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PMG 2 Chapter 111: Will You Death Battle To the Death, Though?

PMG 2 Chapter 111: Will You Death Battle To the Death, Though?

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“You seem quite excited, Sage Jin. And if you want to exchange views on cultivation right now, I’m sure it means you harbor evil intentions,” said Sage Yin, also standing up and walking over to Lin Feng, glancing at him.

“Sage Yin, the competition is over. Now we can exchange views on cultivation, right?” said Sage Jin smiling broadly. From his expression, it really seemed that only wanted to exchange views on cultivation without any ulterior motive. But nobody was stupid, everybody understood what he wanted to do.

“Who will exchange views with me?” When Sage Jin finished talking, two holy cultivators appeared behind him and shouted. They flashed out and landed in the middle of the battle stage. One of them looked ice-cold, the one who had just spoken. His name was Holy Leng Mian. They glanced around, most especially at the five holy cultivators, including Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t understand the relationship between the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine and the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, so he decided to keep silent and watch.

The five holy cultivators ignored the ice-cold looking cultivators and remained expressionless, which made him look even colder.

“Eh? None of you is willing to exchange views on cultivation and represent the Supranatural Region?” said Sage Jin, smiling mockingly and glancing at Fan Tian Gang and Sheng Hui. Finally, he looked at Lin Feng and ridiculed him, “The fifth holy cultivator of the Supranatural Region? Will you fight against Holy Leng Mian?”

“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned and looked at Sage Jin. These people had come to cause trouble, it was obvious, and it was the perfect opportunity to cause trouble since Holy Fifth had just been selected. But Lin Feng already seemed to be his target.

The members of the Spiritual Region wanted to humiliate him, and thus humiliate the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. If Lin Feng lost against them, everybody would wonder how the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine could have chosen a loser to become Holy Fifth. Lin Feng understood that if that happened, his position would be a dangerous one.

“Hmph! You just became holy cultivator and you don’t dare fight?” Holy Leng Mian spit disdainfully

“Hehe. That’s the kind of holy cultivator you chose? He has no balls!” Holy Tie Mian, the second one, also started humiliating Lin Feng. The two holy cultivators of the Spiritual Region mocked Lin Feng, infuriating many people from the Supranatural Region because they started thinking Lin Feng was a weakling.

“Lin Feng, you’re a coward! They’re humiliating you and you don’t dare say anything. You don’t deserve to be our Holy Fifth!” shouted someone furiously. Many disciples of the Gods Sect also looked at them.

“Indeed, Lin Feng, you. You have no balls!!! Piss off! You’re not one of our cultivators!”

“Piss off! You’re a disgrace for our Holy Shrine!” shouted many disciples, deploring Lin Feng’s behavior.

Fan Tian Gang looked grim and stared at the people who were criticizing him. Those people couldn’t be from the Gods Sect, he knew them all. He had seen pictures of all the disciples of the Gods Sect.

Those disciples are from the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine. They gathered here to cause trouble, said Patriarch Zi Jian to Fan Tian Gang telepathically.

Fan Tian Gang was grim. He was convinced that those people were trying to stir up trouble, and they hoped to infuriate the disciples of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine and the Gods Sect as well. They were hoping an internal war would start.

The members of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine wanted to infuriate Lin Feng. If he fought and lost, it would be a humiliation. By humiliating Lin Feng, they also tried to weaken him and make him feel dispirited.

They all shouted more and more. Many people from the Supranatural Region noticed that those people had schemed against Lin Feng, so they didn’t shout with them.

Lin Feng remained where he was. He wasn’t incited by them. On the contrary, he remained quite calm. He had gone through so much in life, he had almost died so many times. A few people shouting at him, so what?

But those people didn’t think so.

“What a disgrace! Aren’t you a strong cultivator Lin Feng?! How come you’re being a coward now! Pffff! Since you don’t want to fight, I’ll fight!” shouted someone furiously. It was Holy Fourth Mo Da. He jumped forwards and pointed his finger at Holy Leng Mian. He shouted furiously, “Come and fight!”

“Hmph! I was waiting for you!” said Holy Leng Mian furiously. He flashed towards Mo Da, his Qi whistling. It was already dark outside, but at that moment it became even darker. Two sorts of Qi started colliding.

Mo Da shouted furiously. He raised his left hand, now holding a long spear, and charged at Holy Leng Mian. Many disciples of the Gods Sect cheered and looked happy when they saw him fight. They were touched, Mo Da wanted to fight for their honor and their integrity. They had even more esteem for him and hoped he’d win.

Thinking about that, Mo Da released even more Qi. Holy Leng Mian didn’t hesitate either, an ice axe appearing in his left hand. He raised the axe, a deadly Qi rolled in waves around it. It looked quite intimidating.

“You’re Holy Fourth, right? Let me tell you something, no matter how much Qi you release, you won’t be able to defeat me!” said Holy Leng Mian. He raised ice axe and threw it out. It was extremely sharp and also diffused a sharp ice energy. The space around it was piercingly cold. It felt as if it could freeze anyone around it.

Holy Leng Mian had the strength of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer and Mo Da was already a High-Level Holy Emperor. There was a big difference between them, but during the battle, some people gradually realized it was just an illusion.

Holy Leng Mian’s axe contained an incredible amount of strength, and it instantly destroyed Mo Da’s spear. When Mo Da saw that, his expression changed drastically. He retreated quickly, realizing that Holy Leng Mian’s weapon was surprisingly a godly imperial weapon. But it was too late, Mo Da had already lost.

Holy Mo Da had lost quickly. Of course, with weapons, battles could be decisive.

But Mo Da had lost in terms of strength. Many members of the Gods Sect looked nervous. He had lost, which meant the four holy cultivators of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine had lost.

“Haha! Sage Tian Gang, you don‘t even give your holy cultivators good weapons?! Haha! No wonder they lose!”

“In the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine, we give our holy cultivators a godly imperial weapon each. You are so lame,” said Sage Jin, humiliating the Holy Shrine now after ridiculing Lin Feng and Mo Da.

Fan Tian Gang looked grim, and clenched his fists. He hadn’t thought something like this would happen today.

Fan Tian Gang was already in a dead end, they had reached a point of no return because the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine had already managed to humiliate them. They had to regain their reputation. If anyone managed to win a battle against them, the Holy Shrine would regain face and the winner would benefit from the situation.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng.  

“Teacher, please fight for us. Help us regain our reputation,” said Fu Chen, cupping his fist and kneeling down before Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, go and fight! Make our Shrine become dazzling again!” shouted Huo Wu, shaking her fists.

Lin Feng looked at his disciple and Huo Wu, as well as at many people who were staring at him. He smiled in a strange way.

Holy Leng Mian’s smile infuriated Holy Leng Mian.

“Come and fight if you dare!” shouted Holy Leng Mian, pointing his finger at Lin Feng tauntingly.

Holy Leng Mian was furious, his words were like sharp swords. They felt like needles piercing through the heart. Everyone stared at Lin Feng, but they all remained silent.

Nobody was disappointed this time.

“Alright, let’s battle to the death then, will you dare…?”

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    “Let’s battle to the death!” Now, that’s the no-nonsense Lin Feng I’ve come to know and cherish.

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