercilessly as well.

Lin Feng finally started using forbidden strength at that moment. Everybody’s eyes went wide. The guests of honor were speechless. Sage Jin and Sage Yin stood up and stared at Lin Feng. Forbidden strength?!

“That’s… a forbidden body?” said Sage Yin. He was astonished, but pleasantly surprised.

“Another forbidden body?” For Sage Jin, it was something great. His eyes were suddenly filled with murder. Fan Tian Gang noticed it.

He remained vigilant because Sage Jin might attack Lin Feng by surprise. It would be a huge loss for the Gods Sect.

Lin Feng ignored people’s reactions. He remained focused and continued fighting. He released forbidden strength, and his Qi became more powerful. His punches were different from before, as his Qi now contained forbidden strength.

At that moment, his fist looked like a demon. No matter how hard his opponent fought, his demon Qi could absorb him!

At the same time, Luo Chen was stupefied by Lin Feng’s strength. He suddenly started thinking of another plan, to run away. He didn’t mind if he had to wait for a few more years to get his revenge. In the future, he would have an opportunity to kill Lin Feng again!

Thinking of that, Luo Chen retreated, trying to escape. Lin Feng noticed the change, but didn’t let him go. His forbidden strength covered an area of a thousand square meters. No matter where Luo Chen went, he couldn’t escape.

Luo Chen looked furious and grim. Lin Feng wanted to kill him! Since he couldn’t escape, he had to use his full strength to defeat Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, since I joined the Gods Sect, there hasn’t been a single day during which I didn’t think of killing you, ripping your muscles apart, flaying your skin, drinking your blood…”

Luo Chen wanted to reach the sky. He looked hideous and ferocious as he spoke. Lin Feng looked grim. He had never offended Luo Chen. Why did the latter hate him so much?

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng.

Luo Chen smiled icily. He raised his left hand and a blurry silhouette appeared. Lin Feng understood.

“You’re Luo Ze’s brother?” asked Lin Feng.

Luo Chen smiled ferociously, “Indeed. I am Luo Ze’s brother. Since his talisman broke, all I think about is killing you. Therefore, when I heard about you, I rushed to the Gods Sect.”

“I hadn’t thought that so many people would hate you here, for example Tian Qiong. He was so stupid. He deserved to die!” said Luo Chen, smiling mockingly. The members of the Tian Clan heard that, and they all flew into a flaming rage, especially Tian Ao. He was Tian Qiong’s father. His eyes were filled with murder.

“So my son’s death had nothing to do with Lin Feng?!” shouted Tian Ao furiously. He jumped forwards and flew towards the battle stage.

Luo Chen smiled cruelly. He didn’t know that guy. He wasn’t afraid of telling him the truth.

“Indeed. Lin Feng didn’t do anything. Tian Qiong died because he brought about his own destruction. I told him to kill Lin Feng and in the end, he died. How stupid!”

Luo Chen burst into a frantic and demonic laughter. He recalled the whole scene, when he had given Tian Qiong Holy Fourth’s talisman, and so on. Tian Qiong had taken such a big risk.

“AAARRGGHHHHH! I will kill you! I will avenge my son!” shouted Tian Ao furiously. So many days had passed, and he finally understood how his son had died. He wanted to kill Luo Chen. All the members of the Tian Clan wanted to kill him!

Lin Feng looked at them indifferently. It had nothing to do with him, it was between Luo Chen and the Tian Clan. Lin Feng had killed Luo Ze, but he didn’t regret it. Luo Ze had deserved to die. Luo Chen wanted to avenge his brother’s death and kill him, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let him off easily.

“Enough! Stop!” shouted Fan Tian Gang furiously. Qi pushed Tian Ao and Luo Chen away. Fan Tian Gang looked furious.

“It’s neither the right place nor the right moment for you to fight. Go outside if you want to fight,” stated Fan Tian Gang, glancing at the members of the Tian Clan. Tian Ao’s face went pale. He didn’t dare say anything. Fan Tian Gang was a Sage, after all!

“Lin Feng, your battle against Luo Chen is over. You are now Holy Fifth,” said Fan Tian Gang to Lin Feng. Many people sighed skeptically.

Lin Feng and Luo Chen’s battle wasn’t over. Why was Lin Feng the new Holy Fifth?

“Shut the hell up! I will not change my mind!” shouted Fan Tian Gang furiously when he heard some people express their doubts regarding his decision. People instantly stopped talking.

“Luo Chen, you joined the same sect as Lin Feng to get your revenge. We will put you in the Holy Shrine’s jail for three years, you violated the rules of the competition,” said Fan Tian Gang. He stood up and stretched out his arm towards Luo Chen.

Luo Chen’s expression changed. He used his full strength to move away and raised his left hand. A scroll appeared.

“Oh no, what a powerful space and time Qi!” Lin Feng was astonished.

Fan Tian Gang also sensed something. Luo Chen wanted to escape!

“You want to escape?!” he shouted. He stretched out his hand even more. He was extremely fast, but Luo Chen’s scroll was extremely fast too. He disappeared inside the scroll, and it turned into a light beam and disappeared.

The crowd only heard, “Lin Feng, I will crush you someday and avenge my brother’s death!”

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  1. lelouch_000 January 30, 2019 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    And who is Luo Ze?

    • Kabuto666 January 31, 2019 at 12:58 pm - Reply

      Luo Ze is the one to become the son-in-law of the Cheng Clan leader but then Lin Feng killed him when they were going to the God Sect.

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        Yeah.. Dead in miserable way.

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