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PMG 2 Chapter 110: Sage Jin’s Ulterior Motives

PMG 2 Chapter 110: Sage Jin’s Ulterior Motives

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“I never thought someone would be capable of hiding their true motive for so long. Luckily we realized there was something wrong. Otherwise the consequences could have been too dreadful to contemplate,” Di Shu said to Fan Tian Gang. Fan Tian Gang nodded.

“Let’s change the topic. Let’s congratulate Lin Feng for being the new Holy Fifth!” said Patriarch Zi, Jian, smiling broadly. He stood up and landed next to Lin Feng on the stage. Lin Feng had succeeded. He was the only person who was a Supreme Elder and a holy cultivator in the Gods Sect!

“Indeed. Let’s focus on Lin Feng’s success!” agreed Xie Sha, standing up and walking towards Lin Feng as well. Patriarch Zi Jian and Xie Sha were on his left and right. Everbody was staring at Lin Feng, realizing he had a background. Patriarch Zi Jian and Sage Xie were on Lin Feng’s side!

“Lin Feng, I told you you’d become a holy cultivator and then my personal bodyguard!,” said Huo Wu, smiling proudly. She was happy for Lin Feng.

She jumped in front of him, no matter how strangely people looked at her, she said, “My father said that the one who would become Holy Fifth would be able to study in his palace. Lin Feng succeeded, so he will join my dad’s palace. I also want to ask my father whether Lin Feng can become my personal bodyguard or not,” said Huo Wu laughing. Then she said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Hmph! I have many ways of finding you. You can’t get away from me!”

“Huo Wu, if I really wanted to escape, you wouldn’t be able to find me,” said Lin Feng when he heard Huo Wu.

Huo Wu only smiled proudly, “You won’t escape. I don’t think you decided to become Holy Fifth only because you wanted to join the Holy Shrine,” said Huo Wu, staring at him.

Lin Feng frowned and sighed. She was smart. Indeed, he had done so much not to join the Holy Shrine, but to help Master Ox achieve his mission. He was also curious about meeting the spiritual being.

“A smart girl is dangerous. Nobody likes smart girls,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Huo Wu in amusement.

Huo Wu glanced at him disdainfully, not saying anything. She took out a fire talisman. Suddenly, the temperature increased dozens of degrees, and a powerful fire Qi filled the air.

“It’s the fire palace’s talisman. With it, you can come and go as you wish. Nobody will prevent you from entering and exiting freely,” said Huo Wu, giving the talisman to Lin Feng.

He didn’t refuse. It was an opportunity!

Many people admired Lin Feng or were jealous of him when they saw the fire talisman in his hand. Everybody knew that Lin Feng relied on his own strength, though.

Holy Fourth was unhappy. Why did Lin Feng have so many advantages everywhere? Why was he so lucky? Why had nothing so good happened to him when he had become Holy Fourth?

Now Lin Feng was Holy Fifth. Holy First Sheng Hui was now a member of Fan Tian Gang’s palace. Holy Second Dong Sheng had no chances yet, but some rumors said he was getting closer to Sage Shui, while Holy Third Yi Yun hadn’t joined any group yet. Lin Feng and Holy First were extremely lucky.

Mo Da was thus naturally furious, but he didn’t show it.

“Lin Feng, you’re Holy Fifth now. You’re now a member of the Holy Shrine. There is the leader, the three godly sons, the five Dhammapalas, the four Sages, the five holy cultivators, the Gods Sect, the Sword Sect, and Zhongzhuan City,” said Fan Tian Gang proudly. It was the first time someone had influence at all levels. Something like that happened once in a thousand years.

“Lin Feng still doesn’t have a residence, right…?” said Fan Tian Gang. Patriarch Zi Jian looked furious. A Supreme Elder didn’t have a residence? How ridiculous!

Fan Tian Gang glanced at Patriarch Zi Jian as well. It was because of Di Shu. Lin Feng and Di Shu were enemies, and many people knew why. Di Shu was the leader of the groups. Of course, Lin Feng wasn’t didn’t really humiliated because of that.

But now he was Holy Fifth, he needed a place and someone could help him, Holy First Sheng Hui!

Sheng Hui glanced at Lin Feng and then at Fan Tian Gang. He nodded and said, “Holy Cultivator Lin Feng, I am in charge of finding a place for you. I will build a palace for you.”

“Sheng Hui, I don’t mind, don’t waste your energy,” said Lin Feng quickly. The crowd was astonished and wanted to know what he was talking about.

Di Shu hadn’t even have time to talk, Sheng Hui waved to interrupt him and said mockingly, “You’re Holy Fifth now, Lin Feng. You deserve the best.”

“You… hmph!” Di Shu groaned and pulled a long face. He wanted to say something, but he did not. All he would be able to do is complain uselessly.

“Alright, the great competition….” Fan Tian Gang was about finish the meeting.

“Slowly, are you in a rush Sage Tian Gang?” said someone near him suddenly. Fan Tian Gang looked angry.

It was Sage Jin.

Sage Jin stood up, his golden robe fluttering in the wind. He smiled broadly and stared at Fan Tian Gang and the rest of the crowd. Some people moved back and forth to the battle stage. Two men in blue clothes looked ice-cold.

“Haha! Congratulation for having found your Holy Fifth!” said Sage Jin, smiling apathetically and glancing at Lin Feng. Then he raised his eyes and looked at the two men.

He smiled and said, “Hehe, Two women from the Spiritual Region.” said one of the men coldly. The two women were surprisingly cold for people they had recruited before.

Sage Jin smiled. Everybody understood he wanted to cause trouble.

Fan Tian Gang looked at the group. Sage Jin wanted to humiliate the Holy Shrine.

As expected, the members of the Spiritual Region hadn’t come in peace…

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