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PMG 2 Chapter 11: Little Buffoon Intoxicated By Success

PMG 2 Chapter 11: Little Buffoon Intoxicated By Success

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“Move away, I want to compare myself,” Luo Ze said, glancing at Lin Feng behind him. He looked extremely conceited.

Lin Feng frowned and said, “You want to prove how strong you are, good for you, nobody will prevent you from doing that. But learn how to be polite, not everybody has a good temper.”

“You piece of trash, I-”

“Alright, Luo Ze, pay attention to the battle, and shut up!”

When Luo Ze heard Lin Feng make fun of him, he became even more infuriated, especially when Cheng Ya Nuo, who hadn’t said anything so far interrupted him, and shouted at him.

Luo Ze smiled, he looked at Cheng Ya Nuo and walked over to Prince Tian Qiong. Even though he was scared, if he succeeded, the Cheng Clan would finally confirm his union with Cheng Ya Nuo!

Even if he got injured, it didn’t matter, because it was for a woman. He was also an Eminent Scholar, could Tian Qiong possibly be much, much stronger than him? Lu·o Ze tried to cheer himself up.

The fight was on the verge of breaking out.

After Cheng Ya Nuo shouted out, she looked at Lin Feng. She found him very attractive and bewitching, as if all that was happening wasn’t real.

Besides, Lin Feng’s Qi was also peculiar. Cheng Ya Nuo had the impression that Lin Feng was strong indeed. There was space and time strength around him!

Cheng Ya Nuo walked towards Lin Feng, smiled and asked, “Sir, please don’t be angry because of what Luo Ze said.”

“I’m not,” said Lin Feng, glancing indifferently at Cheng Ya Nuo for a second.

The more she saw and heard Lin Feng, the more she had the impression he was different from the others. Besides, Cheng Ya Nuo wasn’t extraordinarily beautiful to the extent that she outshone the moon and put flowers to shame, but she was still beautiful and had a nice figure. Men were usually aroused when seeing her, but Lin Feng wasn’t. It made her feel uncomfortable.

Of course, if she had seen Meng Qing, she wouldn’t have thought about those things because no woman dared say she was more beautiful than Meng Qing!

Luo Ze noticed that Cheng Ya Nuo had taken the initiative to talk to Lin Feng, which offended his dignity. He was even more furious on the inside. He shouted furiously and threw himself at Tian Qiong.

Luo Ze used his Great Celestial Luster deployment spell. Qi rose to the skies. The crowd noticed the strength of a High-Level Holy King, which made them frown.

Luo Ze shouted furiously, rotating his arms. Energies condensed in all the atoms around him. It looked dangerous.

His deployment spell was misty, a gigantic ball of foggy, blurred energy moved towards Tian Qiong.

Tian Qiong glanced at the eight edges of the deployment spell and smiled mockingly. He raised his left hand. A silver cuttlefish appeared and shot out In the blink of an eye, it appeared in the middle of the octagonal deployment spell.

The silver lights shook violently. After that, it was like a silver shaped umbrella opened itself, and the umbrella grew bigger and bigger. It became wider than the octagonal deployment spell and absorbed everything.

Luo Ze’s octagonal deployment spell was being completely absorbed by Tian Qiong’s silver umbrella. Luo Ze’s face turned deathly pale. He had the impression that his body wasn’t his to control anymore. His whole body felt numb.

“A space partition deployment spell and an absorbing deployment spell?” whispered Lin Feng, looking at Prince Tian Qiong’s silver umbrella in interest. Cheng Ya Nuo heard Lin Feng whisper and her expression slightly changed. She also shivered.

She had also noticed that. Lin Feng was right. He had chosen to use a very particular kind of deployment spell, using absorbing and space and time isolation skills in order to break the connections between the eight edges of Luo Ze’s octagonal deployment spell.

Luo Ze couldn’t do anything anymore. Now, if Tian Qiong wanted to kill him, he could do it extremely easily. He could kill Luo Ze like a tiny ant.

The members of the Cheng Clan all pulled long faces and looked nervous. If Luo Ze lost, they would all have to kneel down before the members of the Tian Clan.

What a humiliation!

Cheng Ya Nuo was furious too. She clenched her fists. She wanted to jump forwards, but Cheng Zhe prevented her from moving forwards and shook his head.

Even though Cheng Zhe was extremely worried and didn’t want to lose, the battles were fair. Since Luo Ze had decided to fight, now he had to bear the responsibilities for his actions. He would stop considering everyone else beneath his notice if he faced difficulties.

Cheng Ya Nuo knew what her father thought. She couldn’t do much, either.

Lin Feng frowned. If Luo Ze lost, he would have to kneel down before the members of the Tian Clan as well, how could he accept that thought? So Lin Feng intervened.

Nobody saw how Lin Feng intervened. He condensed forbidden strength in the octagonal deployment spell.

Luo Ze was the first one who sensed it. He sensed that the connections between the eight edges of his deployment spells were recovering quickly. He instantly looked extremely happy. Tian Qiong’s expression slightly changed. He looked at Lin Feng icily.

“Absorb!!” shouted Tian Qiong furiously. His fingers turned into swords, he pointed at the sky, and a gigantic deployment spell appeared. He had the strength of a Supreme Holy King. Luo Ze’s face turned pale in fright. The lights on the eight edges of his deployment spell dimmed.

Lin Feng released even more forbidden strength into Luo Ze’s octagon. The lights became dazzling and powerful again.

Tian Qiong’s silver umbrella became distorted. The silver lights began to fade.

Tian Qiong was stupefied. His absorbing strength was already in all the atoms around him, so it was supposed to be very stable. The absorbing strength was resisting the forbidden strength.

Lin Feng couldn’t use his full strength since he was acting in secret. He could only release strength gradually.

Luckily, Luo Ze noticed he had an opportunity and he used his full strength to get rid of the umbrella.

Tian Qiong’s face changed drastically. He was losing control of the silver umbrella! Lin Feng’s forbidden strength was oppressing the connections his isolation and absorbing strengths had to his umbrella.

Phwap, phwap, phwap…

Loud sounds spread in the air, Tian Qiong’s face paled. He took a step backwards. Luo Ze’s face was also pale, and he also stepped backwards.

A draw!!!!

Nobody thought Luo Ze and Tian Qiong’s battle would end up in a draw!

Even Luo Ze was astonished. He hadn’t thought he could be so strong.

Haha! He was happy. He looked at the members of the Cheng Clan, nobody would dare underestimate or disrespect him in the Cheng Clan anymore! And now he was sure he would be able to marry Cheng Ya Nuo! Haha!

Tian Qiong was stupefied. He looked at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng smiled indifferently and didn’t say anything.

“I’ll keep you in mind, little boy!” Tian Qiong shouted at Lin Feng, looking glum.

“You’re flattering me, you’re flattering me,” said Luo Ze, smiling happily and proudly looking at Tian Qiong. Luo Ze thought that Tian Qiong was talking to him. He felt extremely proud.

The others also thought that Tian Qiong was talking to Luo Ze. However, Lin Feng knew perfectly well he wasn’t talking to Luo Ze.

Prince Nan also looked at Lin Feng. He also understood that Lin Feng was a strong deployment spell caster.

They realized he was dangerous, they’d have to be very careful during the actual competition!!

Prince Nan went back to sit in his sedan. The four women who wore pink dresses took him away.

Tian Qiong glanced at Luo Ze and smiled at him mockingly. Then he looked at Lin Feng and shouted, “I hope you’ll be my opponent during the competition!!!”

“Haha! No problem!” said Luo Ze, smiling arrogantly. He looked incredibly proud. He even despised Tian Qiong. Only Lin Feng and Tian Qiong knew the truth…

Tian Qiong left with the other members of the Tian Clan. Only the members of the Cheng Clan were left. Many people praised Luo Ze. He looked so proud. He even started looking cold and detached, and looked at Cheng Shan and many other people disdainfully.

Cheng Shan didn’t feel like wasting his time with him. He felt they had won thanks to Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was too mysterious!

Luo Ze didn’t think so though, he considered Lin Feng a piece of trash. He thought he was the only hero there.

“You, I hope you watched and learned from the battle! You understand how strong an Eminent Scholar is now?!” said Luo Ze, mockingly walking up to Lin Feng when he sensed that everybody was looking at him with admiration and respect. He was a small man intoxicated by success, and Cheng Shan was getting angry.

Lin Feng just smiled politely, looking at Cheng Shan and saying, “Come on, let’s go.”

“Alright, let’s have some drinks when we arrive,” said Cheng Shan, smiling happily and clapping Lin Feng’s shoulders.

The two men walked away together and ignored Luo Ze. Luo Ze watched them go furiously. His expression was hideous.

“You piece of trash! We’ll see how you lose during the competition. Hmph! Tian Qiong and I had a draw. I could kick your ass and make you lie down before me and beg for mercy!!!!!” shouted Luo Ze, clenching his fists and watching Lin Feng disappear in the distance.

Cheng Ya Nuo frowned when she saw Luo Ze’s face, before leaving with Cheng Zhe.

Luo Ze was a small man intoxicated by success. How could she end up with a guy like that? She didn’t want to.

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